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The Haunting of… + Midnight Mass

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by wickedbruv, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Question about Episode 3
    was Theo being raped on the couch (by nothing) her being in the mind of the little girl being raped by her foster father? Two eyes and the smile
  2. BTG


    I finished this on Friday and will no doubt post a rambling mess of a post praising it soon but there was only one thing that left me confused.

    The police officer investigating the house on the night Hugh and the kids left said there were two bodies. After episode nine, I thought this was Olivia and the Dudleys’ daughter but then they revealed that they buried her body in the woods to prevent anyone finding out. So who was the second body?
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  3. the corpse they found in the walls which had been the cold case during the time the Hill family lived there.
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  4. Ok, finished the season - Loved it!! It was everything i have wanted American Horror Story to be and more. I found it more to be a thriller than a horror, i jumped once the whole series
    When Nell was at the vending machine and bent neck lady came through the roof
    but the visuals and acting were great and not corny at all - i liked spotting ghosts in the background.
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  5. I thought the scares were mostly telegraphed but
    when the ghost popped out from the back seat when Theo and Shirley were driving
    I very nearly shat myself.
  6. I thought I was imagining things but it looks like I wasnt. This show I'd everything, episode 4 really made me feel goosebumps and I shrieked. They episode 5 shook me up
  7. What a fantastic show, I really cannot praise it enough. Thanks for that episode 8 spoiler - thanks to that, I didn't shit myself. I agree that episodes 6 and 7 felt like they dragged a bit, but then, poof, what a finale.

    Also, how gorgeous and talented is Carla Gugino? She just lights up the screen. I'd go straight for her. It's like they wanted the most unrealistically beautiful woman to play their mother, to enhance the whole "mental image that the kids had of her" aspect that was so crucial in this.
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  8. I finished the season, There was a few scary parts especially
    Nell's ghost in the car holy shit I literally hopped off my bed.
    but for the most part I found this very moving and emotional. The finale in particular got me particularly teary.
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  9. I HATE MR. SMILEY. I screamed.
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  10. Nell's story was SO FUCKING SAD UGH. Just finished episode 5. The acting when she confronted her good and pulled at my heartstrings.
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  11. Carla was my favourite thing about the show. What a great actress. So captivating.
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  12. I've heard so many good things about this... I really gotta start watching it. Think I might start this week, looking forward to it!
  13. The whole season was fantastic but I'd be okay with them leaving this at one season, maybe two.
  14. This show ended like a Grey's Anatomy episode
  15. TMI


    I've started reading the book by Shirley Jackson and, for now, the tv series has nothing to do with it, apart from names and events.
  16. I loved the ending but I'm a sap.
  17. The ending was a bit of a letdown for me, but the rest of the show was so stellar it doesn't really bother me.
    The more I think about it, I don't think the ending is all that happy though. These people are all stuck in a house that is slowly devouring their spirits. Yes, the family is all together, but damn. That really sucks. My main letdown was that it felt like such a shift in tone from everything that came before. That damn acoustic guitar sappiness had me ready to throw the remote at the TV.

    Apparently a second season is in the works. I have no idea how that will happen.
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  18. I’m loving this show, especially Theo. “Did you just punch my boob?”

    And yeah, that jump scare in the car. Goddamn.
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  19. I love that Carla Gugino kept it at 100 all season long. She must've had tons of fun filming this.
  20. I've also watched "Gerald's Game" as a companion piece. Carla Gugino was amazing in that one too, very similar vibe, same director and some other familiar faces, a warm recommendation.
    As for season 2, I'll wait for the reviews. No way they can keep it up, really.
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