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The Haunting of… + Midnight Mass

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by wickedbruv, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. It's directly lifted from the book. I thought it was nice to tie in some of Shirley Jackson's original writing.

    Meanwhile, derby hat henny is by far the spookiest part of the show for me.
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  2. Finished it. Phew, the tears won't stop.

    I loved the confetti monologue and hated the guitar ending.

    It's a great show anyways, and the episode of the Bent-Neck Lady will stay with me forever.
    And Screeming Meemies was almost just as great.

    I am very curious about the book and other Jackson works now.
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  3. BTG


    Oh my God, the actress who played Poppy sold the hell out of that Screaming Meemies dialogue. She looked like she was having a ball. An icon.
  4. The actress that plays Nell is apparently very new to the game?
    Like, this was her very first job apart from some shorts!
  5. She was lovely, imagine suddenly being the lead in such an amazing show. It's her face on the posters, right? Flanagan has such amazing taste for talented and beautiful actresses!
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  6. Is Shirley anyone else's favorite sibling? I just love her so much.
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  7. I just finished this yesterday and LOVED it. The one-two punch of The Bent-Neck Lady and Two Storms sealed the deal for me, what a flawlessly-shot, acted and scripted couple of hours of TV.

    One of the ONLY things that's been bugging me a bit - and this could just be due to a lack of understanding on my part - was how the reveal that:

    Nell was the Bent-Neck Lady fit into the grander scheme of things? Like in the episode itself I was shooketh, but by the time the rest of the story wrapped I wasn't really sure how much purpose it served to the overall story?

    Like I said, I could just be missing something - and it's a small gripe in a show that otherwise had me hook, like and sinker.
  8. Shirley is me - a tightly wound, neurotic control freak so yes, she was my favorite!
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  9. I felt closest to Shirley too (thought I wanted to be a Theo so badly)
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  10. I think Nell turning into the Bent-Neck Lazy is some sort of metaphor of how we can torment ourselves until we turn into the thing we fear most? Or something of sorts.

    It’s weird because the guys who work in the house explain that their daughter now lives there (as a ghost) so they want to stay, so the ghosts don’t/can’t really leave the house.

    In Luke’s case with the hat man it could be his past hunting him yada yada.

    It doesn’t explain how Shirley and the father see the mom in the funeral house and the car scare scene.

    I know nothing, but I loved it.
  11. I think they're being haunted outside the house because they're its "undevoured meal". Also, the Bent-Neck Lady illustrates that the house works beyond timespace. Olivia saw very real futures of her children. Even Nell's speech in the Red Room is out-of-order at first, until she "stabilizes" in time.
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  12. I relate most to Shirley so that's why I liked her least ddddd
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  13. Could be.

    But why would the house stop looking for them after the finale?
    And why would it only haunt those two and not Shirley, Theo and whatshisname?

    That's why I think it's also quite metaphorical in a way.
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  14. Maybe because the Dad made a deal with ...the house(?) to sacrifice himself so that the other children are left unhunted in the future
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  15. Yep, of course there's a metaphorical background to everything. As for Shirley and Steven, I think they were haunted too. Steven saw Nell in Ep.1, Shirley saw Olivia in Ep.2. I give you Theo, though, I don't recall her being haunted until the Forever House model was broken.
    Aw man, I love fan theories. Sometimes they're even better than the real thing.
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  16. I just watched ep6 and it was so beautiful. I actually watched about 10mins, realised it was one shot and went back to the start to really properly watch it. What an hour of television. I can't stop thinking about this show and the fact there's background ghosts in so many frames, I can't. I can't to watch/don't want it to end all at the same time.
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  17. So after not getting into it after episode one I gave up. Then last week I tried again and I'm now about halfway through the season. It's actually got very good and I actually am starting to give a damn about the characters. I'm looking forward to the remaining episodes.
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  18. I really liked this until the final episode; there are only so many mawkish, never-ending monologues I can take in an hour of television, and the finale crossed that line within fifteen minutes and just kept on going.

    After being so tightly plotted for so long, the final episode was honestly an over-sentimental mess. No matter which angle you examine the revelations from, none of them hold up to any degree of scrutiny. But its worst crime is probably making the previous nine episodes seem far less scary in retrospect. The rot really set in with Poppy in Episode 9 actually.

    Watching Poppy chew the scenery was fun, but once you start overly humanising and explaining ghosts, they very rapidly lose the ability to compel or scare. From Poppy onwards, the revelation that most of the ghosts in the house are really just a bit bored and lonely and are good for a nice little chat and cup of tea if you just give them the time really killed my interest in them, evil house or not.

    Still, I did enjoy it until the end. I cared about the characters and Mike Flanagan is very, very good at making the audience feel comfortable and then blindsiding them with either a scare or a staging trick or a shift in timeline. I just wish he could have stuck the landing.
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  19. This show really got my attention, the story, the actors, everything was on point. Sad that it’s short though.
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  20. I agree, the final episode didn't quite work for me. I almost wanted episode 9 to be the end. I'm not one for thinking every loose end has to be tied up in order to have a satisfactory ending.
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