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The Haunting of… + Midnight Mass

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by wickedbruv, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Agree that it was a fantastic series with a very flat final episode.
  2. SockMonkey

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    That was a really outstanding hour of TV. My favourite “blink and you’d miss it” part was one of the scenes when they were walking around the house in and out of rooms, and they actually changed the statues standing in the hallway - if you look closely the heads on them are looking in different directions within a matter of seconds when they go from one room to the other.

    I thought I had imagined it and then in a behind-the-scenes clip on YouTube you do actually see them rushing around to move the statues around when the actors are in the rooms and out of the hallways.
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  3. I watched the pilot and found it just 'ok', but it was highly recommended by a friend, so I'll persevere for a couple more episodes.
  4. Incredible series, I legit sat for about 4 minutes completely gobsmacked at the end of the Nell episode.
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  5. I finally watched this, and well, it was a waste of time. A boring soap opera trying to be deep.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that.
  7. I'm only on Episode 3 as boyfriend keeps insisting on the straight nonsense that is SEAL Team.
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  8. Binch are you the house?
  9. That would have been an interesting development.
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  10. I finally finished last night. The final two episodes were much, much better as I was getting quite impatient with the pace.

    The revelation about the room was very nicely done as were the notions about time being all around you, but there was no other "oh yeeaahhh!!!!" moment for me. I'd kinda hoped it was all some flash forward and they'd be all together, young, and just be like "fuck this house!"

    Also, it speaks to a gender bias that the top-billed actor (playing Steve) comes above Carla Gugino, who fucking carried this beast throughout, but gets pushed down to second place because, what, men might not tune into something with a female lead?? Bullshit.
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  11. I really enjoyed this series, positively surprised. Genuinely creepy moments and non of the characters came across as too annoying. It was truly as captivating as the first two seasons of American Horror Story (but with added grace).
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  12. This was one of the best watches of last year. Despite being advertised as a horror, the focus on the family trauma and drama was a good choice as it helped build the dread in the background in the most effective way. Episode 6 was absolute peak television and deserves Emmys; The final shot of "the bent neck lady" beside the coffin is now carved onto my brain - both haunting and heartbreaking. The last episode I wasn't 100% how to interpret, but it left me feeling sad, which I'm not sure was the desired effect? But either way, it didn't bother me like it did for a lot of people, it felt satisfying enough and didn't take away from an excellent 10 episodes overall. Theo was my favourite character and I also think Timothy Hutton's performance was outstanding.
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  13. It...did Hereditary better than Hereditary, if I'm being honest. Yes, Toni Collette was amazing, but the show had much more time and space to address the themes of family and trauma; excellent themes to look at in the horror genre. I also think it tackled them in a more effective fashion.
  14. I finished the book last night, binged every episode today.

    I loved the series, and definitely picked up on some Six Feet Under tones. I want to hug Luke all the time and wish Olivia was my mother. Just without the
    poisoning my tea with rat poison

    I have no idea how they could do a series two and keep it justice, and tbh they probably shouldn't do it.

    Oh, and I loved the Paula Abdul shout out.
  15. I’ve just finished this and by and large it was excellent, and kept me riveted for the full 10 episodes which is no mean feat. The Bent Neck Lady was the peak and I was left devastated by how inevitable it was.
  16. The man with the cane was the creepiest part, especially when he zoomed up backwards over Luke's shoulder -shudder-
  17. Rewatching this and I am genuinely clinging to my glass of gin. Forgot how scary certain parts were.
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  18. Except it did horror much better than American Horror Story ever could. This is genuinely one of the best series I’ve ever seen. I may do a rewatch.
  19. I swear I never noticed all the random ghosts subtly hanging around in the background in different scenes.
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  20. I have watched the whole series through three times, and I can confirm it's one of my favorite shows ever. I'm an emotional wreck by the end, every single time. I've even warmed to the final episode. It's not how I would have ended the story, but I can appreciate it for what it is.
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