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The Hills and beyond.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cuppy, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Does anybody watch this? I've been hooked on it for the last year, my old flatmate got be onto it. I know it's all nonsense, but it's entertaining nonsense.

    You can see the trailer for the new series here
  2. Re: The Hills

    I love it. It is awful but so addictive. I love how its shot. It's gotten a bit dull this season so I hope that this one is better. I'm sure it will be ending soon anyway.
  3. Re: The Hills

    I love The Hills but really can't stand Spencer. If I could choose one person to boot off TV it'd be him.

    I'm not loving The City quite as much...
  4. Re: The Hills

    Spencer is my favourite, he IS The Hills.

    The City is great but I agree, it's no The Hills.
  5. Re: The Hills

    Season 1, before Spencer came along, was just fine. Season 5 looks set to kick off... oh good!
  6. Re: The Hills

    I honestly don't understand the fascination with The Hills (or Laguna Beach for that matter). Not even taking into account the fact that it is indeed scripted, it's just plain dull as shit. You would think that with an actual script they might be able to make the show interesting, but I feel like I'm just watching a bunch of spoiled girls going out to dinner and having dramatic conversations about guys.
  7. Re: The Hills

    I don't 'get' Laguna Beach but totally love The Hills. Is that odd?
  8. Re: The Hills

    No, Laguna was lacking the "drama" and the "fun" of the Hills.
  9. Re: The Hills

    season 5 of the hills aired on monday in the states.

    anyone watched it? I live in the UK but I downloaded the episode (god bless media blogs!) and OMFG, the drama was intense
  10. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Re: The Hills

    Yes! They're back!


    I had a bit of a 'The Hills' overload so I didn't watch 'The City', which means I now can't wait to see the new episodes!
  11. Re: The Hills

    Ive been watching the City but I have to be honest, Im not really feeling it. Whitney is just to...bland.

    Season 5 got off to an interesting start. Funny thing is nobody mentioned work and Laurens birthday party was on a boat! Mtv sure does pay.
    Heidi is morphing into a barbie doll! Seriously, the girl looks so fake/ pretty.
  12. Re: The Hills

    No way! I love Whitney and The City. Her friend Erin is hilarious! And The City has a better theme song than The Hills.

    I love both.

    I watched the new episodes of The Hills online this morning, and it did make me realise that The City isn't quite on the same level, but then again it's only in it's first season. Back to The Hills - I want Heidi to dump Spencer! But we know this isn't going to happen as they're all over Perez Hilton together every other day.

    p.s. Heidi's "mom", Darlene, in the second of the two new episodes - AMAZING!
  13. potatosalad

    potatosalad Guest

    Re: The Hills

    I can't believe any of you watch this utter shite. Why are you even admitting it?
  14. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Re: The Hills

    Because it's got drama, beautiful people, good music and lots and lots of fakeness and I love it for that.
  15. Re: The Hills

    What would you recommend we watch instead?
  16. Re: The Hills

    MTV are showing Season 2 at the moment. I have to say it was alot more "real" when it was first going. Obviously it was set up but you could tell what was happening was genuine. Even Heidi alone, she is now clearly acting her way through every scene. I love how they are calling this "Lauren's Last Season". They are hardly going to do a season without her are they? I can see it all ending this year.
  17. Re: The Hills

    Absolutely detest this show. The characters are just vile. I tried watching it once and all I got was monotoned " I just dont know who to trust etc. ". The fact that MTV keep throwing pointless reality shows at them shows how low that once iconic station has sunk.
    They all seem like spoilt airheads who have their hands firmly dug in Daddy's wallet.
  18. Re: The Hills

    like it or hate it but its great TV and mtv's biggest show. Fair enough the ratings are starting to dip but in its prime it was getting 5 million viewers an episode. Very impressive for Mtv so there is an obvious appeal to this show that can't be denied
  19. Re: The Hills

    I actually think the way it's put together and produced is GENIUS. It's beautifully shot and edited.
  20. Re: The Hills

    I was thinking that when I watched it last night. The way it's shot 'documentary' style whilst still being perfectly lit and staged. I also love how they're now doing all the girls' make-up exactly the same as if they're all using the same promotional Mac studio foundations applied by the same MTV make-up artist.

    And has anyone else noticed that the Daddy's Girls appartment is just Lauren Conrad's original appartment painted a different colour?
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