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The Hills and beyond.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cuppy, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Brandon said in an interview that that was the original concept he was approached with, and then they decided to do this instead.
  2. What a disaster.
  3. I didn’t think I was gonna tune in again after the second ep but I caved, although I forwarded through all the Brody/Brandon & Caitlyn scenes. And where was Whitney this ep?

    I somewhat like Audrina, but the whole Justin Bobby stuff is embarrassing ...even if it’s all fake (you can find Justin’s real life gf on reddit). But surely they could of given her better storyline?

    Part of what was fun about the OG hills was watching how the LA fashion industry worked and getting to see Lauren and Whitney work backstage. Now it’s just Audrina meets Stephanie at a coffee shop, Stephanie meets JB at her home, JB meets Brody at the beach etc.
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  4. I wonder if Brody’s dad is a famous Olympian. I mean, you wouldn’t of guessed by watching these past three eps...
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  5. To be fair, it was like this in the original run too, once Lauren left. They really didn't bother touching on anything other than the cast going out and arguing.

    This series is basically the same. They kept talking about Brandon having an acting job so why not show us behind the scenes of that? At least it would be something else other than coffee/drinks/bitching/falling out/making up.
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  6. I watched bits and pieces of the first episode cuz someone uploaded it on youtube, and I couldn't believe they had Mischa and Stephanie reminiscing about the non-existent times they hung out. Mischa is on the record while promoting this show that she knew none of these people and was only aware of a them via a brief friendship with Nicole Richie.
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  7. Why is this better than anything on New Beginnings lmao.
  8. Umm, Audrina's "best friend" (Joey or whatever?) was messy as fuck! Is she the new Holly? And can we please make her a lead?

    By the way, where is Whitney?
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  9. There's a livestream on Whitney's channel and she talk a bit about her experience filming; she basically said that she had to leave a shoot they did in Mexico early and after that, the producers weren't bothered with filming her much or something?
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  10. That’s kinda shady especially when she is the closest link to LC. The person who the whole show was built around!
  11. I just don't understand why people like Whitney and Frankie are in the main titles when they've been in all of 1 episode thus far.
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  12. The treatment of Whitney has been savage.

    I know she’s not the most drama fuel person but I’d rather watch her changing nappies than Brody talking about Caitlyn for the 1000th time or Audrina dwelling on JB for the 2000th time.
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  13. Go right to the end, she's very aware that she's not on the show much.
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  14. Lauren just has a special star power and charisma that has always transcended her reality show roots. She's always had the ability to come across as relatable, authentic and real to people without trying which is refreshing when the majority of reality stars go so over the top & try way too hard and come across as the complete opposite.
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  15. I wonder if they ever offered Lauren her own spin-off show after The Hills? I feel that would be way more interesting.
  16. The Hills was already her own spin-off show after Laguna Beach.

    She was going to do another show with MTV in 2011/2012 that was going to be about her clothing line, but she refused to allow her personal life on camera and MTV passed on the pilot.
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  17. dddd it's been renewed for season 2.
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  18. MTV was always going to renew it for Season 2 - they invested too much to deal with the embarrassment of one season. If it continues as is, though, I'd be shocked if it goes any longer.

    I haven't seen a single positive response to the show.
  19. Yea, the difference between the response to the Jersey Shore revival and this revival is like night and day, and it's all about how MTV approached it. Everything about The Hills' return feels forced and fake - it remains stuck in 2008. It's evident that none of these people like each other and none of the drama is real, so what's the point? It'd be like if they'd brought Jersey Shore back without Snooki and Pauly, added a handful of new people and kept trying to relive the same drama. Jersey Shore, in it's third revival season, is pulling bigger numbers (with two-hour episodes!) than The Hills is during its initial run. There's no way it'll sustain past season 2 the way it's going. The interest just isn't there.
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  20. Best thing they can do at this point is sideline the current cast (ditch Brody, BL, Mischa) and bring in some new girls trying to forge out careers in Hollywood.
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