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The Hills and beyond.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cuppy, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. How is Audrina, a 30 something yo single mother, gonna devote all of her time obsessing over a 10 year old ex.

    Like we’re on ep 5 and every scene has her talking about JB. Let him be... this is exhausting and we already did this with Lauren.

    Why am I still watching this?
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  2. Very sad for her and Timmy. I won't dwell on that too much but I will say she's a smart and eloquent woman with a full life and the fact that the producers ignored her in favor of fake Audrina/JB drama...bye.
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  3. Same.
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  4. Stephanie has announced she won’t be back for season 2.

    Probably smart choice tbh.
  5. They should all follow suit.
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  6. I’m so disgusted by this entire reboot that I’ve unfollowed everyone from The Hills because I can’t be fucked to see them promote this garbage.
  7. Easy... $$$$
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  8. Not them shamelessly plugging teeth whitening strips like this.
    That was unintentionally fucking funny (and embarrassing for everyone involved).

    That said - besides how jarring it is that they still try to make Audrina & JB & Steph Pratt the main storyline, I actually enjoyed some of this episode. LOVE how quickly Mischa is there to call bullshit. She's my favourite thing about this so far.
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  9. I'm surprised by how much I like Mischa.
  10. Heidi talking about her "successful online album" in the latest episode. Then saying "I'm really big underground in the gay community" and how she wants to start it again. Queen.
  11. Then she starts talking about doing a Christian song...
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  12. All the while drinking out of a prominently placed Sonic Burger branded milkshake (when no Sonics even exist in the LA area)...I can't.
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  13. Brody and his "wife" have split... and TMZ reveals that they never even legally got married. I only watched 2 eps of this reboot, but it was high-key hilarious/awful how Brody discussed his new "wife" as if she was some evil bitch who he was forced into a union with. I wonder how they'll write this into season 2.
  14. Haaaaaa she’s way better off!

    Tbh I forwarded through all the Brody scenes so I have no idea what they’re dynamic was like. But I’ve always thought Brody was a-hole.
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  15. They had 0 chemistry.
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  16. I am not fully caught up yet (on the Vegas episode) but I literally love Stephanie Pratt. Mischa is also really enjoyable so far.
  17. It's all fake as anything but it's more enjoyable than I thought it would be. That said, if this was cancelled I wouldn't be bothered at all.
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  18. Im watching Heidi on The Hills lip-syncing to Superficial and filming it on her phone. Icon.
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  19. Damn I need to find this so I can watch it ASAP! I need to re-live my Heidi fandom as a teen and the fact that I went to fashion college because of this show and then found it so boring and got a job in something else.
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  20. She is not the likable villain she was in the original run. She is probably my least favorite of the female cast that returned. Poor Whitney.
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