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The Hills and beyond.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cuppy, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. According to the preview we see Heidi 'in the studio' next week.
  2. Thing is she was never really a villain. She basically never did anything wrong. Lauren was nasty and gang-handed.
  3. Scream, well to each their own.

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  5. I mean Spencer was and has always been the Villain. Heidi is just his sidekick.
  6. I'm dreading every second Justin Bobby is on screen. I find him incredibly unbearable.

    That said, I loved Heidi's Bachelorette party. And maybe - just maybe - I watched it three times already. I loose it everytime Stephanie screams "SPEIDII SPEEIDIII" as a toast. Also Heidi leaving her own Bachelorette party early is a mood.
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  7. I was such a diehard fan of Laguna and The Hills but I couldn’t even make it through two episodes of this. I understand that they wanted to change things up but none of the stories seem interesting at all and I’m shocked at how little I care about the cast even though I like them all (especially Heidi, Whitney and Audrina). I actually think a show in the original format could have worked if they had brought in a new generation of girls that had just moved to LA and found a compelling and likeable main character like Lauren. Siesta Key did the faux-reality thing pretty well for a modern show and it would work even better in this familiar setting.
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  8. It is very boring. Heidi and Spencer are the opposite of what they once were and are probably the most normal now, along with Whitney.

    Audrina is tired. Her life still revolving around Justin Bobby drama. Please...

    They are all acting, this show is fake as can be but it's clear the producers have attempted to make Stephanie a villian and she's being asked to act and behave in a way which just seems out of character and rather annoying now.

    Everyone else in the cast is dull and Whitney is never there/being under-used. Why is she even in the main credits??

    I really like Mischa but she isn't doing anything other than following Steph or Audrina around a shop or attending a party. Again, it's very boring.

    They had the opportunity here of going in a completely different direction, which could have been really interesting. They could have put more focus on Brandon Lee and made him the main character. He's auditioning for roles and staring in a movie etc. The show could have taken a look behind the scenes of acting, going for auditions, filming TV/movies etc. Bring Pamela in for more of a supporting role. Even Mischa is trying to get back into acting so focus on her more too.
    Then you could have had the sideline stories of the partying and the fallouts etc. with the older cast members sort of popping in and out but not tha main focus.

    But all this show is focussing on is the same argument over Audrina-Justin-Stephanie and it's just not enough to carry a whole show/season...
  9. They all must be being told what to do though, Audrina's life has been nuts over the past decade and she's crying about JB? And why would JB and Stephanie even be in touch? It's all so bizarre. The podcast she does really is a solid listen but Stephanie really behaves like this is real life...I'm unsure whether she's acting really well or she's THAT delusional.

    BTW if anyone has a spare 30 mins they had Kelly Cutrone on said podcast and it was...intense. Far more dramatic and interesting than literally anything on the show this season.

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  10. Does anyone really believe Lauren even worked at Peoples Revolution?! Their jobs were fake! Audrina did shit at Epic Records!

    Edit: Oh listening to it Kelly literally just said "no one was ever really working there".

    Oh my god the more I'm listening this is hilarious. Stephanie is so far removed from reality.
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  11. Well, that's reality TV for you - literally 0 reality.

    I'm a little surprised that Kelly says Whitney/Lauren didn't work there. I honestly did think they were interns... I mean, it appeared like they were doing work...
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  12. That Ashley chick just said “you’re literally the best actor... you should get a Grammy.”

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  13. I liked the finale and actually s c r e a m e d at certain scenes (Kaitlynn casually walking by a room where inside Ashley comments on her open marriage to Brody, JBs Girlfriend shading Stephanie's friendship with JB, Spencer playfully running into that window, while inside the house all hell breaks loose, Kaitlynn saying everyone were a little lesbian, Heidi performing Glitter and Glory - all come to mind). Then again, I liked this reboot all along, so...
    I mean - all in all it was really bad, still I found myself every Tuesday morning to be very quick to watch the latest episode. Wouldn't mind if this whole mess of a series continued.
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  14. I can't believe I sat through this entire season - it's one of the worst things I've ever seen, and I say this as an unabashed stan of the original show. Them shoving Whitney's miscarriage storyline into this useless 2-hour finale was the final nail in the coffin for me.
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  15. The editing in this show has never been great but my God it was downright terrible this time.
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  16. This is a scream. This is what the new series needed! Stephanie is an absolute nutcase and Kelly is an absolute icon.
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  17. Yikes, this show really did just come and go didn't it? There's zero information, rumors or buzz about a Season 2. Stephanie Pratt said she's not going back and she was the only one intent on stirring the pot what's the point? Reboot The City and send Ms Port back to NYC please. Olivia Palermo's facial expressions made me choke on a weekly basis.
  18. Olivia was a brilliant TV villain.
  19. The City was severely underrated. The Olivia-Erin feud was honestly better than just about anything on The Hills.

    There are (likely false) rumors out there that Cody Simpson is joining The Hills, which speaks to what this show should’ve been all along: people like Brandon, Kaitlynn, and their group of young, aspirational Malibu socialites as they find their footing in LA.

    Honestly, watching these washed up former reality stars desperately clawing for any drama they can stage in a vein attempt at rebuilding their brands is just sad.
  20. Cody and Kaitlynn on the same cast would be... interesting.
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