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The Hills and beyond.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cuppy, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. At least we got a Heidi performance and new single y'all.
  2. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    I listened to this yesterday and it is WILD. What a deranged conversation.

    The podcast changed names, so if anyone's trying to listen to it, it's the "Hills and Valleys with Kelly Cutrone" episode of what is currently called WellsCast.
  3. Is anybody else watching Very Cavallari? I watched the pilot when it came out and wasn't enthused but I made myself sit through it again and beyond and the show is actually fantastic. Kinda like how The Hills in 2020 should be, not the drawn out mess we got last year. Kristin has really matured into a great person, and Jay (Kristin's husband) is a particular highlight, as are Shannon, Kelly and Brittainy. She's avoided putting her kids on their for privacy reasons but any reality show without kids is always better off.

    Kelly doing the absolute most.
  4. Very Cavallari is a delight & everything The Hills reboot should have been.
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  5. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Audrina was on Heidi & Spencer's podcast a couple of weeks ago and obviously 'The Hills' came up:

    - They were around 2 weeks into filming when production halted because of the corona virus.
    - For what it's worth, they felt it was going to be one of their best seasons yet.
    - In the context of filming they mentioned Brody, Kaitlynn, Frankie, Brandon, Jason, Ashley and Justin Bobby. Whitney, Stephanie and Mischa were not mentioned.
    - They hope Kristin joins the cast now she's divorcing.
    - They felt Brody & Kaitlynn were self-producing too much in the first weeks of filming and that the lockdown forcing them to not be in contact will lead to a more dramatic dynamic between the two of them when production resumes.
    - Spencer wants to bring back Justin Bobby's "girlfriend" Lindsey.
    - Heidi plans on getting pregnant again after filming wraps.
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  6. Was the reboot considered a hit then? I thought it was deemed a bit fat poop.
  7. They thought it was going to be the best season yet based on two weeks of filming??
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  8. They've probably read the scripts for the entire season...........
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  9. I totally forgot New Beginnings happened ddd
  10. This was absolute garbage, I was bored shitless by the entire thing. Brandon, Brody and Kaitlynn are so, so boring. Brandon complaining about his tough life with his millionaire parents? Yawn. Brody and Kaitlynn’s fake marriage drama? WHO CARES. Heidi and Spencer have chilled out after becoming parents which is awesome for them as people but boring to watch. At least they fired Mischa. And Stephanie with her anti-protest tweets these past few weeks?

    Get Whitney and Audrina on Selling Sunset and that for me is the true successor. Why they didn’t bring Adam DiVello back on board for this I don’t know.
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  11. I just came in here to post the Part 1 of this. It’s so interesting! I’m watching the Part 2 now live on YouTube. The first half is more about Lauren’s business side of things and Whitney quizzes her on make up tips etc. The second half (I’m 10 mins in) is more about the pair discussing The Hills, motherhoods, who they are still in touch with etc. Highly recommend!
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  12. Soo good to see Lauren do something Hills-ish related.

    It was interesting how she ignored the Lo mention too (it’s rumoured that they aren’t as close anymore).

    I’m also curious to know who the friend in question is?’s piqued my interest more than anything that happened on the hills and beyond
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  13. Yeah she breezed past the Lo question so fast. Though she did say she’s still friends with the people she filmed with in Laguna, which would suggest she’s cool with Lo? Ugh, I’m sucked back into this drama all over again!

    I found initially the chat between Lauren and Whitney was pretty stiff? It didn’t feel like these were two friends who spent 5 years together on a show etc. No lie, the way they described their friendship as being like college friends who you don’t see all the time but you’re cool with was sad to me. And when Whitney said she felt like Lauren distanced herself from anyone from The Hills after she left the show broke my heart.

    I would have loved Lauren to ask Whitney why on Earth did she want to go back on The Hills?!
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  15. I've really been on this thread for 10 years huh ddd.

    I looked for the thread to see if anyone was watching Whitney's rewatch (it's cute and an easy watch). I honestly haven't watched the first few seasons of The Hills since they aired, when I do rewatches I tend to pick it up at the beginning of Season 3. I forgot just how close Lauren and Heidi were.

  16. Season 2 has now resumed filming in LA. I have no idea if I'll watch it or not. Something about Jason Wahler just doesn't sit right with me.
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  17. Was season 1 a hit then? It just felt like it was 'there' and nothing more.
  18. The amount of amazing shows that were cancelled this year...

    And yet, we’re still getting another season of this?

    I am enjoying Whitney’s rewatch of the original however
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  19. There’s absolutely no market for this show at all. How is it making it to season 2??
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