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The Hills and beyond.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cuppy, Feb 24, 2009.

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  2. Same with the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation shows (how the hell have they aired 4 seasons of that now; who is even watching these days?).

    MTV is run by Boomers trying to recapture the magic they had with the original Hills & Jersey Shore when Millennials who grew up with it have since moved on and the new generation could care less about those shows, let alone MTV.
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  3. I think The Hills does well in the ratings on repeats - that's probably why they keep trying to make it happen. But as someone who has notifications for Whitney's YouTube channel - the fun and magic of the show was that it was 2006-2010. As a 28 year old, I would never watch this mess "fresh" now. It's the nostalgia. And the fact they keep pushing Brandon Lee Thomas and Brody Jenner...even bigger mess.

    There should have been an open check for Lauren to come back (I don't think she would for any money) or leave it alone. But the rewatch with Whit is really great, she really is the sweetest person.
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  4. Lauren's never coming back. She's smart enough to realize going back would be a huge mistake. Unlike the other cast, she doesn't have that desire or desperation to try and recapture the glory days. She's older, settled, and content with her life now plus she doesn't need the money.

    When The Hills was hot, there were no social media influencers so a show like theirs really appealed to young girls and they were role models. Nowadays, there's TikTok and Instagram. The Hills as a concept is just outdated and irrelevant.

    The charm of the Hills was that it focused on a group of naive, privileged, young adults in LA learning about life and all that drama that came with it. Even tho it was scripted, when Lauren was there, there was some kind of authenticity and charm that made you not care & get sucked in. That died when she left and it's never returned.

    She had the perfect finale. No matter what she did, there's no way she could top it.
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  5. I don't disagree that MTV is generally quite lost as a brand at this point, but...

    As a Jersey Shore stan (ddd) let me say, the shows are in two totally different boats–the series premiere of Family Vacation brought in well over 2M viewers and was a smash for MTV. Even now, four seasons in and during their first season without Snooki, the show is pulling bigger numbers than the first season of The Hills' reboot did. Bringing back Jersey Shore was probably one of the most lucrative decisions MTV has made in the past few years. But they must be paying the Hills' cast pennies to make it equitable because the ratings were dismal. They also didn't seem to make a splash online at all.

    The main issue is that everything about The Hills reboot was unwatchable. It could have been a fun trashy nostalgia trip; the first season of Family Vacation recaptured a lot of what made the original series fun, which is why they've been able to take it and run. The Hills was dead on arrival. A second season of the reboot feels like dragging out a dead corpse to be shot again. Just let it die.

    Thank you for attending my Ted Talk.

  6. I agree about The Hills being DOA. I remember some hype at the 2018 VMAs followed by "Lauren isn't doing it? Keep it" takes from basically everybody lmao. Also yeah on one of her videos, Whitney alluded to the pay being garbage. I guess the "exposure" must be worth it though.
  7. I think what separates The Hills from Jersey Shore is the former was originally meant to be aspirational, but seeing the stars now - the once-wide-eyed, carefree accidental socialites/influencers with the world as their oyster and a list of dreams now a ragtag crew of aging desperados clinging to every second of fame in hopes of a paycheck - is just sad and defeats the entire appeal of the original show. Meanwhile, Jersey Shore is exactly the same as it’s always been - a slapstick comedy about a group of ridiculous guidos living in a house, getting drunk, and partying til it hurts - and it works.

    While I agree with @thequinntessential that the general premise of The Hills is outdated because Gen Z-ers get their aspirational figures from other mediums, I do think they could have rebooted the franchise with an entirely new group of young 20-something aspiring socialites/influencers trying to make it in LA (it’s literally what Vanderpump Rules was - minus the restaurant), but MTV clearly didn’t get the memo.
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  8. I always thought the premise was to bring back the original cast in a few episodes to have them sort of hand the baton onto the next group of people who would continue on the new mould of whatever they decided to do with The Hills. Clearly that never happened and we just ended up with these boring storylines and people we didn't really care about anymore.

    At least when The Hills first began we had this 'backdoor access' if you like into the modelling agency world so it felt like we got a bit of teen drama and the partying scene but also a look into the fashion industry and it felt like a good combination.

    Then once they threw that out, we just had people going out partying every night and the various dramas that came with it. It got tired very quickly.

    They need to have cast members that actually have interesting jobs so we can see that side of things as well as the relationships and partying.
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  9. Agreed, find a new group of young adults in LA with interesting entry-level jobs in various entertainment-related industries, and you’re basically good to go! Seeing 40-somethings with nothing going in their lives but social media sponcon, trying to relive their glory days of being LA celebutantes as they cling onto a few children of other C-list not something anyone wants to see.
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  10. And if people do genuinely still want to follow these characters from the original show then... create something new and different. Show us something other than them going out partying. There must be a way to take these people and put them in a more adult-orientated setting. Okay, it won't appeal to a younger audience but then would these cast members appeal to younger people anyway? People watching before were watching for nostalgia or because they loved these characters so let's take it away from the nightlife and the fake romance drama and give them something else to do.
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  11. The biggest issue with The Hills reboot is that it wasn't really a Hills reboot or reunion. They got who they could from the original cast, chucked in some boring old side characters, and added... Mischa Barton(?!?!). We were watching boring storylines unfold rather than actually catching up with the cast we cared about. The major difference with Jersey Shore is that the cast remained good friends (and actually got closer over time in many cases) and their lives were interesting enough to film a show around without a script. Even from season 2 on as the reboot turned into a show that follows the cast at home and on small trips rather than all living together, we've watched two weddings, Jenni's messy divorce, Ron's never-ending baby mama drama, Situation going to prison, a few new babies, etc. Meanwhile, The Hills was trying to make us believe that Audrina still cared about Justin Bobby. It was never going to work.
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  12. The Hills is literally my #1 favourite reality show of all time (alongside Laguna Beach and RHONY) and I couldn't even make it through three episodes of this. I'm shocked it got renewed. Is anyone still watching?
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  13. Apparently it had the second highest cable premiere of 2019, and the streaming numbers were decent. I thought it was dull as dishwater, and I have an irrational hatred of Brody Jenner I don't know why.

    It's annoying because there is literally so much drama and tension between them IRL and yet we still get fake bullshit on the show. JUST FILM THE REAL LIFE FEUDING.
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  14. I just wish Kristin had come back because she would’ve given it that punch it needed.

    But also I think the reason I felt it didn’t capture my interest as much is because the interviews/confessionals just made it feel like every other reality show. The original did such a good job of weaving the story together without any explicit narration (they’d usually fill in the story gaps by having them talk to each other about the problems aka Whitney’s entire reason for existing on the show). Selling Sunset is the 2020’s answer to The Hills anyway, so.
  15. Yeah it's such a tired show now it really isn't worth bringing back.
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  16. Whitney's first ever feud (aside from the fake Olivia one) and we aren't seeing it play out on camera. After last season you'd think they would be fast tracking this.
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  17. I can’t imagine why anyone would ever feel the need to shout at Whitney!? I’d love to know more.

    But anyway, Whitney’s YouTube reactions are way more interesting than anything that happened on The Hills and beyond first season.
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  18. They explain in that video I posted. Apparently they rolled up on Whitney at Frankie and Jennifer's house and asked her about her reactions to the show and her criticisms of them, and she tried to play it off as being for fun or whatever. Heidi and Spencer said they all ganged up on her, but naturally they lie through their teeth so who really knows. Apparently cameras were there, but Whitney was told after they wouldn't use it (I think).
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  19. Ah gotcha.

    I thought it was a separate incident as I didn’t think think they were still filming together by the time the show was airing and Whitney was doing the reactions.

    I never watched her reactions to the hills and beyond but can’t imagine her saying anything to critical about them.

    I did, however, see her reaction video where they were watching in real time and Spencer went off on her on Twitter for saying she didn’t think they’d last this long but is happy for them. So sounds like they’re being overly sensitive IMO.
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