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The Hills and beyond.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cuppy, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. I think this was during filming for Season 2. That's still happening and it began I think in October. You are correct lol, they honestly couldn't be nicer if they tried - their comments section is full of people asking why they are so nice about Heidi and Spencer.
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  2. I would of never guessed that I would be a Whitney Stan in 2021! They are both so endearing.

    I would of probably watched more of the reboot if they gave us more of Whitney and Timmy.

  3. ...lols
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  4. Scream I was like "that really picked up at the end" when I saw Legendphanie but it's clips from last season???!

    Looks like a total snooze.
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  5. Pamela Anderson's kid needs to fuck off with Brody Jenner. Could be here for the Audrina / Whitney scenes and I like Frankie and Jennifer too. Stephanie Pratt will be sorely missed. If I was MTV I'd have begged and thrown the necessary cash at Kristin Cavallari to make her grace this show with her presence.
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  6. Genuinely one of the most boring trailers I've ever seen. They can't even try to make this shit interesting.
  7. I still have no idea how I actually watched all of last season. I can’t even remember a single interesting that happened.
  8. This truly looks painful. I'll still sit through the entire thing, but I'm not looking forward to it. I don't get how they don't realize having a protagonist or a core group of the women is essential to this show. Losing Stephanie and keeping Whitney off to the side are such massive mistakes. There's just nothing on this show to gravitate towards.
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  9. Looks like they did. She's in that trailer.
  10. It's a one off. But now her own show got canceled and that she got divorced I think she could have been series regular for the right $.
  11. Looks awful.

    We need Heidi to lead the reboot of Real Housewives of Orange County and Kristin to star in the upcoming Real Housewives of Nashville (I think she lives there?). Amazing tv personalities, terrible show. They should've left this franchise alone.
  12. It’s shocking how much MTV have really fucked this reboot up. The first season was such a dud and this trailer for season two looks more of the same. I’m still surprised it was even picked up for a second season to be honest. I agree they should have left the franchise well alone. It worked perfectly in 2006 and was really the pioneer for a new style of reality tv. But now it feels like it’s playing catch up with some basic and painfully dull people.
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  13. I couldn't find enough interest to hit play on that trailer.
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  14. OK but I tried to imagine all the males cut out of the trailer and was mildly more interested. I don't want to suffer through more Brody, Justin Bobby, Spencer scenes. And especially no more Pamela Anderson's son fake relationships; please and thank you.
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  15. This starts next week and was on Page 7 ddd. I haven’t seen any hype anywhere at all for this. I have an 8 hour train journey next Friday so I’ll literally be a captive audience.
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  16. There is no hype, and not a single soul cares.

    Will I still be tuning in? Yes. Is it mostly because it is on after the far more enjoyable Laguna throwback Siesta Key? Absolutely.
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  17. Maybe we’ll get another one-off Heidi Montag single at the end of the season.....

    But it has to be “Body Language (2021 Remix without Spencer’s Rap)” or nothing at all.
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  18. Is this airing in the UK?
  19. I'm sure MTV will air it.
  20. Whitney was spilling some spoilers on her latest hills reaction and ...

    Heidi and Ashley are feuding with Audrina being stuck in the middle.

    Super exciting stuff you guys
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