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The Hills and beyond.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Cuppy, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Well, one person is enjoying the reboot.

  2. Wait at Kaitlynn's "friend" Caroline being Audrina's sister in Sorority Row!!
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  3. I would pay to watch Rogan watch RHONY stoned
  4. I still haven’t got around to watching this yet. Maybe I should.
  5. Caroline D’Amore is one of those vintage socialites from the Paris/Nicole/Kimberly Stewart days. Makes total sense she’s on this now, but I still can’t believe she and Audrina haven’t had a scene discussing this yet! They didn’t have any scenes together in Sorority Row right? Wouldn’t surprise me if they aren’t even aware of this.
  6. Jesus, this show has become a complete shell of its former self. Everything that made the show a success and special in the first place is just gone
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  7. The Hills worked because of the specific moment in time it took place. No social media. Paparazzi and US Weekly ran the game. L.A nightclubs like Les Deux, LAX, and Hyde were known locations to everyone who read gossip rags. Perez Hilton was just taking off. Reality tv wasn't a novel concept anymore, but it hadn't become oversaturated yet so it was still unusual to see reality stars become legitimate celebrities the way Lauren did. And another key ingredient they seem to have forgotten - the cast was made up of 19 year olds! It doesn't work now. Times have changed. The Hills was an era of young Hollywood that won't repeat itself. Forcing these grown ass 35 year olds who have nothing to do with each other into teenage squabbles is ridiculous.
  8. I can't stress this enough: The Hills was about four women! That is SO important to why it became popular in the first place. Imagine a Real Housewives reboot in 20 years making it equally about a part of the women and some of the estranged husbands. A The Hills reboot that starts its second season with Brody Jenner taking a shower has surely lost its plot and I really don't understand who made these weird creative decisions that were made for this reboot, but I dislike them.
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  9. I’ve said it before, but there are two routes they could have gone that I feel would have been rewarding:

    1) A show following Lauren, Kristin, &/or Whitney as they continue building their respective brands and the struggles that come along with that (which is basically the show Lauren previously pitched that the network passed on), and have occasional cameos from Audrina and Heidi to talk parenting struggles/reminisce about the old days.

    2) A show following a new generation of early 20-something women in LA trying to ‘make it,’ with one working at a digital media outlet, another at an eCommerce site, another at a social media company, and one still industry-based (PR, event planning, agency), and then surround them with some GenZ socialites like Brandon, Delilah Belle, Sofia Richie, and the like, but actually fold in things like social media and the real life celebrity aspect.

    The current concept was doomed from the start, and I wouldn’t recommend it to a single human, but I will watch to the bitter end due to some obligatory attachment to these D-list humans.
  10. The fact that Jay Cutler wants a piece of Kristins Another Brand With the Name James is such a kii to me. It must be more successful than it seems.

    I don’t think Lauren would be compelling tv now. She lives in Laguna beach with her husband and kids, her fashion lines aren’t high profile at all anymore. She doesn’t want to get involved with drama at this stage in her life. I just don’t think there’s anything there. Kristin is still thirsty for it though.
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  11. They brought it back, hoping audiences would still be interested in these 'characters' and really no one is.

    The Hills: The Next Generation with a completely new cast would have made so much more sense than the path they've chosen to go with. They were clearly too scared to do that for fear of not having a recognisable face fronting it but... if you have a good 'cast' and a good 'story' to tell (even though it's meant to be reality) people will watch it. Instead they went for the safe option, by bringing familiar faces back into the fold, yet had no interesting stories to tell or places to take these characters once they were back.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this gets cancelled shortly or at least completely re-booted again in 2 years time.
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  12. You’ve all said everything that’s been on my mind about this awful reboot. It was a tv show that captured a specific moment in time for pop culture. But now it has literally no relevance whatsoever. I understand MTV wanted to tap into the booming nostalgia market and it worked with Jersey Shore, but at least with JS, they revamped the format a bit and the cast aren’t acting like they’re regular people off the street. They lean into their former celebrity status and it makes for a much better viewing experience.

    The Hills is stuck in thinking they can still pass this show off as regular people just living their lives in LA. The shift to focus it on the men is a fireable offence and rehashing tired storylines with Justin Bobby that are 15 years old just doesn’t work.

    MTV should take the L and just cancel this reboot because it’s sad seeing such an iconic show be tarnished this way.
  13. We should have just had a Steps-style reunion show where all the ladies just aired all their dirty laundry and issues and then formed a pop group.
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  14. It's funny because I was so perched when this reboot was originally announced, and then watched a grand total of 0 episodes of it.

    Maybe it's just me but Selling Sunset fulfills the brief for "The Hills, but with Adults in 2021" perfectly. It's just as catty, produced, and shiny as the original Hills, and it's made the Hills reboot feel entirely redundant.
  15. Based off the trailer (and the fact that I stopped watching s1 half way through) ... I gave this a miss. But atleast in S1, we had Stephanie’s messiness (and faux British accent)

    On a side note, I’m rewatching the original through Whitney’s reactions and enjoying the show much more than I remember. We took Lauren for granted.

    I do think Whitney and Timmy are little hard on Lauren though whilst quick to excuse others cast members crappy behaviour but I guess they’re in a awkward position still being a part of the show.
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  16. I might start watching these, if they're good.
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  17. Deff more enjoyable than any NB episode I’ve seen
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  18. She’s back….

    I was contemplating tuning in for KC’s ep but I feel like this all I needed to see tbh.

    Also, sounds like Speidi have fallen out with all of the cast (again) to the point where they have said a S3 with the current group would be unlikely… so there’s that

    It’s way more fun to follow the BTS drama of the show trying to be than the show itself
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  19. Heidi's face.... She's only 34. I know we're not supposed to be critical of people's looks around here, and certainly it's her prerogative to do whatever she wants to her body, but wow. She was a cute girl. That first nose job made her a really pretty girl. Then she should have stopped. She now looks like a 48 year old trying to look like a 25 year old.
  20. Heidi is a good example of a perfectly good person not being prepared for what Hollywood can throw at you and how that can make you behave / react. There really is a fascinating show to be made going into all the behind the scenes of this show from then to now. Probably a mini-series worth of stuff.
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