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The Hills Have Eyes

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by KittyLips, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Did anyone see this? It was rather alarming in places and very gruesome, but ultimately well done. Some hideous special effects.
  2. I really do not know where to begin with this one. It scared the hell out of me. It is the only film I have ever seen where I have been sat in the cinema and wanted to leave half way through and not because it was crap but because it was so disturbing! It stayed with me for a long time. I used to think I could hear voices going 'gurgle, gurgle gurgle' whilst I was in the flat on my own etc...

    I've bought it on DVD for my flat mate because I think she looks like Ruby.

    Did anyone else notice that the Dad was Jamie Gumb from Silence of the lambs?
  3. I'm glad it wasn't just me then. Gore in films doesn't usually bother me, but this film used it cleverly. And the villains of the piece were constructed so as to be possibly real and thus way scarier than most horror movie villains.

    I'm trying not to say too much so as to not give the game away, but it does state it's purpose fairly early on.

    I was cheering on Beast, the dog, for much of the latter half though...

  4. I know - that dog (beast) was amazing - put lassie to shame really!
  5. I actually didn't really get any sort of gutted reaction from this movie. The acting, thank God, wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated, but I just thought that it was so gorey that I became numb to the gore in it. I like it better when movies can be scary as all hell without making me want to vomit up my popcorn.
  6. I saw this the other night, it made me feel sick as i guess it looked so real. It was a good movie i guess but I prefer my horror films to make me jump rather than to want to puke.. Alot of the recent films seem to be going down that route though which is a shame, the art of creating scary films without all the blood and gore seems to be vanishing rather quickly. The house of wax made me want to leave the cinema in the same way.. not a good film for a date haha, think we were both grossed out by it.

    Whilst on te subject of the Hills Have Eyes, has anyone seen the original? I havent got round to seeing it yet and was wondering if the remake is a carbon copy and thus shouldnt bother?
  7. BachelorNo2

    BachelorNo2 Guest

    I really like it also, though it didn't disturb me in the least, and I'm seemingly the only person this has happened to. One of my friends saw it at the cinema and left halfway through because he couldn't watch what was happening to Claire from Lost, my flatmate wouldn't look at the screen for the majority of the second half and another friend had me turn it off when the Dad goes back to the petrol station. The fun I had whispering "daddy" into his ear in bed (that's less wrong than it sounds!)
  8. I went to the premiere for the film, and I left the party to take a quick trip to the loo. As I was standing there doing my business, another fellow walks up to the urinal next to me and starts talking: "Pretty good movie, wasn't it?"

    I replied, "Yeah." Then as I zipped up and walked over to the sink, I noticed it was the 7' freaky guy from the original movie:


    That's him!!! The guy from the poster!

    WAAAYYY scarier than the movie....
  9. hahaha now that would have scared me more than the film, well if i'd seen the original film and knew who he was..
  10. I'm sitting here more freaked out by you than the film.
  11. BachelorNo2

    BachelorNo2 Guest

    Well the film freaked said friend out, I'm a bit of a bastard and found it funny to freak him out further while he was trying to sleep. Like I said, not as wrong as it sounds.
  12. I went to the cinema with Tommy and Donna (lovely but dozy) and went to see Hostel. I'd been dreading it since we visited friends in Loughborough, one of whom had seen Hostel and The hills have eyes one after the other and warned that the latter was much more gruesome and sick than the former.

    So, when I couldn't actually sit through Hostel, leaving after the first nasty bit with the Black&Deckerâ„¢ cordless drill (I felt I was either going to leave, or I was going to vomit; this is the first time that that's ever happened to me!) I was obviously not looking forward to its allegedly more gruesome counterpart, The hills have eyes.

    I actually needed to discuss Hostel afterwards with as many people as I could, just to get it out of my system ("I know, Hostel is so, so bad," said Mike from Dangerous Muse).

    Anyway, we bought The hills have eyes on DVD and watched it. Manky in places, but I thought it was nowhere near as bad as Hostel was. The effects and make-up were superb and the flambé bit near the beginning was quite horrible, but still there was nothing close to the despair of Hostel, which Tommy has now ordered on DVD: the unseen edition, which is amusing really, since for me, it will remain unseen...
  13. I watched "Hostel" last Saturday evening at a friends place. It was an absolute waste of a very good Saturday Night. After the initial first 30 minutes of soft european porn, the rest of the movie was just filled with unnecessary gore. It didn't even upset me as such, just made me uncomfortable and angry that there were people who saw this as an actual film worth viewing.

    I think what alarmed me most was Quentin Tarantino adding his name to this filth. Absolute garbage.

    "The Hills Have Eyes", however, ace. Loved it, saw it with my mother (!) who spent the entire movie squirming in her seat and jumping. I did a lot of that with her too. It just felt real, and when things started going haywire in the caravan, my stomach turned about 600 times in overload. When a movie of that genre can do that to you, that's when you know you're onto a winner. "Hostel" just made me extremely sleepy.
  14. I've not seen this yet, but I'm familiar with the '77 original and its sequel from 1983. The '77 film is quite similar to Wrong Turn, not excessively gory but quite violent and saddening. The sequel is a straight-up slasher movie with teens stranded at some ranch where the surviving killers hibernate underground with a blind heroine and the same dog (which has flashbacks to the original!)

    The remake is on my online rental list so I'll catch up to it sooner or later. The director's previous film Haute Tension/Switchblade Romance was super-gory but packed with suspense.
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