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The Hipsterjustice Thread

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Mister Unicorn, May 3, 2014.

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  3. [​IMG]

    the joke of it all is that i don't have the budget for any kind of vinyl collection whatsoever ai


    listen to it you ape
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  4. Any other Kim Deal stans around?

    'cause she's coming.
  5. Christ I cannot stand Anthony Fantano.
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  7. SHE'S BACK!

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  8. I dig this track... a lot

  9. Listened to all four albums in order yesterday after buying tickets for the Glasgow show next Sunday.
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  10. I’ve gotten on a Goodbye Horses kick recently (it happens every few months) and stumbled on this Reddit thread, which I found fascinating:

    I have also discovered that an EP containing the single edit, two demos and a few other songs popped up on iTunes recently and I’m feeling my dark wave fantasy.

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  12. God bless you Andy French. Never have I nearly broke a heel running to iTunes faster than I did reading this.

  13. A&E


    I hope the monthly tracks by the trio of Sin Fang + Sóley + Örvar Smárason get a joint release at the end of the year. Random Haiku Generator, Blackscreen, Slowly, Tennis, Used and Confused... give me the dispirited bops that I love! RHG is definitely one of my fave songs this year.

    Check out the handy youtube playlist with all the songs released thus far:
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  14. Giving me major Lianne La Havas vibes

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    Shit. Now I'm glad I missed that Ducktails gig the other month. I might have to contact the guys who organised the event too to make sure they don't invite him back as they like to do.
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  16. I read some other gross things about Ariel Pink and a few others so I'm going to bop to Lovetrap for the last time before it's too late.

    I was upset about missing Ducktails this summer but good thing I never got around to listening.
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  17. A&E


    I mourn every time a fave of mine collaborates with Ar*el. @Weyes Blood you should know better (and release a solo version Tears on Fire thanks xx). (same for Sky and her evil clone Soko)

    Mac Demarco is another pitchfork-popular guy who (along with some of his bandmates) has reportedly been gross but luckily I've never been into any of his output.
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