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The Hipsterjustice Thread

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Mister Unicorn, May 3, 2014.

  1. A&E


    Anyway, let's clear the air with some nice new shoegaze from the artist formerly known as Throwing Shade:

    Nabihah's real name debut Weighing of the Heart is out 1st December on Ninja Tune.
  2. BOP

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  3. Tune-Yards is are back! They're now officially a duo with Merrill being joined by long-time collaborator Nate Brenner.

    Issa bop!

    New album I can feel you creep into my private life is out January 19.


    1. Heart Attack
    2. Coast to Coast
    3. ABC 123
    4. Now as Then
    5. Honesty
    6. Colonizer
    7. Look at Your Hands
    8. Home
    9. Hammer
    10. Who Are You
    11. Private Life
    12. Free

    4ad have a variant red cover / transparent vinyl edition of the album (@HeartSwells) already available for pre-order.
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  4. A&E


    Julia Holter has spoken out as well:

    With Alice Glass also detailing Eth*n K*th's vile behaviour, lately more and more accounts of abuse have been appearing. While it's a heavy topic, I'm glad it's being talked about and I hope that 1. the victims get support 2. all the abusers get due punishment or just perish.

  5. About time they coming with a new project.
  6. Broadback and Alam Copies are my


    Serving Miike Snow / Passion Pit on drugs
  7. After dropping my favorite song of 2014, RUOK, Danish duo FAE have been very silent. People might remember the "mysterious" project Battlekat earlier in this decade, FAE is made up of the vocalist and a musician from this outfit. They've finally returned with something new three years later, although it's just a cover of the Talking Heads song "Psycho Killer," but it's a very good take on it, using the middle 8 as the chorus. Gotta love her French accent, "psycho killer, kisskuhsay?" There's supposedly an album coming next year.

    Loving the new Baths album by the way. Obsidian was so good, but Romaplasm is much less dark leaning.
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  8. ^I was wondering what happened to FAE! RUOK is still excellent.

    I’ve been on a lo-fi house tangent recently. The artist names are a bit “smirkingly ironic” but the music is great.

    The DJ Sabrina album is really well done. Each song can stand on its own but it’s basically a continuous mix.
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  9. Very late to catch on to this album ... but what an album ... not a dud on it, which for TRD is saying something ...
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  10. Suddenly i'm obsessed with Alvvays's new record, Antisocialites. Dreams Tonite and In Undertow are perfection.
  11. Not sure why but into this

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  12. These guys are just so good

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  14. Anybody in here into Quilt? One of their members (Shane Butler) has a side project called Olden Yolk that's got an album out next week:

    Really feeling this tune at the moment:

    + new single "Cut to the Quick":

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  15. Honestly I used to love this band as a stroppy teenager but after decades of fuckery from Billy Corgan itswhathedeserves.gif.
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  16. There is so much good music out there, and it's so hard to find sometimes.

    I really would love to start a thread with you hispterjustice lovers, where we recommend artists based on what each of us likes.
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