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The Human League

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. OMD's 90s material was abysmal though, 90% of the time.
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  2. Sadly I think after Dazzle Ships it's 50% awful, rising to 80% on The Pacific Age, and fluctuating up and down until the end. I never thought I'd think that "OMD jumps on the Britpop bandwagon" was a good idea but I have to say that Universal is the most convincing album "they'd" released in years.
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  3. One might say, so was their late 80s material!
  4. I don’t know the album, but ‘Universal’, the song, is absolutely devastating.
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  5. Some might say....but not me!

    (Well, unless you mean We Love You which is terrible).
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  6. I like the Purple Disco Machine remixes of Don’t You Want Me. They retain everything good about the original but give it all a subtly different feel. A bit looser…
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  7. I’d totally be up for a remixed singles collection in the same vein as Kraftwerk’s The Mix. Particularly as it might make their career overview feel more coherent and be an opportunity for glossier, more dynamic versions of songs like Louise and The Lebanon. But I fear we’d get a load of awful old cobblers in wildly jarring and unsympathetic styles. Their past form remix-wise is very hit and miss.
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  8. I love Crush, If You Leave, The Pacific Age and Dreaming more than the earlier stuff, especially We Love You.
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  9. I wonder if a deluxe of Romantic? might be on the cards next year?
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  10. Didn’t Phil say it was their one LP that he wouldn’t mind vanishing off the face of the earth?
  11. I mean, it IS their worst album. But it’s the only one of their albums (apart from Credo) to not have any kind of reissue.
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  12. He ain't getting his hands on my copy!
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  13. They're always happy enough to do 'Heart like a wheel' on every tour though.
  14. I love Romantic? Never got the hate.
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  15. Isn’t there a William Orbit version of the entire album? Joanne said they went round to his house and were bemused that Orbit wouldn’t let them in. Ian Burden said in an interview that he heard what was presumably the Orbit mixes in Phil’s car, and it was all a lot more impressive than what eventually got released. So that’s your second disc I reckon!
  16. First disk, if its actually really good.
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  17. Well the William Orbit versions of Rebound and The Stars Are Going Out are the ones that ended up on the album, while his versions of Heart Like A Wheel and Soundtrack To A Generation were released as CD single bonus tracks. So that gives us some idea…
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  19. It looks like I will have a spare ticket to see The League in Brighton tomorrow evening (plus Altered Images and Tom “Thompson Twins” Bailey) due to a friend being ill, if anyone fancies it!
  20. There was a reissue in 2017 in Japan as a nice mini lp SHM-CD, it sounds a lot better than my original CD.
    It lacks any bonus tracks though.
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