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The Icelandic entry has had a remix and is now amazing

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by VoR, Mar 25, 2010.

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    You also have to wonder if the whole ash cloud/bringing Europe to an airport standstill had an effect. I know that might sound stupid, but idiots are allowed to (or to not) vote too.
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  3. I queefed with excitement at the ballad version of "Je Ne Sais Quoi".

    What's the best way to get the album in the UK?
  4. I love Eurovision as each year I get slightly obsessed with my favourite act (that never wins, like Svetlana Loboda last year). However I don't think I've ever been as obsessed with an ESC act like Hera for some reason. Maybe it's the fact that she's big, Icelandic and has a fantastic diva voice for schlager pop. I think it was in that dress rehearsal video where she was saying "Girls, girls - behave!" about her massive boobs that sold me.

    The album's only available in the UK digitally on Amazon & Itunes - where the title's been oddly misspelt as "Je ne sais quio". Nevermind,. I generally prefer to get physical copies of albums if possible, but I'll be happy to make an exception with this rather than buying a physical import - who knows, she might decide to visit the UK & do a one-off club performance on the basis of a few hundred UK digital sales (I can dream). The title song might've been completely ignored on the night of the Final, but I have a funny feeling it'll have more camp classic longevity than "I paaaynted my toenaaaahls for yew". Thank you Eurovision!

    Nice couple of interviews with Hera:

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    I've become obsessed with her too!  I downloaded the album yesterday, and although nothing struck me quite as much as Je Ne Sais Quoi, there are some really good songs in a similar style on there.  I thought the album might be full of ballads, but there's only one aside from the ballad version of the title track. 

    In the video, the scenes of her walking in slo-mo through the changing rooms in the red dress are the best thing in the world right now.

    Another good interview here:

    She seems lovely!
  6. Best song this year by faaaar!!!

    ...Which of course means it bombed. Iceland are becoming the new Sweden in terms of uptempo NRG pop gems, Euroband from 2 years ago is possibly my favourite Eurovision song ever.

    Although lyrically I like "Je ne sais quoi...pourqoui." - "I don't know what...why"
  7. Definitely gay but not men!

    This is the first Eurovision song I have bought in years, the last one being Dana International!

    Where can I get the remixes? I could only see the album version on itunes.
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    Ah, good, it wasn't just me... Took me a few times to realise she's actually singing "Je ne sais pas...pourquoi." KYLIE REFERENCE.

    There aren't really remixes as such unfortunately - the other versions are a ballad version, French version and an instrumental. I "found" them packaged along with the album I downloaded.
  9. I shall go and check out the french version. This song is crying out for summer dance remixes!
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    I want an old skool 6:30 extended version for starters.  And a Milk Inc. remix.  Peter Luts can have a go too.

    I've listened to it 5 times already today on my iPod at work. Officially. Obsessed. It's not even yet reached the point where it starts to sound "weird" like some songs do when you listen to them too much.
  11. I voted for this. Much sadness when the UK didn't give her any points at all :(
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    Things I love about this song:

    The synth stabs just before the vocals start.

    "I've overcome the sadness in my life." sounding like something from Peter Kay's Geraldine parody song.

    The synth stabs coming back in for the chorus.

    The matching piano notes behind the "I know you have that special something." and "Something I just can't explain." lines in the chorus.

    The low rumbling noise that sounds like a plane taking off in the background during the middle eight.

    The key change. OH THE KEY CHANGE.

    The fact that the key change is still giving me goosebumps after the 279th listen.

    Basically, everything. I can't remember when I was last this obsessed with a song.
  13. Iceland's song was always a contender. Just shows nonsense of Eurovision 2010 that it could came so low down in the voting. Picked it on the night as song with best chance of being the biggest commercial hit. . The German song will only sell in Germany - big market though.

    Thought Welsh Jon Lilygreen singing for Cyprus deserved better than appearing in bottom 5. Good performer and that song could be mixed and mashed into a dancefloor filler.
  14. Finally bought the album today for finishing my uni work. It ROCKS.
  15. jtm


    Listened to this all day. I love it. One of my favorite songs of 2010 so far.
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    I dread to think how many times I've played this today. It seriously must be coming up to 100.
  17. Wow!
    My guilty pleasure is Je Ne Sais Quoi. It is "actually" amazing.
  18. I have not been able to stop playing it either. My partner was not to impressed last night as it was stopping him playing the Crystal Castles which I downloaded the same time as 'Je Ne Sais Quoi'. The worse thing about this song is that it has made me crave for a holiday in Crete. Somehow the song just reminds me of holidays in the sun.
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    Hurray! I made it 12 hours without listening to it. I deserve a reward.

    *gets iPod out*


    *closes eyes like a heroin addict getting a fix*
  20. Not sure where you get that idea - it clearly has quite wide appeal, and Lena is currently no.1 on iTunes in Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Luxemburg, Austria & Sweden, and no. 2 in Belgium, Spain & Norway. In fact France appears to be the only country which has an iTunes music store where the song ISN'T selling well.

    (also worth noting - France seems to be selling pretty well in various countries for a song that only came 12th overall)
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