The Idol (HBO)

Neither the publicity material, nor anyone involved in the show, has stated that this is a miniseries. It's usually made explicit from the start if that is the intention.

I mean, it’s not like they’d stick to that anyway if that was the case. Look at Big Little Lies, which was only ever intended to be one season, and then we got two because it was so popular. They’re probably keeping it vague for that reason. Although I doubt Sam and Abel would be able to commit when Sam has Euphoria and Abel is trying to break into film.
I’ve read a few of the reviews and most people just don’t seem to know what to make of it because it’s really not saying much at all. Sounds like there’s the bones of something good, but it’s wasted in the hands of Sam because it tries too hard to be shocking. Doesn’t seem outright bad (although I saw some comparisons to Showgirls and Basic Instinct), but more like… what’s the point?

The Idol shows glimmers of potential when it stops trying so hard to be shocking. There’s a strenuousness to the sex scenes between Depp and Tesfaye that kills any sense of eroticism. It’s a relief when the show moves away from them and focuses on Joceyln’s struggle to stage a comeback. The death of her mother has left Jocelyn vulnerable and unmoored. Her unpredictable moods cause her management team to stay on edge, but they have also left Jocelyn without a sense of herself. When we see the young star trying to recommit to music — through conversation with Tedros or physically taxing music video rehearsals — the show feels like it’s working toward a more interesting thesis instead of just being one long advertisement for a cursed experience.
My problem with this show's premise is that Britney archetype Lily's playing hasn't been prominent in the Western world in years (outside of K-pop). It's just not realistic that her character would be a big pop star in the real world in 2023.
Also Vox Lux was not good, girls. We tried our best to claim it as iconic but it was never going to be sustainable.
You're entitled to your wrong opinion, Vox Lux are pop icon, etc.

And I couldn't be more excited to see this upcoming trainwreck. Although, as some reviews have hinted, I am concerned it may not be enough of a trainwreck.
There’s something so revealing about seeing Sam and his wife Ashley (who produces his work) crowding Lily Rose and Abel in every press shot. It’s very “I’m a star!”

The video of him sobbing during the obligatory 5 minute standing ovation it got after the screening was hilarious.

I always found Levinson's work completely puerile and sensationalistic so I'm not surprised this is a mess.

I adore Sam's work on a visual level, because it's very in line with the sort of ADHD ultra glossy yet gritty music video style that I love in basically all media I consume. But any sort of commentary he attempts to make falls flat because it's typically making some sort of statement on women for women (who remembers Assassination Nation?), even though he doesn't truly work with any beyond his wife to offer up a real POV to ground it all. He's the embodiment of r/menwritingwomen.

The entire reason he clashed so much with Barbie Ferreira on Euphoria, and why she left she show after season two, is because she confronted him about not liking the direction he was taking her character, and he cut most of her scenes as a result and left her character as a total shell of a person. So yeah it was expected this would be a mess but it's also an intriguing car wreck I can't look away from.