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The Internet & Syd Solo.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. I didn't know there was a new album by them? I played the last one so much!
  2. Love this album, so chilled & laidback. Girl and Under Control are my main jams.

    Part of my summer "alt-Rn'b' trinity along with Miguel and Made in Heights.
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  3. I love them. Syd is amazing. 'Girl' is beautifully smooth and I love Kaytranada. Will definitely be copping the album.
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  4. Mmm gonna check.
  5. You'll love them. 'Slow Burn' would have made a great comeback record for Janet.
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  6. Just got the album and OH MY. Thank you @youthless
    Slow Burn is perfection. But I love everything.
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  7. [​IMG]

    UK tour
  8. This album is very pleasant, I dig the smoothness of her vocals.
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  9. I love that there's a thread for this - I found them a few weeks and I've fallen completely in love with Ego Death.

    I have to see them on tour.
    Here are the US/Canada dates.
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  11. I just saw them on tour on Monday!
    Not surprisingly, the venue wasn't sold out, and it was full of locals that just wanted something to do, but oh well.
    The concert was very chill; they did every song from Ego Death (except for "Palace" but they did "Curse," which was the highlight of the show for me) and saved their older material for the encore. It was awesome.
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  12. Album that keeps on giving.
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  13. Because I'm extremely 2000 and late, I'm just now listening to this and loving it. Smoother than silk.
  14. The Internet’s Syd Announces Debut Solo Album Fin, Shares Video for New Song: Watch
    “All About Me” is written by Syd and produced by the Internet’s Steve Lacy

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  15. She sounds promising here, looking foward to her album next week, maybe she will deliver a "Girl" herself, who knows.
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  16. "Body" is so good. A sexy and chill jam. I'm hyped for this album. I was kinda disappointed by Kehlani's so i'm hoping this one will satisfy my R&B needs.
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  17. I low-key thought about checking out her material after her turn on Kaytranada's 'You're the One' (which was one of last year's best bops) and 'Body' is suitably great.
  18. Body is absolutely divine.
  19. You've listened to Ego Death, right?
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