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The Internet & Syd Solo.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Oh yeah, I was talking about Syd specifically.
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  2. Of all the new girls trying Aaliyah she's the best with Body.
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  3. I can't fully devote myself to MUNA because of this album, so good.
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  4. Not me logging on to find Cici's next lead single straight out the gate.

    Russel Wilson Records better hire me for head of A&R stat.
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  5. MAN if Ciara delivers al album like Syd's...
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  6. Syd really came through with this.
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  7. All hail "Body"!
  8. "Know" screams classic Aaliyah/Timbo vibes.
  9. Imagine if Ciara came back with something like "Know." I'd die.

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  10. I finally got around to listening to all of Fin and yes yes yes. I feel like with some more budget/promo this could have made some waves? Faves = Know, Over, Body, Drown In It, Dollar Bills and then everything else Is great too.

    Know really does sound like an Aaliyah deep cut.
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  11. Already more music. She doesn't waste any time.
  12. Sorry to bump this, but I've suddenly become one with Ego Death. No idea how I missed it when it came out, but regardless, and it's just so excellent. I've been looping "Get Away" for days.
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  13. Syd directed and edited the video for "Come Over".

    Syd looking adorable in a crop top, Matt's room referencing his album, Steve and his twink bf

  14. Wow so many beautiful people in one video. Hella late on this but what a cutie vid. Serving looks and aesthetic.
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  15. This album is gonna rule. Out next Friday!
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