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The J-R&B Divas Rate! - #22 - *Katya voice* "Let's be bad!"

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RUNAWAY, Apr 12, 2022.

  1. This song is way too pleasant to be this low. It's not amazing........ but the low scorers are definitely not seeing heaven.
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  2. Don't you just love when the lowest scored song sticks to you like a leaf and doesn't let your mind go for days? LA LA LA, ha power!

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    So change of plans. I had the day from hell, and ya boy is on his 11th of 14 straight days of work, so we're gonna put elims on hold for tonight, and tomorrow I'll be back with a DOUBLE elimination of two songs by the same diva!

    Please get to speculating!!
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  4. Among the extras, I had a few lower scores for BRIGHT and melody… so I’d say either of those two?
    If it’s AI I will fight dd
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Your wish is my command!



    JAMOSA / BREATHE AGAIN feat.Sphere

    average: 7.145

    highest scorers:
    9.25 @RUNAWAY
    9.00 @evilsin
    8.50 @Macsun

    lowest scorers:
    4.00 @Trinu 3.0, @odyism
    5.75 @cookiedough
    7.00 @soratami

    highest placement: #60 [TIE]
    lowest placement: #80

    BREATHE AGAIN feat.Sphere (aka Sphere of Influence) is the opening track from JAMOSA's third studio album RED, released February 18th, 2009 (Taylor Swift WHO?!). Written and composed by JAMOSA herself along with Sphere, and THE COMPANY, the song was also used as a b-side on her previously released single Zutto (which did....not chart), and it was so good it became the opener to the album! Including album tracks and b-sides in this rate was something important to both myself and evilsin, as sometimes....they're just better than some of the singles the artists have released, this song included. Now I love me some JAMOSA, and I love supporting an underrated queen (especially when her own label doesn't support her dddd), but yeah as this is an extra, I really didn't see it going as far as it deserved to to be honest.

    RUNAWAY's score: 9.25

    RUNAWAY's thoughts: I ADORE the piano opening and throughout the song, and her vocals are so good for me here. Again, this doesn’t really scream last place to me, and yet it held that spot just like several other songs…I just kind of don’t understand I guess. But all of our eliminated songs so far (except 1) have featured a rapper, so that’s probably the reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    evilsin's score: 9.00

    evilsin’s butthurt corner: I’m pretty sure this was the song that made me notice JAMOSA. I knew of her and saw her luscious red locks around, but I didn’t hear any songs until this one. The piano and the beat are quite infectious here and coupled with strings and JAMOSA’s pristine vocals, this is a fave of mine. And when it comes to the feature, you can do a lot worse than Sphere.

    @cookiedough (5.75) “The vocals just don’t work here for me… sorry”

    RUNAWAY's recommendation:

    evilsin's recommendation:

    And....yeah um....that means that JAMOSA's got another song
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I hate you all for eliminating this song so early.....

    kawaranai anata koko ni iru kara


    average: 7.229

    highest scorers:

    10.00 @RUNAWAY
    8.50 @Ana Raquel, @Macsun
    8.00 @evilsin

    lowest scorers:
    3.00 @Trinu 3.0
    6.00 @odyism
    7.00 @soratami, @lalaclairi_, @FunkyButChic, @Crisp X, @cookiedough

    highest placement: #60 [TIE]
    lowest placement: #80

    MISSIN' U is the seventh single from JAMOSA, and the second released from her second album CRY, released on February 20th, 2008. MISSIN' U's single release happened on January 16th, 2008, and the song was actually a moderate hit for her, peaking at #51 on the Oricon charts and charting for 3 weeks so....y'know....SLAY! The song was written and composed by JAMOSA and JiN (N.O.S.P). The song's music video features JAMOSA singing in a tasteful hooded white outfit that shows off her assets, and also features flashbacks of her with her bf that she's missing, and honestly.....I'm MAD that this song is already out.

    RUNAWAY's score: 10.00

    This song was the first JAMOSA song I ever heard, and I fell in love with it from listen one. It's so smooth, the chorus is perfection, and I ADORE her voice. She's got such a unique tone, utilizes it incredibly well, writes all her own music AND lyrics, and she's fucking GORGEOUS. Gal is living it up in San Diego now, still rocking the red locks, and living her best life, and honestly good for her! After having her career mis-managed for 8 years, the good sis deserves to just put her feet up and go to the beach every day. This elimination is a CHOICE and a disgrace tbh.

    evilsin's score: 8.00

    evilsin’s butthurt corner: This one might be on a simpler side, but that piano is so chic and classy it automatically elevates the song. I think MISSIN’ U could have used a feature since that chorus can’t do all the lifting itself, still JAMOSA sounds lovely and the little variations she throws here and there are great. I especially like the ending after 3 choruses back to back.

    Again, no one left any commentary on the song, so......whatever. I guess I'll share this fight I found in the comments of, my favourite place to find messy material I can use for underrated artists:

    Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 19.33.33.png
    Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 19.33.40.png
    Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 19.33.51.png

    RUNAWAY's recommendation:

    evilsin's recommendation:

    Next up, we continue to lose extras....
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  7. A banger!

    Last edited: May 28, 2022
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  8. Despite JAMOSA being almost out, I hope some of you got intrigued by her and will look for her music on your own accord. She's too talented to be left in obscurity.
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  9. fhdhdjjd am I gonna be among the lowest scores the whole rate????

    Sorry for this song, but it got on my nerves and still does it today!
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  10. Ugh...

    anata no egao wo zutto dakishimetai

    melody. / see you...

    average: 7.291

    highest scorers:

    10.00 @evilsin
    9.50 @RUNAWAY
    8.00 @soratami

    lowest scorers:
    4.00 @Trinu 3.0
    5.50 @Macsun
    6.75 @odyism

    highest placement: #45 [TIE]
    lowest placement: #77

    And we're back to slaughtering melody.'s songs. see you... is melody.'s seventh single overal and the third and the last one for her second studio album Be as one. As with Lovin' U the lyrics were written by melody. and H.U.B, while the music was composed by Taku Takahashi of m-flo and melody. herself. I can see Taku doing this one for melody. as a nod for her participation in m-flo's miss you. The Japanese artists like to reciprocate when it comes to collaboration as far as I noticed. Lyrically the song speaks of the everlasting feelings of love with a hint of sadness as if the other person isn't in one's life anymore. It reached #19 on the Oricon charts and charted for 5 weeks, selling 13,070 copies.

    evilsin's score: 10.00

    evilsin's butthurt corner: How in the fresh hell is this perfect song is out already? Y'all are weird. This is simply sublime. Taku's glitchy production is so good with those simple strings and acoutic guitar, it all merges so nicely together. And melody.'s effortless vocals once again soar in those gorgeous melodies, so I this close to just ignore this elimination altogether. Like... how can you even give anything lower than a 7 to that chorus?

    RUNAWAY's score: 9.50

    RUNAWAY's thoughts: this song is just so smooth with the perfection that is the chorus mixed with melody’s flaw-free vocals. I just love singing along to her songs, and I adore the fact that she mixes Japanese and English so perfectly. Her music is just so underrated, and I’m pissed that she’s doing so badly here. I’m honestly shook that this song is in the bottom 10, but I guess I should just be happy with the 7+ average it received.

    No commentary? Figures, you heathens can't even make your mouths say anything about this amazing song.

    evilsin's recommendation:

    RUNAWAY's recommendation:

    Will JAMOSA and melody. finally catch a break with the next elimination?
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  11. [​IMG]
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I really should've given this a ten.....honestly seeing all these melody. songs leave so early actually hurts.
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    I don't want to do this AGAIN.

    ai wo motto...kono kimochi wa in me

    melody. / Believe me

    average: 7.312

    highest scorers:
    10.00 @soratami, @RUNAWAY
    9.00 @evilsin
    8.00 @Ana Raquel, @Remorque

    lowest scorers:
    4.00 @Macsun
    5.00 @lalaclairi_
    6.00 @cookiedough

    highest placement: #1 [TIE]
    lowest placement: #76

    Believe me is melody.'s fourth overall single, and was released on June 9th, 2004 in two versions, Japanese and English. The song's lyrics were written by melody. herself for both languages, and co-written with MIZUE for the Japanese version, while the music was composed by Sumida Shinya, and arranged by Kawano Kei. The single was a moderate success, with the Japanese version peaking at #16 on the Oricon charts with 17,539 copies sold, and the English version charting at #30 selling 11,950 copies.

    RUNAWAY's score: 10.00

    RUNAWAY's thoughts: This is my favorite melody. song in the ENTIRE rate and....we're eliminating it in the bottom ten. And melody. is now the first diva to lose 3 of her songs....out of 5. She's also the first diva to lose a song that at one point was in the top ten, with Believe me ranking tied at the number one spot at....the two voter mark. Now you don't have to believe me but Believe me when I say that I'm pissed at this elimination....I just don't even have the words to express how saddened I am that this fantastic song is ALREADY out...

    evilsin's score: 9.00

    evilsin’s butthurt corner: How is this out!? Okay, okay, I said that I will keep this type of rant for my 10s, but still! I always found this song to be the highlight of melody.’s career, so seeing it go so soon is really weird. Both guitars here are amazing, especially when they are backing melody.’s vocals. The whole song has amazing memorable melodies and I’m really surprised that this single didn’t appear on Be as one. Wonder what was the decision behind its exclusion. At least it appeared on the eventual best. Oh yeah and the English version is kinda… iffy and maybe a little half-baked? Or maybe I got too used to the Japanese one, although the whole idea of releasing the single in two editions with different languages was pretty neat.

    Macsun (4) “WTF is this MV?! yes just lay and pose on the burning car while my younger self stays unbothered reading Voge magazines. But that doesn't take the cake! The lousy music production and uninspired vocals covering a BAD Hilary tween song made my eyes roll back to hell.”

    RUNAWAY's recommendation:

    evilsin's recommendation:

    melody. finally gets a break with the next elimination, but another extra diva takes her first hit instead....
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  14. I mean what else is there to say…
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  15. Say you're sorry!!!
  16. Of the Melody songs in this rate, See You and Believe Me are my favorites. I expected them to be the Melody songs to go the furthest.

    Context is important for me, so See You would get a 9/10 if this was a Melody exclusive discography rate from me. But when I compare it to my contenders for an 11, or my other songs that would get a 7+ rating it didn't stack up. I love hearing singers from the mflo loves projects collaborate again but on their own solo material. I think each of the members of m-flo just understand music and what can make a collaborator really soar! They tend to have so many discography highlights whether it's Lisa producing a Koda Kumi song, Taku producing for Crystal Kay, Verbal producing for BoA, etc.

    Believe Me is another highlight in the context of Melody's discography. It has the right amount of edge, and I like that she is pushing her voice to not be as 100% smooth or even. There is almost a wobbliness/unsteadiness to her voice that's nice to hear from her. Unfortunately, I don't think this song belongs in a J-r&b divas rate, and I would gladly trade it out for more songs from someone like AI. I just think it's too far removed from r&b (even in the context of Japan).
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Yeah to be honest, we just wanted to give some more variety to the rate by including the extras, but so's blowing up in our faces ddddd.

    Also the next elimination is coming soon! Can we get to the next page pleek?
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  18. I kinda agree, but I always thought that the base elements of "Believe Me" were quite R'n'B-centric. The only thing that distinguishes it is the rockier guitar in the chorus. If you changed that guitar to some other instrument, the song would've been pretty R'n'B.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

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