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The J-R&B Divas Rate! - #22 - *Katya voice* "Let's be bad!"

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RUNAWAY, Apr 12, 2022.

  1. Ouch.

    My heart was almost broken with a fuckin' sorrow, fuckin' sorrow


    JASMINE / sad to say

    average: 7.863

    highest scorers:
    10.00 @RUNAWAY
    9.00 @berserkboi, @evilsin
    8.50 @Applause

    lowest scorers:
    6.00 @Macsun, @Trinu 3.0
    6.75 @odyism
    7.00 @masahiro, @Crisp X, @Ana Raquel

    highest placement: #35 [TIE]
    lowest placement: #65

    sad to say is JASMINE's debut single and, thus, the first to be released for her debut album GOLD. The song was written by JASMINE and Jeff Miyahara (a very prolific pop producer) and produced by the two and Atsushi (several songs for Aoi Eir). If you couldn't guess from the English in the lyrics, this one is about a break-up. And a bad one at that. As we said in our post for JASMINE, the song first was sent to radio in somewhat unfinished state due to how impressed with it the execs were. The single reached #10 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 13 weeks and sold 31,217 copies. It also has been certified Platinum for Chaku Uta Full downloads of over 250,000.

    evilsin's score: 9.00

    evilsin's butthurt corner: Now this one brings me back to the summer of 2009. I remember that people were pretty excited about this release and JASMINE in general. I listened to the full single at my friend's house and she liked it quite a bit as well. Too bad we're not on talking terms anymore... Oh, well. Damn, that profanity in the lyrics does strike a cord, doesn't it? Especially when you don't really hear it that much in Japanese music. Apart from fucking sorrow, we also have kuso (shit) and chikushou (also shit) here. Lovely. Thinking now I think I should have given this a 10, but I guess my one extra score wouldn't do much of a change with this going up only a couple of places. I adore the verses here, they are so dynamic and engaging, not to mention the stellar emotional delivery from JASMINE. It really does sound like she's telling that person to get the fuck out even if she does say that it's been dreadful without them in the chorus.

    RUNAWAY's score: 10.00

    RUNAWAY's thoughts: this song was my other top JASMINE song in and it gets eliminated right after my other fave….but anyway I have a long history with this song. As it was her debut, I got to know JASMINE right from the beginning and I was immediately taken with her voice and lyrics upon my first listen of this song, and it still resonates with me now. It's so sad but so meaningful….WHAT A DEBUT.

    @berserkboi (9) "Very pretty song!"

    evilsin's recommendation:

    RUNAWAY's recommendation:

    Yes, let's post both b-sides to another single of hers, dddd.

    It's like we're going in circles at this point.
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  2. Jasmine was one of my discoveries from this rate. I am not too mad at her overall score for this song, nobody gave it a failing mark! I need to count my blessings given the nauseating taste displayed so far.

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    #62 will be coming tomorrow night. @evilsin and I are both going through it at the moment and it's put a halt on eliminations this week.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    The way I keep losing!

    every time I see your face odoru you ni agaru kodou

    Miliyah Kato / My life

    average: 7.700

    highest scorers:
    10.00 @Applause
    9.75 @RUNAWAY
    8.50 @berserkboi, @evilsin

    lowest scorers:
    5.00 @Trinu 3.0
    6.50 @odyism
    6.75 @cookiedough

    highest placement: #22 [TIE]
    lowest placement: #62

    Live reaction of me seeing another Trinu low score:

    My life is the fifth track from Miliyah's debut album Rose, released October 26th, 2005. The track was written and composed by Miliyah herself, with OCTOPUSSY (no jokes please) doing the arrangement. Lyrically, the song is about finding your way in the world, with Miliyah singing about wanting to be understood and trying to be brave and not to cry. At least lyrically, I relate this song a lot with melody.'s Finding My Road (which I highly recommend). I don't believe the song has ever been performed live, or at least if it has, it wasn't recorded. Miliyah had a live concert supporting the Rose album, but only the performance of STAR has ever been released, and only in shit quality on the Diamond Princess tour DVD.

    RUNAWAY's score: 9.75

    RUNAWAY's thoughts: Fucking fuck Miliyah is down to only 6 songs now while everyone else except JASMINE still has ALL their entries....I honestly thought Miliyah was a bit more liked on here but I guess I was wrong. This was another one of my beloved songs that I pushed for to be included in the songlist for the rate, edging out singles like Beautiful, Eyes on you and Sotsugyou. No idea how those songs would fare in this song's place, but just thought I'd put that out there. I've always connected with this song and find it so lovely how nice and easy breezy it is (no Utada Hikaru reference intended), and it's just one of those songs that I love to sing along to and it always makes me smile <3

    evilsin's score: 8.50

    evilsin's butthurt corner: @RUNAWAY championed for this one to be included in the rate over other songs, and I can see why. It has a lovely peppy energy with those blips and bloops and shimmers that go nicely with the 90s and early 2000s R’n’B influences. It might not be as high up there as some singles from this era, but it is a pretty solid album track. And despite having some adolescent vocals due to the time of release, it still shows what a great vocalist Miliyah was even in her early days.

    berserkboi (8.5) "Lovely stuff!”

    RUNAWAY's recommendation:

    evilsin's recommendation:

    Up next.....another diva loses her first song, and @evilsin will be taking the reins for a bit <3
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  6. Yeah, definitely didn't expect Miliyah to be the first main girl to lose so many songs either.

  7. Let me rock your world to the left / I cross over border to border, baby


    LISA / i'm all you

    average: 7.708

    highest scorers:

    9.25 @RUNAWAY
    9.00 @FunkyButChic
    8.50 @cookiedough, @evilsin

    lowest scorers:

    5.50 @Trinu 3.0
    5.75 @odyism
    7.00 @Ana Raquel

    highest placement: #45 [TIE]
    lowest placement: #70 [TIE]

    Dddd, not another lowest score from @Trinu 3.0. i'm all you is LISA's third solo single released after leaving m-flo and the seventh solo one overall. It would later find its place on her debut album JUICY MUSIC. The track was written and produced by LISA herself with Yamaki Ryuichiro (Amuro Namie's Can You Feel This Love) helming the arrangement. The song speaks of love, what else? The one that makes you think of the person all the time. The single reached #26 on the weekly Oricon chart, and stayed on the chart for a total of five weeks. A total of 15,804 copies was sold.

    evilsin's score: 8.50

    evilsin's butthurt corner: I kinda knew this one was going to be the first one of LISA's to go, but I'm happy that we're almost 20 songs in before she lost any. I like this quite a bit, still somehow I usually don't go straight to it, so I think I should have gone for some other song instead, like "My Dearest" maybe, when we were thinking ove the songlist with @RUNAWAY. Anyhow, this is lovely. I do appreciate how LISA is her own MC sometimes and we have that duoligy of her voice in the hook. The chorus and the post-chorus bring some nice harmonies that sounds so good with LISA's voice and the melodies are pretty tight. I'm just happy that due to this rate at least 14 more people know of LISA now.

    RUNAWAY's score: 9.25

    RUNAWAY's thoughts: This song is such a fun little vibe, but I’m not terribly mad about it going this early. I like LISA’s other 3 songs much more, and I’m kind of like…..totally fine about this song going now.

    cookiedough said: (8,50) "I’ve loved LISA’s sound ever since I discovered it on Koda Kumi’s grow into one album. This is lush and vibey in the best way."

    I swear there was a live performance from Music Station a couple of weeks ago, but now it's gone... shouldn't have watched it before the elimination!

    evilsin's recommendation:

    RUNAWAY's recommendation:

    One of my all time favorite songs is leaving us next and, honestly... I'm devastated.
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  8. Y’all will pay for your crimes against Miliyah.

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  9. [​IMG]

    Not me surviving the Ayu vs Kuu vs Namie vs Utada stan wars of yesteryear (rip jpopmusic forrem) to have my evil origin story with Miliyah dhdjjdjfjf

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  10. And here is out Top60!

    BENI (10/10)
    Kiss Kiss Kiss
    bye bye
    See U Again
    First Time
    Crystal Kay (10/10)

    Ex-Boyfriend feat. VERBAL (m-flo)
    think of U
    hard to say
    Boyfriend -part II-
    I Know
    DOUBLE (10/10)

    handle feat. F.O.H.
    You Got To
    Who’s That Girl
    Call Me
    残り火 -eternal BED-
    JASMINE (8/10)

    dear my friend

    Best Partner
    Miliyah Kato (6/10)

    Last Summer
    最後の I LOVE YOU
    AI (1/3)

    I Wanna Know
    Aoyama Thelma (3/3)

    そばにいるね feat. SoulJa
    Lonely Angel
    ARIA (2/3)

    BRIGHT (4/5)

    BAD GIRL feat. SKY-HI (AAA)
    JAMOSA (0/3)

    LISA (3/4)

    So Beautiful
    It's On
    melody. (0/5)

    YU-A (3/4)

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  11. The taste jumped OUT! This is one of my all-time favourites from LISA.

    From the same album, I highly recommend checking out "bootylectric" - total bop with an insane beat in which LISA demands you pop your "wet pussylectric" on the dancefloor. Absolute anthem.

  12. [​IMG]

    Kimi no koto itsudemo omotteru noni (I said I love you)
    sunao ni narenakute (I said I love you)


    BRIGHT / 言葉にできなくて

    average: 7.791

    highest scorers:
    10.00 @Ana Raquel, @evilsin
    8.75 @RUNAWAY
    8.50 @lalaclairi_, @Crisp X, @Macsun

    lowest scorers:

    4.00 @Trinu 3.0
    6.00 @soratami
    6.75 @odyism

    highest placement: #59 [TIE]
    lowest placement: #78 [TIE]

    Hey, @Trinu 3.0, put you location up, I just wanna talk. Kotoba ni Dekinakute is BRIGHT's fourth single and the first one for their second studio album Real. It was coupled with Shining Butterfly as the second a-side. The lyrics were written by Matsuo Kiyoshi (a legend! DOUBLE's BED, for example) with the music done by U-key zone (the majority of the amazing Kuroki Meisa discography). The title roughly translates to "Can't Put Into Words" and the song talks about how sometimes you can't express your feeling for someone with mere words. The single reached #64 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for one week, selling 1,381 copies (the utter lack of taste from the Japanese public).

    evilsin's score: 10.00

    evilsin's butthurt corner: I will use any opportunity I have to talk about the genius of U-Key zone. This guy's ear for unusual sounds and arrangements that he puts in his songs is something else. On paper many of his tracks go the usual mid-tempo R'n'B way with a splash of electronica, but where it goes off the beaten path is in the instrumentation. U-Key zone is so gentle and sublime with his sounds, I don't even know how to describe it, really. His penchant for unique sounding bits and samples make his work instantly recognizable and over the years he became one of my all time favorite producers, especially since he managed to produce for so many acts that I love (Koda Kumi's No Way, Amuro Namie's Meaning of Us, Miura Daichi's The Answer, BoA's Neko Love and many many more). His work with BRIGHT is no exception when it comes to quality. Kotoba ni Dekinakute is superbly produced and I can never get enough of it, when I listen to it. Another major detail of U-Key zone produced songs is that they tend to have some heavy harmonies especially by the end of the song. As we can all see here, the girls delivered the tightest harmonies to tug on those heartstrings of ours. The sparse, deceitfully minimalistic arrangement works perfectly with those lush vocals and the end result is most definitely one of my all time favorite songs. Too bad that apparently U-Key zone's genius is too hard to comprehend by some.

    RUNAWAY's score: 8.75

    RUNAWAY's thoughts: This is my least favorite BRIGHT song here too and another one I’m kind of okay with going now. I love the vocals (of course DUH) but I’ve just never really fully connected with this one like I know evilsin has.

    Look at them do choreography to this mid-tempo number!

    evilsin's recommendation:

    Another U-Key zone bop!

    RUNAWAY's recommendation:

    Would you look at that, next up we have yet another tie! And both of the act in it have already lost songs. I wonder...
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  13. okay this one is vile AND evil
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  14. I think of all the songs I rated, this entry from Bright is one where I would go back and raise my score closer to an 8!

    The chorus is really infectious and despite the song n it being groundbreaking by any means, it’s made well and I appreciate that in this song you can hear their harmonies and vocal delivery really nicely.

    My original commentary was
    “This song lands somewhere between a BoA album cut and a very standard midtempo Daisuke imai production.

    I appreciate the progressions and how the parts are dolled out. And there is some lovely layerings and strong harmonies.”

    I think I stand by that commentary, and I actually think one of the vocalists tones reminds me of BoA in some moments (something about the balance of air, nasality, and how the voice can be piercing but in a sweet way?). Either way all these factors would push the song closer to a 7 or 8 after I have spent more time with it.
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  15. 'onegai soba ni ite, ima sugu kiete.'

    YU-A / そばにいて、すぐ消えて

    average: 7.812 [TIE]

    highest scorers:
    10.00 @evilsin
    9.50 @RUNAWAY

    9.00 @lalaclairi_

    lowest scorers:
    6.00 @odyism

    6.50 @Ana Raquel
    7.00 @Remorque, @cookiedough, @FunkyButChic, @soratami

    highest placement: #33 [TIE]
    lowest placement: #66

    Soba ni Ite, Sugu Kiete. is YU-A's third single and the first from her sophomore studio album 2 GIRLS. It was written by YU-A and produced by 3rd Productions, just like Aitai... The title can be translated to "By My Side, Gone At Once" and the lyrics of the song, again, from what I can gather, are about a dwindling relationships that are destined to end. The single reached #32 on the Oricon weekly charts, charted for 3 weeks and sold 3,494 copies.

    evilsin's score: 10.00

    evilsin's butthurt corner: Okay, okay, okay, I can see how this doesn't go any further. No, really, I do, since the 10 I gave it wasn't the score that I would've given it if we were to rate it at the time of the release. Soba ni Ite, Sugu Kiete. had a lot of potential and with time I finally caught up to it... or maybe it beat me into submission, however you want to put it. I always liked it, but at first it was deginitely more like an 8. That aside, the track delivers another emotional performance by YU-A with a nicely tuned climax similar to Aitai... I would say that I prefer Aitai... over this, since it has a more adventureous structure, still both songs are made from the same cloth and are basically sisters, so I'm glad that this made it as far as it could.

    RUNAWAY's score: 9.50

    RUNAWAY's thoughts: Damn, this song is fucking great and we’re eliminating it at FIFTY EIGHT……but anyway, YU-A’s vocals are stunning as usual and I ADORE the chorus and her beautiful lyricism make it even better.

    Macsun (8.75) said "yassss where's my lighter binch?!"

    evilsin's recommendation:

    RUNAWAY's recommendation:

    So who is in this tie with YU-A?
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  16. Tindaya (Fuerteventura).

    Come milk some goats while I blast Morning Musume!
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  17. Is that a euphemism?
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  18. Dddd, not the fifth elimination on one page. Y'all been slacking on the discussion.

    I'm not gonna say good bye


    average: 7,812 [TIE]

    highest scorers:

    10.00 @RUNAWAY
    9.00 @Crisp X, @lalaclairi_
    8.50 @Ana Raquel, @evilsin

    lowest scorers:
    5.75 @odyism
    6.00 @Trinu 3.0
    7.00 @soratami, @Remorque

    highest placement: #43 [TIE]
    lowest placement: #67

    After 20 eliminations ARIA loses another track. NOT OVER is ARIA's fifth single (nineth overall if you count singles released under the name Asuka) and the second released before her second (or fourth, dddd) studio album, THE JUKEBOX. The song was written by ARIA, HOKT and BIG RON and produced by ARIA. It's an uplifting type of song that carries the message that tomorrow is oging to be a better day. The single reached #106 on the Oricon charts, and charted for two weeks.

    evilsin's score: 8.50

    evilsin's butthurt corner: This is a cool souding song. The chorus melody is lovely and the overall vibe with two features doesn't go the saccharine route as many songs that try to uplift do. As I'm not rapper-phobic, the features don't take away from the song for me, so I can enjoy it quite alright, although in this particular case it does kinda feel like there isn't enough ARIA on her own song, so that probably why I couldn't give it a higher score.

    RUNAWAY's score: 10.00

    RUNAWAY's thoughts: This song absolutely should’ve made top 40…..the chorus is just EVERYTHING and BIG RON’s voice melds so well with ARIA’s, but of course the fact there’s a male rapper most likely dragged scores down, so I guess I’ll just pretend to be happy with its placement.

    Macsun (8.75) said "ughh what happened. Things were going so well."

    evilsin's recommendation:

    What a fucking rush of a song!

    RUNAWAY's recommendation:

    A lady that hasn't lost any song yet takes the first hit next. Who could that be?
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    You hoes are wrong for this one.....
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  20. haven't heard count down before

    insert that that's a hit gif here
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