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The J-R&B Divas Rate! - #57-56

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RUNAWAY, Apr 12, 2022.

  1. I feel... seen.

    Time management has never been a friend of mine ddddd.
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  2. Genuine question without any shade: have you tried starting rating earlier?
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member



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  4. Yes, of course. But then things get side- or backtracked and they're put on hold.

    I'm a mess.
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  5. But you're our mess❤️
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  6. I am a little sad that I didn't get to rate the extras but my love life has been such a mess lately that I hardly had the mind for anything, which also means that I am fueled with vitriol to drag you heathens.

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  7. omg same

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  8. Well, I, for one, finally have something that can be called love life, but my commentary would be quite unhinged, because some of those scores... dddd. Y'all better watch out.
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  9. I'm so sorry, but unfortunately I had to give up when it comes to this rate at some point. Partly because I didn't make any greater discoveries among the first 20 songs and thought I probably wouldn't do them any justice, but mostly because my time management is very poor (hi @Remorque) and taking part in all these song contests and rates at once can get a bit too much for me.

    Similarly to a few previous rates I missed voting in, I'll catch up with the earlier write-ups and listen to each song during its elimination and make potential discoveries that way.
    Sorry once again - I'm looking forward to the results!

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Alright it's finally coming! Any guesses?!
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  11. I have no guesses, let me just sit back and enjoy the mess.

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    After about a month of voting, and 15 ballots later, our last placer can finally be unveiled....

    Surprising no one I'm sure.....

    zutto ai shite iru kara (alright! alright!)

    Miliyah Kato / LALALA feat.Wakadanna

    average: 6.966

    highest scorers:
    11.00 @berserkboi
    10.00 @RUNAWAY
    8.00 @evilsin

    lowest scorers:
    5.00 @Trinu 3.0, @Crisp X, @cookiedough
    6.00 @soratami, @lalaclairi_,
    6.50 @odyism, @Macsun

    highest placement: #77
    lowest placement: #80

    Released as the second single from Miliyah's third album TOKYO STAR, and Miliyah's 11th in total, LALALA is a R&B/reggae song with music & lyrics written by Miliyah, Wakadanna, and the super cool MINMI (a fellow Japanese hip-hop/reggae musician and ex-wife of Wakadanna). Clocking in at 7 minutes and 20 seconds, this is the longest song in the entire rate, and....I honestly love it. For the unaware, Wakadanna is a member of Japanese reggae band Shōnan no Kaze and....I would say for this forum, they'd be best known for providing songs for the Yakuza series of games. Some history of the song for ya, even though you all hated this song ddddddd. The song was originally supposed to feature MINMI instead (which probably would've been preferable to y'all), but for unknown reasons Wakadanna replaced her on the song. The double-A side single LALALA/FUTURECHECKA was a big success for Miliyah peaking at #7 on the Oricon charts, selling close to 50,000 copies and charting for 16 weeks. The song has also been certified platinum for selling over 250,000 full downloads so you know what? Good for her!

    RUNAWAY's score: 10.00

    So yeah um…...I’m the reason for this song being included in the rate in the first place, and I just wanna say sorry I guess. Subjecting you all to a 7+ minute song WITH a #mensvocals feature was absolutely CHAOTIC of me but to be honest I do live for the drama ;) I absolutely adore everything about this song and how much of a moment the chorus is. It’s truly euphoric to me, but I totally get why it’s not for everyone. I am pleasantly surprised though with berserkboi’s 11, and I’m glad the song at least touched one person’s heart fffffff.

    evilsin's score: 8.00

    evilsin's butthurt corner: Okay, I might love LOVERS part II a whole lot more than this, when it comes to Miliyah/Wakadanna collaborations, but this is still really good. The light reggae-esque beat and vibe is not that common and no matter what you say about the length, I don’t notice it. Guess I’m a power bottom, huh? Miliyah’s buttery vocals enveloped in the choir in the chorus are so good and the melodies are lovely enough to stay with my mind for a while. Shame on all of y’all once again.

    @berserkboi (11) “Okay - this life changing chorus has to be where my 11 goes! Males trying to wreck it or not ddd”

    @Macsun (6.5) “WTF I finished reading a couple of articles before this ended!”

    Also, we're going to do something different with the media section for these eliminations, since live performances by Japanese artists are....notoriously IMPOSSIBLE to find on Youtube. Instead, evilsin and I will be recommending another song by each eliminated artist that either wasn't included in the rate because it didn't fit the R&B genre, or for another reason.

    RUNAWAY's recommendation:

    evilsin's recommendation:

    Up next......more #mensvocals will leave us. Hope these eliminations are to everyone's liking! Please let us know if there's something else you'd like to see, and we'll see what we can do!
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  13. Me to the voters:

  14. Not an 11 already going ff but I can't deny that almost 7 average feels right.
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  15. Look at @RUNAWAY doing the goddamn thing!

    As for the eliminated song, at least it did almost get a 7+ average, which makes this rate overall pretty high in quality, so yay, I guess.
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  16. I gave LALALA a 7, which feels... right? It almost getting a 7.00 average too, so my basic ass taste is showing.

    The length of the song scared me at first, but I didn't notice it either? There's a lot of different parts to the song that complement each other.

    And can I just say... What an absolutely gorgeous woman Miliyah is?
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  17. And that her in her gyaru-sque phase before she became a snow princess, when she switch to a rather unique and eclectic style.

    Since we mentioned MINMI, we definitely need to acknowledge some of amazing songs.

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  18. An eleven leaving last feels so


    And this wasn't even one of the worst in the rate!
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