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The Janelle Monáe Rate: #18 'mix of excellence and creativity'

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BubblegumBoy, May 9, 2022.


Favourite Janelle Album?

  1. Metropolis: The Chase

  2. The Archandroid

  3. Electric Lady

  4. Dirty Computer

  1. Oh wow I was expecting to be very much the outlier in scoring this poorly. For me it's definitely a large part finding Grimes just insufferable but even before her relationship with Musk made her entire catalogue unlistenable to me I always found this track a bit annoying and exhaustingly repetitive. (and almost all of this applies to pynk too)
  2. Heroes, Hum Along and Dance and Pressure Off beating Venus Fly... ok
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  3. Venus Fly leaving is a shock. I didn't know any song by Grimes was ever going to be this divisive.
  4. This is definitely one of the shock eliminations for me as the scores came in. To be fair this is much more a Grimes song than a Janelle song. And it's nowhere near the best track on the album.

    @Sprockrooster just a heads up that the graphic doesn't show for me.
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  5. i-

    I nearly 11ed it
  6. I still saw it, but removed the 's' in https. Can you see it now?

    #49 (TIE)


    Pressure Off (Extra's - Features)

    Average score: 7.25

    Android Allies: 10 x 2 (@DJHazey / @Domino)

    Doing the Droids Dirty: 4 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)

    Host Score: 7.5

    Sprocky's score: 4.0

    Another song to do a write-up of I am not to fond off. Pressure Off is the first single from the 14th album from new wave band Duran Duran. Released in 2015 it was a bit off a trend-chasing sound. Janelle obviously shines bright in this song that otherwise would have been a bigger flop. Yes it did chart in some European countries, but never impacted anywhere. In the Duran Duran singles rate it ended up at #22 which is basically the halfway mark of that rate. So performing slightly better (average at 7.9 there), but nothing too impactful. I learned there in the comment section that apparently it was making some airwaves radio wise, but the lack of a video and released three months later when the song was already dead in the water did not help anymore.


    @DJHazey 10 // Sheezus, this reminds of a couple Alphabeat songs in the Danes Rate and they were all scoring very highly for me over there. So good, it’s obscene.


    #49 (TIE)

    © @ohnostalgia

    Make the Bus (The Archandroid)

    Average score: 7.26

    Android Allies: 10 x 2 (@Remyky22, @Attis)

    Doing the Droids Dirty: 2 x 1 (@DJHazey)

    Host Score: 9

    Sprocky's score: 8

    I adore this and feel like she completely snapped. The way Janelle plays with her vocals to make this a quirky standout one could bop too. It is the second loss for the Archandroid in this rate and it should not be this track quite frankly. The addition that Of Montreal is adding some funk and freakiness to this track making it outlier and something I appreciate a lot, but also makes it a bit more divisive. In the opening lines there is a reference to the legend Erykah Badu and her song Bag Lady as they both highlight a woman missing the bus due to issues. I love how Erykah Badu later joined Janelle on the track Q.U.E.E.N. It clearly was a case of being a fan from an artist first and working with them later. Something I feel like Janelle experienced more often (Prince) as she simply is that talented and those big names want to work with her as well.


    @DJHazey 2.0 // Toes the line between being dull and “what on God’s green Earth is this?”


  7. I do still like it, but Make The Bus is my least favourite song on The ArchAndroid. It's cool how it shows yet another side of the album and Janelle's artistry, but I think you have to be in the right mood to listen to it, otherwise it just comes off as a bit grating/annoying.
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  8. The two songs couldn't be more opposite ends of the spectrum for me sonically and were scored accordingly.
  9. Let me kick out two today so there is only one left to do tomorrow and then our gorgeous and fabulous host will take over again



    Heroes (Extra's - Solo's)

    Average score: 7.33

    Android Allies: 9 x 3 (@Attis / @Remorque / @Music Is Death)

    Doing the Droids Dirty: 5,5 x 1 (@DoggySwami)

    Host Score: 8.5

    Sprocky's score: 7.0

    For a song this huge I feel like Janelle actually does a quite serviceable job to this David Bowie classic. Nothing I would seek out to listen, but definitely something that grasps you while listening. The song was part of a compilation album pepsi made that probably has PJ shook as many faves are there. Santigold opens the album and literally kicks it into fast drive. Following is Rita Ora and then Janelle with Heroes that also served as the first single of this compilation album. Other singles were from Don Omar and R3Hab featuring Eva Simons. Pepsi always had quite the taste when it comes to picking out artists and great songwriters/producers and this is no exception.


    @DJHazey 6.5 // Doesn’t quite reach as high as it promises when it first comes on. Makes me want to put a thumb up and say "cool."

    @Stradiwhovius 6.0 // I can only give covers a maximum of 6 unless they really infuse themselves into reinterpreting a song sorry if this is anyones fave.




    Hum Along and Dance - Gotta Get Down (Extra's - Solo's)

    Average score: 7.41

    Android Allies: 10 x 2 (@Sprockrooster, @Music Is Death)

    Doing the Droids Dirty: 4.5 x 1 (@Stradiwhovius)

    Host Score: 8.5

    Sprocky's score: 10

    Speaking of lit albums with various artist. The soundtrack to the Baz Luhrmann series is absolutely lit. The series features the origination of hiphop and disco in New York and all the social developments that pair with that (racism / homophobia / housing). We follow a boy and girl that dip their toes in these new musical genres, but face backlash from their direct environment. The series capsules the zeitgeist very well and focuses on the rise of graffiti as well. Janelle is the perfect fit for being part of that exact soundtrack and a series that combines several art forms. This track wasn't always the first clear standout, but it did grow on me. Aside from Janelle the soundtracks also features new songs by Miguel, Zayn, Michael Kiwanuka and Christina Aguilera. The latter provided Telepathy that got spotlight in the series in an underground drag bar. On the soundtrack there are also tracks by the actors and mixed with hits from that era such as Donna Summer.


    @DJHazey 5.0 // I will take a stab in the dark and say this soundtrack involTves a period-piece on the rise of funk, based on the soundscape I am hearing. I guess it hits that objective nicely at least.

    @Stradiwhovius 4.5 // I hummed along. I danced. I was. Not un-entertained.


    There are only 3 extra's left now (Lettin' Go, Yoga and Do My Thing) so we are bound to get back to albums again quickly. And tomorrow the extra's will be safe.
  10. Both meh songs that beat out far better in the extras department.

    The only Don Omar song I know and love is something I heard in a video game once and it grew on me. Now it's kind of a unicorn song amongst my favorites. (Since his name was mentioned in the writeup)

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  11. Well... all three went within the next four eliminations so guess I can't complain too much dd
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  12. #46

    © @ohnostalgia

    Mushrooms & Roses (The Archandroid)

    Average score: 7.54

    Android Allies: 10 x 2 (@Remyky22, @clowezra)

    Doing the Droids Dirty: 5 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)

    Host Score: 9.5

    Sprocky's score: 5

    My lowest score and only 5 for the Archandroid exits as third loss for the album. I do not hate Mushroom & Roses, but it is a bit too all over the place for me. Loving the guitar bits, but the repetitive vocal sections is getting too quirky for me and drag the song a bit. One of the things I absolutely adore is how the production embodies the futuristic sound this concept album sets out in it's lyrics and message. When I researched this track at Genius I came accross a tidbit I didn't know and adds another layer. I already knew the drug references, but there is also another one. They both refer to the opposite genitalia whereas mushrooms can refer to a penis (I knew that) and a rose to a vagina (didn't know that #gay) making it a precursor in some sorts to the later Pynk. That extra layer embodies the overall message for welcoming everyone this track sets out to do. I guess this means on further inspection I do love this track more than I thought and in a future rate I will have no sub-six scores for her debut album. The talent.


    @DJHazey 7.0 // Let me tell you, I was ready to write it off at first, considering the vocals. Yet over time, it reveals itself to be an incredibly interesting mood-piece at the very least. Extremely psychedelic with guitar solos that remind you of Hendrix or something.


    It was fun to host for a few tracks again. But tomorrow I will leave you again in the very capable hands of our lovely host!
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  13. Really cool song but not upset to see it go. Giggling at @Sprockrooster not knowing the rose reference.
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  14. Call The Law would have been my 11, definitely my most played Janelle song. It leaving before something as shit as Make The Bus is just wrong but I know extras always have a hard time surviving rates.
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  15. I'm back! Thanks so much to @Sprockrooster for taking over eliminations whilst I was away. We are quickly approaching the top 40...



    It’s Code (The Electric Lady)

    Average score: 7.65

    Android Allies: 9 x 2 (@Attis, @Music Is Death) 8.75 x 1 (@TéléDex)

    Doing the Droids Dirty: 6 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)

    Host Score & Commentary: 8 'This is a cute number but gets a bit drowned out by the rest of the album I think'

    ‘It’s Code’ is the first full track of Suite V and track 12 on ‘The Electric Lady’. The track is written with regular collaborators; Robinson, Irvin III and Joseph II who worked on most the album with Janelle.

    This smooth and funky song is reminiscent of the seventies. The track sees Cindi hitting a new low, on the run from bounty hunters and finding out that Anthony Greendown has found someone else.


    @DJHazey 8 // This is like an old school Motown R&B love track that low-key pops off.




    Dirty Computer ft. Brian Wilson (Dirty Computer)

    Average score: 7.68

    Android Allies: 10 x 2 (@godspeed, @Remorque) 9.5 x 1 (@Music Is Death)

    Doing the Droids Dirty: 4 x 1 (@DJHazey) 5 x 1 (@Stradiwhovius)

    Host Score & Commentary: 8 'I really like this as an intro piece and the harmonies are pretty great, could have been formed into a full song perhaps?'

    ‘Dirty Computer’ is the opening track to the album of the same name. The track features harmonizing vocals from Brian Wilson, one of the chief songwriters for the Beach Boys as well as working with many other artists in his career. Wilson is one of several music legends to make an appearance on the album, with Prince and Stevie Wonder also make contributions. The track swiftly introduces us to the idea of a ‘Dirty Computer’ and the themes behind the album.


    @DJHazey 4 // Kind of a blah intro-track, even Janelle’s voice sounds bored.


  16. Love both tracks. Sad to see them go, specially It's Code.
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  17. It's Code is a nice retro moment and Dirty Computer is just like any other intro/interlude. I'll never give any of them good scores because to me they're not long enough to be considered songs to be enjoyed like a song would be.
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  18. Dirty Computer is so lush, hurts to see it go. By 2022 standards it's a full song anyway!
  19. #43


    Mr. President (Metropolis: The Chase Suite)

    Average score: 7.72

    Android Allies: 10 x 1 (@Sprockrooster) 9 x 1 (@Music Is Death)

    Doing the Droids Dirty: 6.5 x 2 (@clowezra, @godspeed)

    Host Score & Commentary: 8 'I love the message behind this song but also find the song a bit grating at points'

    ‘Mr. President’ was included in the Special Edition of ‘Metropolis: The Chase Suite’. The song is a direct address to the leaders of our world, particularly the president of the USA. The song raises issues such as the decrease of value of the US dollar as well as poverty and famine.


    @Sprockrooster: 10 // This song is what Pink intended to do with Dear Mr. President, but failed a bit with. The hearfelt anger is dripping through and through and makes it an undeniable classic.

    @DJHazey 8.5 // The opening verse and 2022, whew. Talk about being ahead of its time lyrically. Boppy enough to groove along to the crumbling economic situation.




    Can’t Live Without Your Love (The Electric Lady)

    Average score: 7.73

    Android Allies: 10 x 2 (@clowezra, @odyism)

    Doing the Droids Dirty: 5.5 x 1 (@Stradiwhovius) 6 x 3 (@Sprockrooster, @DJHazey, @Phonetics Girl)

    Host Score & Commentary: 7.5 ‘It’s a cute number but doesn’t stand out on the album’

    According to the album’s notes, this song is about ‘Cindi's truest autobiographical feelings about her dangerous love affair with Anthony Greendown.’ The song is a heartfelt confession and one of the most sombre songs on the album.


    @DJHazey 6 // It’s decent, but there’s nothing about it that screams “you can’t live without me”.

    @clowezra 10 // Completely sublime, whew.

    @DoggySwami 8.5 // This song is incredibly lush. Her rhythm is so nonchalant and perfect.


  20. Can't Live Without Your Love is gorgeous.
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