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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by PeachPie, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Hello, feel free to discuss anything related to the judges (Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh) here.

    I just saw this on twitter and thought it was interesting:

    Jamesinrehab on twitter (from the Daily Star and someone who frequents the xtra factor shows and live shows sometimes and knows people on the show) has tweeted that Cheryl is being a bit of a diva behind the scenes at x-factor.

    Do you think its true? I think it very well could be.
  2. So, you'd ran out of threads to post this in, and therefore created a new one to continue? Amazing...
  3. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    I think Louis is the biggest diva, generally.
  4. Have to agree with that. Some of the interviews with him have been outright annoying. "I see the talent that Simon doesn't. I see people's potential" - oh shut up, you twit.
  5. Cheryl Cole is a twat when on the X factor for some reason. I can't stand her, possibly because she sucks up to simon unlike the other two, and because simon wants to fuck her like mad.

    Her annoyingness was confirmed when she inanely said to Lucie:

  6. Pfft, Simon's in the closet.
  7. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Simon - 6/10
    Talked crap for most of it, and also produced the biggest fail of the night in completely missing the fact that John's song was #1 in the US for the most weeks ever. Also contradicted himself on many occasions re. 'originality'.

    Cheryl - 2/10
    I have no idea why she was behaving so vapidly and she gave some of the dumbest comments e.g. GarGar and Earthy. The tan was a bad idea and I disliked her contradicting Dannii half the time. All her acts were mediocre, if not fail (read: Fakie, but not TreyC!).

    Dannii - 7/10
    Liked the fashion sense, and her reaction to VAGNER was hilarious but she did mess up with Nicolo a LOT. Aiden was one of the best of the night though. Paije... meh.

    Louis - 9/10
    Hilarious. "It's not all about you, Cheryl!" was one of the best comebacks ever and finally Cheryl was put in her place. Also produced one of the best acts of the night, i.e. TESCO MARY!
  8. Some of Simon's comments were just ridiculous. I hope he felt like a twat when he realised how wrong he was about One Sweet Day. And as much as I love Katie, him saying she was original was totally wrong. Her first audition she was a Madonna clone and then last night was obviously ripped off from GaGa.

    Some of Cheryl's comments were so random too. 'You're a scouser and I like them'/ 'When I think of you, I imagine you painting a skirting board, whistling along to the radio.' What are they meant to take from that haha. It was funny though.
  9. Louis "It's not all about you Cheryl" is the best judges moment of the night!
  10. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I cheered. It was definitely one of Louis' best moments in the show's history.
  11. 'I like Scousers'
    'Gar Gar'
    'I can imagine you painting a skirting board. whistling'

    They might as well just replace Cheryl with a blow-up doll and play the theme tune to the Magic Roundabout whenever a comment is needed from her.

    I haven't listened to anything Simon has said for years. Everything is the 'best ever' or 'worst ever' or 'current' or 'relevant' or 'this is what this competition is all about'. Dannii and Louis, despite being tuned to the moon half the time, are the only ones who make actual comments that are remotely relevant to what they've just watched. And even then, they're fairly brain-dead.
  12. The Judges incompetence at judging the competition is part of the show's charm I find. I find myself just saying "WHAT!?" to myself on occasion and I wouldn't have it any other way. Half their comments hold very little relevance to the contestant's performance.
  13. Totally. If Simon is so concerned about what is current or relevant, why is his supposed 'judge's expert' a woman whose last major hit was TWENTY years ago?

    I lost count of the number of times Louis said "you made it your own" or misused the word "diva". Anyone who was playing an X Factor drinking game on Saturday night probably spent Sunday having their stomach pumped in hospital.
  14. I just had to suppress some serious giggles in work because of this! Honest to God, NEVER has she come across so vapid and disconnected. She was like an Absolutely Fabulous character but without the sense of irony, banging on like some hippy-dippy rich bitch on new age meds!

    Simon was, as always, obsessed with relevance to a cringe-inducing degree, that Robert Pattinson comment about Aiden reeked of naff uncle trying to be down with the kids.

    As far as Louis was concerned EVERYONE made that song their own and it was EVERYBODY's moment to be 'the next big boyband/girl group/male popstar in music'.

    Dannii was generally constructive but a bit bland, all told. I don't really remember anything specific she said, aside from that random 'Blackpool, turn the lights on!" comment.
  15. Something is off with all of the judges this year. I give the benefit of doubt to Dannii cause she is a new mother and probably doesn't have a consistent sleep pattern, is busy with the baby etc etc... but there was no excuse for Simon's lavish praise of EVERYONE and Cheryl's general thickness. I've never liked Cheryl as judge but she's normally just about bearable. But I seriously don't know what was up with her on Saturday, she just seemed to.... weird. Her comments just made no sense. I think she must be feeling the heat of the media's humbling of her.
  16. Am I the only one who notice that the producers provide the judges with a "proposed script" and it's up to the judges to improvise on the spot? I think Cheryl and Simon in particular seem to rely on the scrip a lot more than Louis and Dannii. Cheryl is not very subtle when looking down at her script and Simon too.
  17. Well if they are scripted then they really need to get some new writers.
  18. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Yeah, Cheryl makes it so obvious. Especially when she is literally speechless.
  19. That is one of my favourite Dannii comments ever, just for how ridiculous it was.
  20. I didn't think that was random at all. Have you not heard of the Blackpool illuminations?
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