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The Jurassic Park Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Hudweiser, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. It looks so fucking good.
  2. That veggiesaurus near the start needs to not die or suffer in any way. I'm still not over that scene in the last one.

    Glad dipho... dilphur... umbrellasaurus is back.
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  3. World War DinoZ

    Looks fun at least
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  4. Wait this looks outrageous
  5. Intrigued as to how the Raptors got to Malta!!
  6. I think the dinosaur auction implies many nefarious types all around the world now have access to dino tech.
  7. Can somebody remind me how the dinosaurs got loose and are living amongst normal society? I can't remember the last film at all.
  8. The little girl with the Dino DNA pressed the Big! Red! Button! and let them all out. In some sort of Dino DNA act of solidarity.
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  9. I don’t think she had any dinosaur DNA? She was just a clone of her “mother.”
  10. Considering they've had babies n' stuff, guessing this one's going to be set some years later?
  11. I knew that sounded mad as I was typing it. Clone solidarity then.....
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  12. Sam Neill is such a hot daddy. The man is 74!! He's actually got better with age.

    Film looks good btw. It's nice to see them in a different setting in the snowy place.

    She is in this one, isn’t she?

    (haven’t watched the trailer yet, obviously)
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  14. Variety is saying five years in their copy and paste of the press release. I think they'll handwave away the new dinosaurs by saying that the auction bidders got to backwards engineer from Ingen's animals and created their own additional/hybrids that weren't seen in the previous movies, Wu still being around probably adds to this. Then Baby Blue existing, means that at least one dinosaur might have fragments of DNA from species that can reproduce parthenogenetically (without a male).

    Baby Blue playing the Suspiciously Similar Substitute trope doesn't give good odds of Blue making it out of this movie alive though.
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  15. SBK


    There must be a time hop of some kind... though no-one looks to have aged much...

    My other half was like how have the dinosaurs got to Spain!?

    He obviously forgot they know how to use planes....
  16. Laura Dern and Sam Neill together gave me goosebumps teebs.
  17. Ooo I didn't know some of the O.G. characters were coming back for this. That'll be fun and clearly fan servicey.
    And yeah this movie looks wild.
    There's just dinosaurs everywhere. (Which should also be the subtext to this film's title.)
  18. Laura and Sam making me suffer through a Chris Partt performance in 2022?

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  19. Every time the original cast showed up in the trailer I was so happy. Every time Chris Ratt showed up I was.....not. Also I felt the CGI looked way better in the last movie then the Trevorrow installments. I really wish they kept J.A Bayona as a director. As shitty as the script for Fallen Kingdom was it at least was well directed. Hoping for the best though.
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