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The Jurassic Park Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Hudweiser, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Yeah I really don't favor Chris Pratt much in the films. He's not bad, but he's not captivating imo.
    Bryce Dallas Howard is the only actor from Jurassic World that can hang with the OG JP cast.
  2. That trailer looks great.

    Christ Pratt needs to not be in it.
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  4. I need to rewatch the last movie. I only saw it the once so my memory's a bit fuzzy, but I remember being prepped to watch a typical blockbuster but it felt like it was directed more like a gothic horror and I really enjoyed it.

    Is the last one generally well-received? I have no idea whether people liked it or hated it.

    Lots of potential shark-jumping stuff in the new trailer. Not inherently a bad thing. If those action pieces are backed by a good story and great character writing, it looks like it will be enjoyable and quite thrilling. But if the plot and characters end up falling flat I think the heightened action will just seem a bit desperate. Hopefully the former!

    Shivers seeing the entire main cast of all six movies in one shot, tbh.
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  5. I loved the last one specifically because it was so different.
  6. If the plot leak from like a year ago is true (and to be honest, it seems it is) then my hype for this went down to hell.

    Speaking of Dilo, the animatronic looks small so I doubt we’ll get a more accurate big adult.
  7. Spill the tea sis x
  8. The category is fan service on fan service.
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  9. The following Jurassic Park question came up in a quiz demo today:

    - What was the name of the island in the original movie?
    A) Isla Sorna
    B) Isla Nubar
    C) Isla Fisher
    D) La Isla Bonita

    Definitely written by gays.
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  11. Yeeee... looks more like one of the straight-to-DVD Jurassic World rip-offs mixed with some kind of Indiana Jones wannabe.
  12. God I just wish this didn't have Chris Ratt and had a good director.
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  13. Trailer 3 - gives away a fair bit of (sub)plot.

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  14. I hope that‘s not the main plot ddd.

    But it does look fantastic.

    A swimming Dino!
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  15. Just turn this series into Planet of the Apes. Kill all the humans, and make the dinosaurs talk. Series saved.

    I'm joking. This looks like a fun time I guess even though the plot of these Chris Pr*tt series of films is so random and gets increasingly weirder the more that are made in my opinion.
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  16. I think it looks like a lot of fun. Dumb as hell, but that's alright. That chase scene in a Euro city (?) looks particularly exciting. Dinos in the public square!
  17. It’s Valletta in Malta …which is an island so I’m curious as to how the dinos got there.
  18. Laura Dern. I'm in.
    Yeah, it looks stupid compared to the earlier Jurassic Park movies but I don't mind.
  19. My suspicion is...
    that they found themselves in the middle of a mercenary organisation dinosaur holding pen - following up on the epilogue scenes in Fallen Kingdom. The Allosaurus, Carnotaurus and Atrociraptors look as if they've been let loose unexpectedly, hence why people are casually going about their business when they attack. Although that big empty European street looks very reminiscent of Spectre's deserted Rome/Most Boring Car Chase Of All Time.

    The four Atrociraptors all have names as well, which suggests that they have been bred for use the way the four Velociraptors in Jurassic World were being developed for.
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