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The Jurassic Park Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Hudweiser, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Well I actually really enjoyed it. I went to see it in 4DX and wow was it rough! My only real complaint is that it was slightly too long. I'm really intrigued where they take the franchise now as that definitely didn't feel like a conclusion at all - it's all still so open. I actually think a TV series focusing more on character could be a really good way forward. The balance of the characters through the film was pretty fair though I thought. Definitely not the shit show that the reviews paint it to be.
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  2. Thinking about the film last night, and it was a lot to take in, so I’m going to watch it again next week, I feel as though a second watch will help understand the plot a bit more.
  3. Learning that the T-Rex is named Roberta is my favourite thing to happen today.
  4. MB


    Just seen this in 4DX and I actually really enjoyed it. It’s a fun, summer blockbuster. It was never going to win an Oscar or get good reviews. It was better than Fallen Kingdom for sure and I thought the mix of old and new was great. Definitely recommend seeing it in 4DX of you can, really added to the action.
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  5. Totally went over my head that Dodgson was the guy from the first film who gave Nedry the Barbasol can.
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  6. Same I had no clue.

    I did like
    the shaving can finally coming back. I didn't like all the locusts. It should have been called Jurassic World: Locusts and hated how they didn't go with the premise they set up in the last movie for the most part.

    Whenever Dichen Lachman was on screen it was pure CAMP but I was living for it. The entire Malta set piece was fantastic. I love an action scene that goes on and on. Laura was the best of the returning characters. Chris Pratt had even less charisma then he usually does. Overall a fun time. Still think on a directorial level Fallen Kingdom is by far the best as that had a great director. Colin did step it up a bit here just a shame he writes his own scripts.
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  7. completely agree with the thing you hate, got silly when three of them starting doing it.

    Also, as someone whose been a few time and with family members there, I found their portrayal of Malta so off.
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  8. I think the original actor who played that role is in prison, right?
  9. The first half was definitely stronger for me. I was there for the James Bond vibes and some great chase scenes. The ending just frustrated me. I sort of agree with the comment earlier about the dinosaurs being on the back burner for so much of it, it was like they sort of added them as an after thought in places. There were so many cliches and plot holes a plenty.

    Jeff Goldblum was amazing throughout however and I was living for his sarcastic comments.
  10. Ellie wearing that orange shirt throughout was so nostalgic for me.
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  11. Charlize Therizinosaurus. It was discovered about 50 years ago, but only its arms and claws. I was quite surprised to see it in the trailers, but I imagine when they were looking into putting the more bird-like dinosaurs into the franchise that got stuck high on the wish-list.
    By the time more of it was discovered, enough to have an idea of what it looked like, it was the early-90s, so it's not really had enough time to be permeated into pop-culture enough to appear in the dinosaur magazines we had as kids.
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  12. I've spent the whole weekend referring to Lewis Dodgson as Wank Scorpio.
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  13. Ah that’d make sense, thanks for the info. I did find that dinosaur quite creepy when it first appeared.
  14. I actually loved the movie and got emotional at the end. Sorry haters dddd.
  15. One of the worst films I’ve ever seen. Just literally abysmal on every level. The CGI was ropey in so many places, the characters were so utterly one dimensional; what even was the need for that entirely pointless woman in the white suit and with the laser pointers other than a plot device solely for a poorly choreographed chase through Malta? It felt like 3 movies spliced together; none of which were a good Jurassic Park film.

    The returning characters may well have not been there, every scene felt like a wildly misguided attempt at manufacturing emotion (the bugs floating in the air in the shape of a dinosaur! Chris Pratt’s ‘daughter’ doing the hand gesture to control the dinosaurs!) and nothing was even vaguely scary.

    Could not be more disappointed.
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  16. This seems like the type of movie you either enjoy or completely hate...

    I'm seeing it later. I'm going in with low expectations.
  17. I liked the scene underground with the dinos in the walls. Felt like the ride and more horror-ish in that scene at least. The new "big bad" dino was just as lame as the one in the first Jurassic World. The Freddy Kruegar dino was so much cooler and should have just been used as the T-Rex nemesis.
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  18. Mark Kermode also reviewed it for The Guardian and gave it a much more accurate 3/5 rating. I think Peter Bradshaw is just jaded these days.

    I maintain more people needed to be eaten to up the stakes.

    I was reading about those as I remembered having a toy one as a kid and apparently... they're not even dinosaurs! They pre-existed them by the same gap T-Rex and its pals pre-date us! Time is such a headfuck.

    But that was a cool scene. I couldn't work out what the people were blocking them with at the gate though, some old mining wagon??
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  19. I saw the film in 4DX on Saturday, and then again on Sunday.
    The 4D was so good! I'd never seen a film in 4D before and it made the film much more immersive. Would definitely recommend trying it.

    The film itself I really enjoyed. Now, I'm a fan of the franchise so I will be biased towards it. Yes, I think there was some issues with the plot (or the multiple ones I should say) but overall, I was pleased as a fan. Some thoughts below:
    1. I did think the way Dodgson died was pretty good. Perhaps predictable/ironic in terms of the way Nedry died.
    2. I genuinely thought the T-Rex was a goner at the end. There were audible cheers in the cinema when she moved.
    3. I thought Wu would have come to a demise in this one. The character change between Fallen Kingdom and Dominion was not what I was expecting. Perhaps it would have been too predictable to kill him off?

    As a side note, why did the lady in Malta, when you first see her, remind me of Jenny Frost?!
  20. Saw it last night and it was truly just good fun and that’s all it needs to be. The theater was packed so I’m curious to see the numbers from this weekend, twas indeed what qualifies for a legit blockbuster teebs.
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