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The Jurassic Park Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Hudweiser, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. It was fine. Watch all 3 Worlds together, and you'll have a fine time.

    But that's all. Just fine.


    • every nod to the original and the wider Spielberg canon really did land with an audible 'clang'
    • actually - too many 'nods to the original' were in fact wholesale copying of plot developments.
    • Dean/Neill/Goldblum really didn't add that much
    • the magic dino hand thing. Just stop it.
    • despite a lot of 'HOLD ON's, no-one ever said "Hold on to your butts'. Come on screenwriters!
    • I did like DeWanda Wise really not giving a shit about the whole thing
    Final thought

    Wu should have got munched for that cardigan alone.
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  2. To me it felt like two movies. The first half was like watching Chris Pratt's audition for the next James Bond or Mission Impossible movie - it was essentially an action movie with a few dinosaurs scattered around. The second half (sort of after the parachute sequence) did feel more in line with previous movies and was certainly more entertaining.

    You can't deny that, sadly, it's one of (if not the) weakest movies in the franchise just because it spends more time making the dinosaurs we always were meant to fear (T-Rex, Raptors) friendly 'heroes' and tries to make us fear these other dinosaurs which we rarely get to see anyway.

    Overall, it left me a bit underwhelmed but I'd gone in with low expectations anyway. Certainly that second half of the movie was entertaining enough for it not to be a complete waste of time but it felt very botched together in terms of a final story for the franchise.
  3. December 31st
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  4. That seems like a massive amount of time to hold back the home release in this day and age. And the week after Christmas? I would've been expecting that to be getting ready to drop by the start of September at the latest.
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  5. [​IMG]

    This thread is sending me.
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  6. Not a fan of them calling it the Jurassic World collection when the Jurassic World movies are arguably the worst in the franchise.
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  7. They are the worst in the franchise nn.

    I loved this:
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  8. Yeah no this was fucking shoddy. I didn’t go in expecting anything great but I was expecting to at least have a good time and I barely had that. Story was absolutely unengaging and boring. It was barely there. I couldn’t even tell you what happened for half of the film. Did not care about a single character or a single thing that happened. What a waste of a fairly interesting concept - in fact the opening five minutes and the last five minutes were the most interesting parts for me, because we actually saw the proposed life with dinosaurs. I quite liked the Malta chase I guess?

    Acting was pretty bad. Everyone seemed bored. Laura Dern was doing a lot, but her character bore no resemblance to Ellie from the first film. I get 30 years have passed so her character can quite possibly have changed, but anyone who’s seen an interview with Laura Dern can attest she was just playing herself. Sorry Queen! The teenage clone was actually quite painful to watch. Her parents must be a producer or something. The way she overpronounced every single word was like a bad Keira Knightly impression? Just really bad and quite damaging to the overall film given how central she is to the overall plot.

    A shame! Because I genuinely wouldn’t actually call any of the other films in the series actively bad. Jurassic Park 3 I think is pretty underrated and is practically a masterpiece compared to this, Jurassic World is cool to see an actual proper functioning park, and Dominion raises some interesting ideas and delivers them with much more confidence than this. All of them are at least not boring, have some brilliant scenes, and are very, very watchable. The same cannot be said for this. I would say this is the first actively really terrible entry into the franchise.
  9. Okay but is it better to worse than Rise of Skywalker? That’s the hard stick by which I measure all terrible movies.
  10. I think the expectation for this movie was high. The result was disappointing but probably in years to come people will just see it as an enjoyable movie, much like Jurassic Park 3.
  11. They should've forged ahead with the dinos-out-in-the-world stuff rather than this locust nonsense.

    I wanted to see the kind of material that got cut (drive in scene), or that short where the family in the camper get attacked, and find out what happened to the poor animals bought at auction who were seen being driven away in sinister convoys...

    I still wrung some fun out of it though, but it feels like there should've been another film in between Fallen Kingdom and this, or at least more of those cute little short films.
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  12. It’s a better film when you don’t think about the absolutely squandered potential for a story that focused more on the… y’now, world part of it all.

    That said, it was a fun time at the movies. Minus the locusts.
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  13. Yeah we basically didn't get Dinosaurs living amongst humans aside from the news reports, when did we actually see this happen?
    Also, I do feel as though I've been harsh on the movie, but at the same time I did enjoy it, and I'm going for a second screening, but it got me thinking, at least JP3 committed to it's basic storyline for all the lashings it's taken over the years.
  14. Jurassic Park
    Jurassic Park: The Lost World
    Jurassic World
    Jurassic Park III
    Jurassic Park: Dominion
    Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom

    That order is basically in terms of my preferred watching. You could argue that The Lost World isn't worthy of second place but...
  15. Finally went and saw Dominion last night after hearing horrible things about it. I was hoping to go in and enjoy but it really was a meh film which is sad.

    I would probably say it’s the worst of the franchise.
  16. You'll find that's a placeholder date. Retailers always use December 31st when they don't have an exact date yet but can get the product up for pre-order. You see it a lot with games.
  17. [​IMG]
    Actual release date in the US is August 16th.

    There will be an extended cut that is 14 minutes longer (technically only 9 minutes longer, Trevorrow has confirmed they are adding back in the 5 Minute Prologue that was shown in IMAX a few months back to hype up the film). The Battle at Big Rock mini they released online will be a bonus feature.
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  18. This is a good watch

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  19. So I finally saw this last night and thought it was okay. The two biggest issues I had were that the dinosaurs didn't really feel like a threat and the lack of peril/tension. None of the good guys (not necessarily main characters) died or even got severly injured. It also felt like the violence was very toned down, compared to previous entries. I mean, The Lost World had a guy get ripped in two! It's like they didn't want to take any risks with the movie.

    And the villains were terrible...

    It was nice to see the original trio again, even if they didn't put much (if any) effort into their characters. The little dino-action there was, was fun, but since the main characters hardly ever felt like they were in any danger, it took away a lot of the tension for me. I didn't mind the locust-plot that much, but it could've been done better (like, no one could figure out were they came from - even when they clearly didn't eat BioSyn's crop? No one?? Really??).

    The new big bad dinosaurs were cool, but didn't get enough screentime/action.

    Also, the deer getting b*tch-slapped by a dinosaur was the hightlight of the movie.

    All in all, I don't regret watching it, but I probably won't watch either of the last two JW-movies again if I can help it.
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  20. This is pretty much it - a real lack of real credible threat from the dinosaurs.

    When the Blu comes out I hope the drive-in scene and that short with the family on the camping trip are somehow blendable into the movie.

    Right? The opening scene of Falling Kingdom with Rexy is a keeper, and for me totally what the franchise is about, and I will happily revisit the movie up until they get to the mansion before zoning out.
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