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The K-Pop Hunger Games: Day 4

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Oleander, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. I'm literally gagged.

    I couldn't have asked for better, sniff
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]

    I’d change Mentor to Murderer if I wasn’t at work right now.
  4. That is one hell of a dress. But Momo would look amazing in anything. Literally anything.

    Anyway, I've had two days from hell at work and didn't even see that I was tagged or I'd join. (I was gonna bitch about not being tagged then I saw I was tagged.)

    If I was gonna dress anyone, I'd be stealing shit from BP left and right.
    Except Rose', who I could swear is hiding a tattoo just below her navel. Think about it.

    Thanks for thinking of Oppa.
  5. A user named Gary Schmidt started following me. Is this part of the simulation?
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  6. Also @Island picking Hyoyeon and dying (?) on Night One.

  7. Yeah, he's dead. All four girls with the berries are all dead. Berry Good, their impact.

  8. It’s funny how Sunmi’s storyline is essentially a description of the Kpop industry when she released Gashina
  9. That’s what you get when you steal someone’s fave.
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  10. But wait, it's like in movies/tv shows... it just says she "fell" into the fire... if you didn't explicitly see ha die, there's still hope left for Momo to make a surprise vengeful appearance!
    ... oh.

  11. omg how did i miss this
  12. Even if you didn't fall into the fire.....your throat got swollen shut and there was poison running through your veins so'd still be dead. Unless you're a witch or something.

  13. There are still 4 remaining rounds, bih. Can't wait to kill you play with you in the next rounds. xoxo
  14. SinB arriving

  15. I'd like to take a second to appreciate this moment of clairvoyant whatever. Looks like we have our own psychic.

    Or do we?

  16. The good sis @Dangerous Maknae has already lined haself up for an international version of Pop Hunger Games

    Wait at this being being Fifth Harmony + Tiffany wtf
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  17. Ryan Murphy whomst
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  18. Me being irrelevant on the first day and having an even more irrelevant death shared with 3 other players

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