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The K-Pop Hunger Games: Day 4

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Oleander, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. He


    Clowns never win but I’m glad to share my talents. Lord Voldermort sunbaenim, protect me!

    I’m here for Sunmi to continue the massacre. Seulgi deserved that after those SM vocals over Heroine.

    RIP my partner with the expensive dress.
  2. Well that escalated quickly.
    I should've probably stayed in the cave I found, but who knows what lies there if you venture deeper.
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  3. My power! I really did THAT

  4. [​IMG]

    Last nights antics can only be described in one word……..madness. Will Day 2 bring an equal amount of craziness? Let’s find out.

    It appears that the viewers feel some sympathy for the girls after witnessing the carnage from last night. Well, if you feel bad for them then why didn’t you buy their music? Maybe if you did that they wouldn’t be in this mess! The girls look up at the sky the second they hear the sound of canons and see the faces of the six girls who died last night. Joy and Winchell are heartbroken when they see Seulgi’s face staring down at them. They’re also surprised to see the SNSD girls have fallen as it leaves them and the f(x) girls as the lone former SM girls. Maybe Winchell should have brought some donuts from her namesake business to comfort her.


    Wendell doesn’t need to be sad for long. She is one lucky girl because as she wanders the forest in search of food, a delivery drone stops in front of her and drops a gift into her hands. Inside the capsule, she finds some dynamite with a note attached that reads “Avenge Seulgi. Blow those losers up.- From Irene and Yeri.” I guess the Red Velvet girls really do have each other's backs. But is Winnebago going to get the chance to use her gift? Who knows. Wally isn’t the only one who gets a gift, though. As Jisoo takes a break by a small lagoon, a drone drops a gift capsule into the water. Jisoo fetches it and inside she too finds dynamite. The note attached reads “It’s time to play with fire, bih. - J/L/R.” Jisoo sheds a lone tear of joy and vows to survive for her girls.

    Speaking of Joy, as she tries to find her way among an endless maze of trees, she spots smoke in the distance but afraid that it means fellow tributes, she decides not to go and investigate its source. It better not be a forest fire or else they’re all doomed. In more positive news...Soojin has decided to celebrate the death of Momo by picking flowers and making herself a crown and channeling her inner Lana but the second she puts it on she feels like such a moody girl, such a... “Sad girl, I’m a sad girl, I’m a sad girl but I’m a bad girl, I’m a bad girl, I’m a bad girl”

    Somewhere in an isolated part of the forest, Hyerin has taken what she’s learned from other girls and creates her own slingshot but gets distracted by the sound made when she shoots trees with pebbles. Following her episode with the bug, Minhee has pulled herself together and constructs a shack behind some trees. Soojin stumbles upon it and whispers “What’s in your house? What’s in your house?” before deciding to not risk death by entering. Kim Lip wanders around the arena trying to memorize specific features about it in case she needs the information later.


    After spending yesterday stalking JooE, Hani now finds herself being chased by Choa after she overheard Choa hitting those signature unstable high notes and compared them to a dying cat. Before initiating the chase, Choa responds by singing “Lalalalalala Lalalalalala Lalalalalala You’re doomed, you’re dead, you’re canceled, you’re over” at such a high pitch that Hani can’t help but scream in pain before running off to escape the ear-shattering and offkey screeching. Yooa is in a similar position to Hani as she finds herself being chased by Hwasa after she heard Yooa say under her breath “that’s the ugliest effing skirt I’ve ever seen.” When Yooa realizes what happens, she tries to save the situation by saying “I would never wear that skirt but on you it’s cute.” Sadly, it doesn’t work and now she is left running away from an angry Hwasa. On the bright side, Yooa finally got the attention she wanted and maybe now the audience will remember who she is.


    Despite being on opposite ends of the stadium, both Amber and Gyuri decide to try fishing. Amber constructs a trident out of sharpened sticks but every time she thrusts it into the water, she comes up empty. Gyuri, on the other hand, succeeds where Amber fails by her sheer force of determination and quick reflexes. Meanwhile, Sei and Sunmi have decided to team up to hunt for other tributes. Oh, Sei…….you in danger girl. Sunmi, however, you’re doing amazing sweetie.

    While things have been pretty peaceful so far, there is a bit of a close call that occurs. After realizing that she has run out of food and that she will most likely never find a single piece of bread in the stadium, HyunJin panics and enters an overwhelming state of despair. She finds Luna’s cave and asks her for bread but Luna doesn’t have any. HyunJin begins to cry and asks Luna to put her out of her misery but Luna being the kind-hearted girl that she is refuses…...but then slaps the hell out of HyunJin and tells her to snap out of it. When HyunJin asks her why the hell she did that, Luna looks her in the eye and belts out at 100,000 decibels the lines “Cause I just wanna free somebody. Say what you feel, today you and I are in this moment on this free morning, ey yeah I wanna free somebody…...from death.” HyunJin bluntly responds by saying “Well, thank you. Thank you for making me fucking deaf, you banshee” before walking off. It seems her usual shady self is back.

    No one dies on Day 2 but some of these girls need to watch what they say or their loose lips will surely cause them trouble later on down the line. Will Hani and Yooa manage to get away from their pursuers? Will HyunJin ever find bread? Will Jisoo and Winchester be able to use their gifts to their advantage or will Sunmi pull a Momo and steal them?

    Stay tuned for Night 2 and maybe you will find out the answers to these questions. Probably not, though
  5. [​IMG]

    Except in Shakespeare.

  6. Why did I read this as they decide to try fisting?
  7. I see Gyuri resorted to cannibalism this early, we stan a legend.
  8. Deciding to help Wendy and not Joy wow Irene and Yeri are cancelled't!

    'Can you sing Because Of You?' 'How do you even know that song?' THO
  9. Hmmm maybe I should chase the President Alma of this edition of the Hunger Games with my earth-shattering killer high notes instead

  10. I hope nobody heard that singing from that cave of mine expect for HyunJin...
  11. Sunmi doing her best Mitsuko Soma impression is giving me life.
    That ChoA girl seems nice. I’m not very familiar with her or her group, maybe I should look into them.
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  12. What do I have planned for these girls?


  13. [​IMG]
  14. NOOOO FUCK OFF @Sunmi.
  15. [​IMG]




    As you can see, we have now lost a total of 7 tributes after 6 people died all in one night. District 5 also earns the prestigious honor of being the first District to lose both of its representatives. Poor it. Will one of the Districts that has already lost a representative lose their remaining player? We'll have to wait and see. ​
  16. Step off, ho before I blow you away.


  17. [​IMG]
  18. William? A winner?


    Make it make sense!
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  19. First I can’t start a fire.
    Then I can’t fish.
    Did this simulator analyze my life?
  20. [​IMG]

    After a tame morning, the time has come to check back in on the girls as night falls on the stadium and see just what kind of antics they have gotten themselves into now.

    Amber was feeling down in the dumps after failing to catch any fish but she’s in luck because as she sits in her chosen rest stop for the night, a gift capsule falls into her lap. The note attached reads “What are you doing? Pull yourself together. You’re embarrassing me. ;) - Krystal.”


    opens the capsule to find a small assortment of fresh fruits, vegetables, dried meats and the real pièce de résistance….a bag of Lays Salt and Vinegar potato chips.

    Amber isn’t the only one who has a lucky night, though. After a long day of examining the stadium, Kim Lip has set up her camp for the night and is pondering what her next move will be. Suddenly a drone pops out of the trees and leaves a gift capsule on the ground. Kim Lip picks it up and sees a note that reads “Lipsoul 4eva. - Jingolas.” Kim Lip opens the capsule and inside she finds a hatchet which causes a small smirk to appear on her face.


    Meanwhile, Minhee is feeling very comfortable in her shack and decides to hum quietly to pass the time until she gets sleepy. Her song of choice?

    Unlike some of the other girls, both Yooa and Soojin are able to successfully start fires in their respective camps and have escaped the threat of a cold and sleepless night. Ever since Momo’s death, things seem to keep going Soojin’s way….for now. In a tree deeper in the forest, Choa sees both Soojin and Yooa’s fires but decides not to go off and investigate who has made them. Instead, she decides to stay put and embrace her cat persona from the Like A Cat video by tending to and licking her small wounds.

    Despite playing the game on her own for the most part thus far, it appears that Luna has decided to go off with HyunJin and form an alliance for the night with the group of ragtag misfits that is Wendy, Joy, HyunJin, and Hwasa. She strategically chooses to not let them know about her cave. Since HyunJin has come to her senses again, I wonder if she is plotting revenge against Wendy? Only time will tell I suppose. The group decides to tell ghost stories to pass the time with the clear highlight being Luna’s scary story about the ghost of f(x)’s career.


    Just when you thought the night would be all tedious filler, there seems to be some…...inner fires that have been kindled if you know what I mean.

    After managing to survive a day with Sunmi without realizing the amount of danger she put herself in, Sei finds a tired Hani and decides to help ease her weariness by sitting next to her and holding her hand while telling her how pretty she is. Despite Gyuri’s strategy to manipulate as many people as possible, she finds herself shivering from the cold and without a camp of her own. She runs into Hyerin and the two agree to huddle together for warmth. Gyuri can’t help but crack up at the jokes Hyerin tells about Hani’s two left feet, LE never remembering the goddamn lyrics on stage, Jeonghwa’s itchy swamp ass and how Solji now looks like a sloth.

    We’ll end the night by checking in on the It Girls Jisoo and Killme, I mean Sunmi. Jisoo is sitting in front of the fire she built outside her shelter, wondering how in the hell someone could find her ugly brother attractive. That’s when Sunmi walks out of the woods and offers her some berries. Jisoo plays it cool but inside she is fangirling over Sunmi acknowledging her. The two spend the evening talking shit about YG and JYP with Sunmi impersonating the latter. Since they are having such a good time, Jisoo invites Sunmi to stay in her shelter for the night. Sunmi agrees but before they sleep, she wants to show Jisoo how to do the choreo for 24 Hours and recreate some of the scenes her scenes with the male actor in the video if you know what I mean. Sunmi is really living up to her siren title. Oh Jisoo……’re playing with fire there by letting your inner fire cloud your judgment. Good luck with that.

    That concludes another night in the stadium and miraculously, no one ends up dead. Will Jisoo survive the night? Will some girls form another suicide pact tomorrow? When are we going to have another death?

    Stay tuned for Day 3 of the K-pop Hunger Games.
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