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The K-Pop Hunger Games: Day 4

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Oleander, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. As you can see....I clearly didn't get to finish this before the trip ddd. On top of that, the simulator made this last longer than I had hoped for but what can you do. Depending on how things are by the end, future hosts might want to put the game on the more intense setting which usually makes the simulations shorter but that will be up to them. To balance out these non-killing days I have tried my best to infuse the writeups with humor and funny little easter eggs as you can clearly see. Since I will be on my trip, we will pick things back up on Sunday and don't worry...there will be some dramatic deaths on Day 3 and Night 3 hehe.
  2. It's scary how accurate this simulator can be sometimes. I don't doubt for a second that Sunmi would actually play the game like this in real life.
  3. #PoorIt that's not what SM's accountant said!
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  4. I mean, I don't know how this thing usually works, but losing 6 tributes in one swoop is quite drastic, so the pacing seems fine to me. Thw write-ups are amazing, @Oleander.
    I'm fucking done.
    Don't fucking eat those!
  5. No, please eat those.
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  6. SALT AND VINEGAR!!! My fave.

  7. So I did some research to see how the District 5 players did in the HG books as I don't really remember any details (this game is actually tempting me to read them again. @Oleander's impact) and here are the results:


    @Kuhleezi sweetie I'm so sorry I fucked up your game too dddd.
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  8. Oh well, at least we're bopping to K-Pop enabler Doo Leepee

  9. sdafhisjdf TT I've been too busy to be online recently otherwise I would have loved to participate. I'm having fun reading through everything though.
  10. Rem



    omg i just caught up and nn i can't believe i might die.​
  11. [​IMG]

    Now that some of us have recovered from the antics they got up to, it’s time to check back in with the tributes and see what kind of drama has been brewing after a very peaceful second day.

    It appears that the relative peacefulness of yesterday has warmed the hearts of viewers and left them feeling extra generous as multiple girls wind up receiving gifts. As Sei chases a butterfly in the hopes of discovering the secret of LOONA’s upcoming comeback and/or of finally getting something substantial to eat, a drone drops a capsule on her head and knocks her out. A little while later, Sei wakes up and reads the note on the capsule which says “If you win this, I’ll take you back - oʇoɥd puǝs.” Inside the capsule, Sei finds an assortment of vegetables and fruits. When Luna steps out of her cave for some fresh air, she sees a gift capsule appear on the ground out of nowhere with a note that reads “Since you’re still salty about me beating you at cooking, I’ll give you something besides food instead. - Victoria.” It turns out that Victoria sent luna a gallon of fresh water.


    After the hit-or-miss luck she’s had so far it appears that when it comes to gifts, Amber is still doing very well for himself as a drone has dropped a gift capsule next to the stump she is sitting on. The note on the capsule reads “Decimate them, Mom. - Ten.” When Amber opens the capsule she finds some sticks of dynamite which leaves her feeling proud of her son.

    Somewhere off in a deeper thicket of the woods, Hwasa decides to take a quick nap to recuperate from exhaustion but ends up sleeping the whole damn day. I hope no one stumbles upon her and kills her. On the opposite side of the spectrum, despite her best efforts and her great desire to sleep during the day, Hani is unable to catch any z’s. If only she could fix this problem the ones she did in I Love You. HyunJin lets her feline instincts kick in as she has decided to go hunting for food but also for tributes if the opportunity presents itself. Yooa takes advantage of a patch of wildflowers she finds to build a shack that resembles the box she stands in during her solo scenes from the video for Secret Garden.


    Choa meanwhile has decided to make herself a slingshot and practices her aim on a colony of ants but misses every shot and ends up running away as ants start rushing out of the ground. During her wandering, Joy finds a river and celebrates the fact that she can finally quench her thirst. After somehow managing to survive her night with Sunmi, Jisoo wakes up and finds a hit list with the names of girls Sunmi has killed scrawled on it and runs away faster than Jennie scrolls through shows on Netflix. Later on, Jisoo tries to take her mind off things by fishing but the trident she has made falls after the second she throws it into the water. I guess someone isn’t eating today. Speaking of Sunmi, after she realizes her mistake of not killing Jisoo and feeling regret, her luck turns around as she stumbles upon a camp and some grilled meat. Sunmi takes the meat and any other food she finds and scurries off before anyone shows up. Who is the unfortunate girl who just got screwed over? It’s none other than Minhee who feels instant regret when she sees that her carelessness has led to her food disappearing. She is instantly transported to her foodless days under The Entertainment Pascal’s control. Stealing someone's food and then running off to eat it? Wow...Sunmi is a savage. I can respect that.


    While she walks around, Kim Lip happens to find a cave and decides to explore it, not realizing that it is the same cave that Luna has taken ownership of. Luckily for her, no one is inside and when she finds fresh water in a jug, she decides to take it before heading off. Luna isn’t going to be happy when she realizes someone stole her gift from Victoria. Gyuri spends the day investigating the forest, completely unaware of the fact that Hyerin has decided to stalk her. Looks like Hyerin getting Gyuri to fall for her jokes might have been a rouse after all. Gyuri better watch her back cause it looks like Hyerin has let her evil alter ego Jenny come out and play.


    Just when she thought that all her troubles were over when she saw Momo’s face appear in the sky as one of the dead tributes, it appears that Soojin has found herself in another sticky situation. As Soojin washes her face in a river, Wendy can be seen spying on her from behind a nearby tree. As Wendy steps out from behind the tree, a hatchet she stole from one of the other girls can be seen in her hands. Wendy tries to approach Soojin as quietly as possible and it appears that all hope for Soojin is lost. Or so you’d think. As Wendy approaches her, Soojin hears her, turns around, and begs Wendy not to kill her. Wendy remains unfazed and keeps stepping forward when suddenly she steps on a pile of leaves and falls into a pit. It turns out that Soojin thought ahead and dug a trap hole behind her and covered it with leaves to protect herself from any intruders. Dreamcatcher would be proud.

    Soojin stands over the opening with a wicked expression on her face and says….


    Soojin continues by saying “Let’s see if you can get out of this hole before the poison kills you.” Wendy asks ‘What poison?” as Soojin shoots an arrow dipped in some venom from the scorpion in the Hann video which she smuggled into the stadium. To make things more difficult, Soojin covers the hole with a boulder, sealing Wendy in the hole and then walks off. Wendy dies before she can even come up with a plan of escape.

    Does Sunmi need to watch out for Soojin? Will Luna and Minhee get revenge on those who stole from them? Will Hwasa ever wake up?

    Stay tuned for Night 3.​
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  12. [​IMG]




    More than half of our Districts have lost at least one tribute but which one will be the next one? How long will Red Velvet's remaining representative last? Stay tuned.

    (Ignore any inaccuracies in the number of kills people have as I have taken liberties with the story for dramatic effect and given people kills they might not have originally committed kii.)
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. He


    Glad Wendy is out. Kii.
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  15. I'm still cackling at Wendy and Hwasa being listed from that district. Love our POC Queens
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  16. Glad to be of service.

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  17. 'Do you remember you remember remember what you said' indeed
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  19. @eccentricsimply killing for our district, while I sit about and get gifts from my fam.

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  20. @Oleander Can you please update the participants list in the first page, noting which ones are dead? I'm bad at keeping track of who's still in the game and who is not ddd.
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