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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. Given the hosting team, I just knew the stunts would start sooner or later

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  2. I can't wait to get dragged to hell and back for my lukewarm, moist takes!

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  3. aux


  4. Let's go, unnies!

    2. Yeji (ITZY)
    3. Lucas (NCT)
    4. Naeun (Apink)
    5. Irene (Red Velvet)

    I'm so proud of my queen fffff. Y'all KNOW Jisoo has been my favourite in BLACKPINK since day one, and the receipts are scattered around this subforum to prove it, if y'all don't believe me!

    Yes, Jisoo is absolutely a goddess visual. What sets her apart from other idols is the fact that she always manages to serve a real sense of elegance and sophistication, on top of being outright stunning, obviously.

    I mean, look at the material:

    She absolutely eats up the camera in every music video and photoshoot.

    My personal favourite look of hers from 2020 would have to be that couture, Hanbok-inspired outfit with the pigtails & bangs in the "How You Like That" music video; it's chic, it's playful, it's an absolute serve.


    Other iconique looks include:
    And of course:

    The absolute pure regality and beauty she possesses. Whew.

    God, I love her nn.


    As for our runner-ups, I can confirm they all do rightfully serve.

    Yeji always shines through and looks snatched & gorgeous even if the Itzy stylist tries to sabotage her, like in Not Shy ffff.

    Now for Lucas... unnies, Lucas is the most attractive male idol. No, it's true, it's true. He fills the niche of serving hot and also cute, which is a range not many male idols can possess.
    As for his other looks? Well, I've never fallen down the rabbit hole of NCT's main music, but from my basic understanding, this is required viewing:

    For Naeun, well, she's kind of the epitome of cute but with a lil fierceness, isn't she?


    Ah.. that innate lil huntiness energy.

    And as for Irene? Well, despite what her stylist tries to get her to wear, she still manages to always serve face!
  5. First trophy of the day, yuppp

  6. My vote went to Naeun but Jisoo is beyond beautiful, so she’s a deserving winner. Happy to see my man Lucas here! He is indeed the most handsome idol to ever live and I’d let him do anything to me.
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  7. [​IMG]
    2. Chungha
    3. YooA (Oh My Girl)
    4. Seulgi (Red Velvet)
    5. Taemin (Shinee)

    Did anybody expect any less? Number 1 beautiful face, dancing machine, Momo. This is Momo. Happiness Momo. Best dancer according to the forum! The competition was tough, in fact most of them were ties except for the chosen few. Momo has won the heart of dance teachers and enthusiasts everywhere, though most would say she isn't technically the best dancer, they all point out that she definitely tries the hardest. Momo was inspired to become a dancer watching Namie Amuro growing up and Namie isn't the most spectacular dancer, but that woman can dance for hours and I see that determination and drive in Momo too. Momo has gone on to choreograph many of Twice's dance breaks, starting with her iconic Likey dance and now the More & More dance. In fact, the only reason Momo is part of Twice is because JYP believe she carried the dancing portion of the elimination show that formed them, Sixteen! So give it up for Momo everyone, your favourite dancer!

    Chungha is another who showed her skills on an elimination program, becoming the dancing ace of IOI. She's continued to display eye catching moves and incredible choreographies over the years, including the spectacular Stay Tonight. YooA placed first during an episode of Queendom among other main dancers such as Soojin (GI-DLE), Chanmi (AOA), Moonbyul (Mamamoo) & Yein (Lovelyz). She's kind of the perfect all-rounder in terms of vocal, visual and dance, and she's definitely proved it time and time again. Seulgi is another who is an amazing all-rounder, and carries Red Velvet in dancing. Naughty & Monster really showed just how sharp and precise Seulgi's movements are, and she's definitely considered one of the best of the new gen. Taemin needs no explanation, he is what all idols aspire to be. In fact Momo performed a cover of his track Sayonara Hitori with Jihyo on one of their tours, so he's clearly influenced dozens of idols. He IS the king of dance.​
  8. aux


    I just realised it's now my turn to do a reveal.

  9. I just-


    I'm not gonna say anything. My silence shall be poetry, and the silent me shall be a poet.​
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  10. Definition of the word "pussy".
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  11. Naughty’s choreography where they quickly build a ladder.. that is talentry luv
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  12. aux


    2. Chuu (LOONA)
    3. Taeyeon
    4. Yuju (GFRIEND)
    5. Eunji (Apink)

    According to K-PopJustice, our favourite vocalist is Nayeon from TWICE! Look, I'm not @Vixen, so don't expect me to have a clue what I'm really writing about when it comes to vocals. I won't lie, I was shocked a little, as I would say Jihyo is the best singer on TWICE, but regardless, Nayeon nearly burst her lungs during the adlibs of "I CAN'T STOP ME" so she is still deserving of the award purely for that. Nayeon is also consistently one of the TWICE members with the most lines, she is all over "CRY FOR ME" and "I CAN'T STOP ME". Even in "MORE & MORE" where the line distribution is significantly fairer, she still has the most lines like a true Queen.

    Ah yes, Chuu, the legendary eco-friendly running girl from LOONA. This queen's range is divine, her high note during "Hi High" lives in my mind rent free. Next up, Taeyeon is #3, continuing her acclaim as one of the best voices in K-Pop. This legend is known for shitting out OSTs and getting Perfect All Kills which make certain users have an aneurysm.

    Speaking of OSTs, next in line is Yuju from GFRIEND who won an award for "Best OST" back in 2015. Yuju devours the chorus in "MAGO", "Apple" and "Crossroads" - she is more than deserving of her spot there, much like the rest of these ladies. Eunji from Apink is our final charter who genuinely has one of the best and strongest voices in K-Pop, completely showcased by her solo summer comeback "AWay." ​
  13. Yes! Totally deserved! Take that @Salami
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  14. The Wendy erasure... but YAS who else voted for Eunji? Her voice really elevates Apink’s songs.
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  15. Well, so far 0/3 of my picks even made the top 5

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  16. Yuju deserved to win but I'll take it [​IMG]
    Congratulations Nayeon!
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Have I even mentioned her voice before? I didn’t think I had. Well at least my commentary for the end of year rate won’t be too much of a shock if that’s the case.
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  19. Love you Jihyo, big fan of your work xx
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  20. Jihyo not even making top 5 I-
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