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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. And if some of you redactedettes even dared thinking voting for 80s synthbop for trend that needs to die. It's on sight besties.
  2. Chuu should have won kiii, but that’s alright. I agree that Nayeon’s busting her little lungs on ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ is one of her most satisfying moment... ever. x
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  3. I’m just confused that people think she actually sounds good on that song?
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  4. fff mess that even I didn’t put Kim Boa/Kim Bohyung for vocalist. The top 5 are all great, but no one quite compares!
  5. Now, I can only talk for myself! It's not that Nayeon sounds extraordinarily good BUT her adlibs (and other parts tbh) are kinda rare in K-pop altogether? She screams sings completely uninhibited and powerful and doesn't hold back a single bit (something that a lot of idol vocalists are taught to do). She gives it her all and you can hear that, but it fits the entire moody and brooding atmosphere of I Can't Stop Me, y'know? It's a vibe, an aura... a mantra.
    This is her powerful voice. I get it... I respect it. And yeah... some eardrums are gonna burst which is terrible, but like... inevitable?
    TLDR: it's satisfying xx
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  6. It’s been posted many times already, but this just shows what’s so satisfying about Nayeon’s ad-libs on I Can’t Stop Me.

    It gives me the buzz!!
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  7. NOT the Soojin erasure in that top 5... okay, they all deserve to be there, but still...

    I'm just gonna leave this here.

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  8. me checking what I sent yesterday while high af


    *clicks watch thread*
  9. He


    Chungha not being best dancer... hmmmt
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  10. Well, the categories are “Favorite”, not “Best”, probably on purpose since we love to get messy dd
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  11. ddd wait I thought I had until 11:59 PM GMT

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  12. OK! Trend that needs to die: The Weeknd - Blinding Lights clones :)

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  13. And the results still wouldn't change

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  14. Liking this post because you’re my sister and because of this new Gretchen gif, but let it be known that I do NOT agree.
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  15. @aux @BEST FICTION and @thommyh just ignoring you like that

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  16. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I voted Wanda for favorite singer because the sis not only broke her hip but also her cheekbone and she still did this

    I hope balance is restored this year and she shows up in the top 5 next year!
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  17. Me showing up with a ballot that has like 3 things filled out right at the deadline:

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  18. [​IMG]
    2. Lisa (BLACKPINK)
    3. Sowon (GFRIEND)
    4. Chaeyoung (TWICE)
    5. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

    Another win for my ults ffff. PERIODDD.

    Tea, though. Jang Yeeun is literally one of the best rappers--if not THE best--in girl groups currently. Her rapping style since day 1 from Pepe days has always been completely packed with attitude, sass, and a ferocity that the other girlies just can't compete with! And it pairs excellently with how quickly she demands attention whenever she's on camera.

    And make no mistake ms. Yeeun isn't just a great rapper in audio only, she's been the one writing her own verses since she debuted at 16-years-old!

    Let's look at some exhibits, shall we?

    LAWWWWD. The amount of [redacted] served just in those first three songs alone is proof enough. That last video of her covering Hyuna after feral stans online unfairly branded her as a Hyuna carbon-copy just for sharing a similar voice to her. Ah.. another moment most pleasing to me from her career.

    I won't dip too long into her solo material (which is all 11 out of 10s) but whew Yeeun really is the full package a bit isn't she? Rapper, Visual, Writer, Dancer, and now.. Singer. Yes!

    Yeeun Supremacy is coming, girls.


    I'll try to not ramble on a bit for these runner-ups (especially since I hit the Five media link limit [​IMG])... but Lisa? ffff. She definitely has the talent and pops OFF when the song is right (Whistle, Boombayah (!!!!), As If It's Your Last, the Really b-side too) but after that Ice Cream verse abomination from this year fffss. No-fuckin-ma'am!!!!! "Snow cone chilly get it free like Willy in the jeans like Billie you be poppin like a wheelie.. brrr brrr frozen you the one been chosen..." ..y'all smell that shit?

    As for the darling Sowon, fdffff I am a Buddy, and well she is technically the rapper of the group but GFriend is too afraid to let her have the chance to rap FULLY! so it's kind of a kii she's even nominated for third. However, her strongest rapping showcase would have to be their B-Side L.U.V. but she definitely has a nice cute, quick lil flow when she stitches lines between other member's verses to the chorus / or pre-chorus and things like that (like in MAGO). I'm probably totally blanking on another showcase of hers, but whatever.

    As for Chaeyoung, she's actually quite talented in terms of technical ability, and she writes or assists in writing most of the raps for TWICE (Precious Love, Don't Give Up, Young and Wild, and of course Strawberry - where she wrote the thing entirely, actually.) Talented queen!!

    As for Moonbyul.. ummm hehe I'm not familiar at all with their music, but for the songs that I've heard (and enjoy) I will say she does have a very consistent flow, and as much as I hate to admit it fff she definitely helps to round out the group. Her part in Dingga is quite good! She also had a solo debut this year--and, the song isn't my cup of tea--she definitely pulls off a full-length rap song for what it's worth, so good for her I guess!​
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  19. I asked @eatyourself about Sowon being called a rapper the other day and he so eloquently told me that, and I quote, "they just slap that on any hunty that can't reach an E#6 live" pfffffffff

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  20. Now who voted for Moonbyul. I know you’re trolling.
    Sowon in the top 3... It feels right.
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