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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. There is only one correct answer to this one. If y'all get the wrong girl...

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  2. [​IMG]
    2. (G)I-DLE
    3. MAMAMOO
    4. BTS
    5. Oh My Girl

    Y'all are SHADY for this one. Ok so Blackpink had an absolutely killer year worldwide, with How You Like That becoming by far their biggest hit yet in Korea, and also making impact across the pond in Western countries. But sadly, success isn't everything when it comes to music. Honestly Blackpink would've received my vote too if it weren't for Lovesick Girls showing me that they still have it. But gosh it was looking scary there with the release of Ice Cream... Hopefully with the solos lined up for 2021, the girls can prove us all wrong and show that they still have what it takes to be a top tier girlgroup in Korea AND also beloved among the forum.

    (G)I-DLE deservedly comes second here. Now, don't get me wrong, I didn't dislike Oh My God as much as some of you guys did, but Dumdi Dumdi was... so bad. And after the highs of their first mini album, LATATA & Hann? A damn shame. Their new comeback is looking good though, so hopefully they will be smashing the Most Improved this year! MAMAMOO is another one who shows glimpses of excellence, as I think we can all admit that Wanna Be Myself absolutely slaps. But the one-two punch of Hip retread, Dingga, to the absolutely abysmal AYA was such a low point. AYA is their first lead single to miss the Top 10 since their first comeback, Piano Man. It peaked at #37 behind pre-release single Dingga, which hit #7, so even Korea won't buy that shit!
    BTS are, all things considered, talented performers. But their output this year has not matched what we obviously know they're capable of. This is the group who delivered Spring Day, Not Today, Fire, Run, I Need U, Blood Sweat Tears... So many compelling & listenable songs. To go from that to the robotic washing machine whirring of Life Goes On, ON and Dynamite... A damn shame. Oh My Girl don't belong in this list at all, cause even if you don't like NONSTOP and just want more serene, etheral bops, then you need to dig into their Japanese discography, cause bitch... they've DELIVERED with Lemonade, Tear Rain & Etoile. Get into it!​
  3. Lovesick Girls was a moment but yeah, they are riding mega high on their popularity and esteem without the actual quality music to back it up. They deserve better.

    I loved Dingga, but it’s true that Aya was a totally lackluster comeback choice and probably the worst song on the EP they just released. Didn’t help they they looked bored as dirt performing it in the last batch of December performances. I truly think their talent is kind of unmatched in a lot of ways, and their voices and charisma carry lackluster material more than most — but I want them to have like, a complete album of 10/10 bops. GFRIEND, Twice, Red Velvet, Loona, etc. can all do it. They just need the material.
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  4. I interpreted "most at odds with their ability to achieve better" as "most at odds with their agency's ability to achieve better," because... let's be honest fff. And in that regard, is YG in 2021 capable of achieving better? 'Lovesick Girls' is a triumph, but also looking a bit like a fluke. I'd love nothing more than to be proven wrong.

    On the other hand, RBW's consistently landed great tracks for ONEUS and (to a lesser extent) ONEWE, in addition to the occasional serve on the Mamamoo side. The fact that their agency hasn't been imploding around them for the past 3+ years gives me hope that something great is possible, making it all the more frustrating when it doesn't happen.
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  5. [​IMG]
    3. Lovelyz
    4. (G)I-DLE
    5. aespa


    Did we all understand the briefing, unnies?

    Y'all got me fucked up if you think Oh My Girl's music this year was bad! And now I'm finding out enough of y'all don't stan them too?!

    Yes, they didn't have the unclockable mammoth of a year of, like, GFriend, or something, but all their music was... good?? And I definitely don't think they need a big music turnaround on the forum to be stanned properly.. but apparently they do!

    I'm a Nonstop stan & apologist but I understand some of y'all are over the tropical sound by now, which is fair enough. HOWEVER! Not when Dolphin was released this year and it decimated at least 70% of your faves comebacks and their B-sides in quality.. and you know it! The complete unexpected smash hit made for the girls & the gays that encapsulates everything I like about OMG's music. And that's not even including NEON & Flower Tea.. the serve of that mini, girls. Re-listen!

    Even if you don't like any of those songs for some reason and you want another sound, as @BEST FICTION said they've DELIVERED with Lemonade, Tear Rain & Etoile. So, yeah, get into it!

    Also special mention to YooA's solo material that came out this year too... which is a serve, and y'all know it!!

    Now, as for BLACKPINK... Yes, I think we can all agree dddd. They definitely smash it with the locals and the knetz, but as we all know if you don't fully sweep on K-PopJustice are you really deserving of all those phony third-party accolades? No! It's been recapped earlier but the disappointing singles run of How You Like That then to Ice Cream... yeah, that wasn't good for them on this forum nn. Lovesick Girls was a massive smash hit for them and a huge turn around sonically though, so we're gonna need them to keep going down that path. If their music suddenly veers into Bet You Wanna territory.. well I may have to put my BLINK identification card at the bottom of my wallet.

    Yes, Lovelyz LOOOL yes. yes. yes. Deserved. Before I get dragged lemme say that I do stan the majority of their music. ...But 2020 was not the tea for me. Obliviate was kind of fun in a reductive way.. their lil "But I can do that soundscape too!" moment teas but unfortunately just a few months too late, and also releasing it in a packed month... (Dream in a Dream is the best song they released this year though, let's get that straight.) so they're definitely on the right track.. but I literally skip every other song on that album ffff. They really need that ONE smash-hit single though, don't they?

    Girdle also gets nominated and.. I'm inclined to agree in the sense that our forum doesn't like them most of the time fff. Personally, I like 85% of their music except for Oh my god, that Japanese album, and whatever the fuck that medley I-am-the-trend shit was... I'll even give uh-oh a pass for a lil ethnique hippe serve but then again I can just slot their K/DA songs from this year into those missing spots and it's a perfect discography for me kii! But yeah, let's hope they get out of the mud and give us something special again soon... very soon, in fact!

    and aespa ummm fff. Y'all are cruel!! They only have one song, which has definitely polarized and divided us girlies on here.. but the good unnies definitely have us all ready to pounce whenever they're mentioned so maybe they don't even need to release an "I'm so sick" to get us to pay attention and have pages of discussions. But I do believe their true undeniable mega-bop is COMING™.. so stay PERCHED.... for the next 1-4 years kii.

    Hmm.. reading back this category is kind of a bit diminishing of "Artist That Can Achieve Better", isn't it..? The difference is that MAMAMOO received zero votes at all, so I think we've kind of given out hope for them ffff. Even when they did improve tremendously and earned some goodwill with smasher "Wanna Be Myself" we still didn't let them chart in the monthly KPJC charts... That's sad, huh?​
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  6. Slice of Life

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  7. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Kinda iconic how much one fun song by four harmless and talented girls got under their skin so much though. 4th gen icons material right here.

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  8. *eight
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  9. æspa after they finally release an undeniable bœp that converts the cigs that had badmouthed them

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  10. Who?
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  11. Obliviate fucking KNOCKS you WHORES.
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  12. You all are so dirty for voting for OMG in those two categories.
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  13. They had two of the biggest songs of the year - they don’t care!
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  14. They already have it x

    Meanwhile your girls are marinating in the dregs of the Bugs chart... Lovelyz sell their albums and can be found regularly on Melon top 100! Ahhh it's good to be a stan of a group that finds success in their own unique little lane!
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  15. aux


    2. Sunmi
    3. Jinyoung (GOT7)
    4. HyunJin (LOONA)
    5. Lee Chaeryeong (ITZY)

    Not me expecting this category to be somewhat wholesome with y'all choosing idols who seem like nice people to spend lockdown with... Only to be hit with Wonho kinda sweeping because you horn dogs want to see him do pilates every morning.

    To be honest, I'd spend lockdown with Sunmi just so I could steal her hard drive and listen to her unreleased material. We need a comeback miss thing, we're thirsty. She also seems like someone who would be fun during lockdown. Jinyoung is next on our list. Well, much like Wonho, I can see why you ladies want to spend lockdown with him. HyunJin from LOONA also makes an appearance, I voted for her because she seems funny as fuck even though she genuinely scares the shit out of me, I just know she's hiding something. And finally it's Lee Chaeryeong from ITZY, who I know barely anything about so I'll take your word for it of her being someone interesting to spend lockdown with.

    The funniest entry for me here was @Salami who voted for SNSD's Hyoyeon... I'm just picturing having to spend lockdown filming DJ HYO going around the SM building collecting victims for her #DessertDanceChallenge TikToks.
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  16. I voted for Sana so I could watch her cook again. I have the rice paper ready.


    How long before this gets old?
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  17. I voted for Lucas because hm well.
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  18. Slice of Life

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    The way I don't even remember who I voted for......

    Probably just Park Bom so we could go on Instagram Live together and talk shit about YG ffffff
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  19. Same but I voted Brave Sound

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  20. Wonho sweep methinks

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