The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020


2. Hwasa

This one was a bit obvious, but we love doing charity work here and making sure these trailblazers are honoured one way or another. Honestly though, good for Jin for getting a pardon for an extra year, but I am kind of excited in a weird way to see the singers start their solo careers since Jimin, Jungkook & V will be the last 3 to e*list. And who knows, maybe they'll all go at the same time to all comeback at the same time in two years, which is a win for both fans and antis everywhere! But with the way BigHit is debuting boygroups, I don't ARMY will have any shortage of music to stan for.

Somehow Hwasa received more than 1 vote, which was literally the only other artist to do that... I don't even know what to say about that, but honestly if anyone could do it, it's Hwasa. Queen of breaking down barriers! Other votes included @Wills for himself so he could meet L while e*listed. We also received some who have already e*listed, including... JYP & Super Junior, which I don't disagree with after seeing the way JYP has been treating GOT7 & the way Siwon Reagan oppa has been acting on social media.

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[BREAKING] 8:08pm 11/01/2021
Red Velvet's Irene has been arrested in suspicion to the murder of the North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. It is believed that the alleged murder took place after an encore performance of Zimzalabim, serving as a follow-up to their private, biennial concert in Pyongyang. A close stylist to the group who witnessed the event says that: " their dressing room after the performance, [Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un] made an impromptu visit, and asked [Irene] why she had [her] blanket on the floor." following that comment, the stylist was escorted out of the room; but she says she had heard "the distinct, memorable shrill of [Irene] screaming and berating" behind the hushed doors. Approximately 5 minutes later the body of Kim Jong-un was found by a member of his private security detail. The cause of death has yet to be determined.
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