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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. aux


    3. LOONA

    This was another clean sweep, which comes as no surprise considering this year had no Red Velvet OT5 comebacks. After the phenomenal 2019 where they consistently dropped new music with three comebacks in total, 2020 felt dry for Reveluvs who were left to feast on scraps. Now with Wendy seemingly recovered after her hip injury and Irene returning with a more mature image, it seems like Reveluvs might finally get their OT5 comeback this year. Only time will tell.

    The next two groups are flops with bangers, FAVORITE, who debuted in 2017 seems to follow the Apinkprint where they drop one bop a year and seemingly fuck off until the next year.

    As for LOONA... Well, I'm feeling optimistic ladies. [12:00] is their best selling mini-album and after allegedly signing to Warner Records, I feel like LOONA has a newfound financial stability which hopefully translates into more comebacks. The ladies have already begun teasing the return of HaSeul and their next comeback and, but we all know that doesn't mean anything until we have concrete information from BBC.

  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Congrats LOONA on your first win
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  3. *checks what he voted for Best Outfits*


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  4. [​IMG]
  5. I voted for Red Velvet but Bvndit also deserves a mention here.
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  6. Now why was I the sole voter for Rocket Punch?
  7. The category was Artist That Needs A Comeback in 2021 so you all should have voted for Hyuna. Do y’all really want her to keep posting pics of her bloody toes and of DAWN on Instagram?
  8. I must’ve been drunk when I sent my choices in because looking back they don’t really make sense.
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  9. I’m still disappointed DJ HYO didn’t chart for artist that paved the way.
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  10. He


    I know we stan, but outfits?
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  11. Me still thinking an SNSD comeback is possible and voting for them, even though some of the girls have not been near a studio in the past 3 years

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  12. [​IMG]
    2. Red Velvet
    3. CLC
    4. GOT7
    5. DIA

    I guess this one was a bit obvious, but it's nice we get to award IZ*ONE with something before they go their separate ways. As most of us know IZ*ONE was formed through Mnet reality show, Produce 48. The group consists of trainees from various Korean companies, as well as two idols from J-Pop group HKT48 and one from AKB48. Their contract is due to end in April 2021, so unless Off The Record can negotiate some amazing deal, they will definitely be disbanding sooner rather than later. But where will they go?

    Nako & Sakura will return to HKT48, with Honda going back to AKB48. Wonyoung & Yujin are both under Starship, who haven't debuted a girl group since WJSN in 2016, so they'd probably be the faces of a new girl group. Eunbi & Chaewon are from Woollim Entertainment, so unless they debut solo or become a duo, they'll most likely be on hiatus until a new group is debuting... Unless they tack them onto Rocket Punch, but I can't see that happening. Yuri is with Stone Music Entertainment, and I highly doubt they'll throw her into fromis.9, since they were made through a rival show, so that's another solo or girl group on the horizon. Minju is on Urban Works Media who are primarily an acting company, so who knows which path she will go? WM already have Chaeyeon pegged for their new girl group debuting this year called Ggumnamu. 8D Creative currently carry Hyewon, so she will either debut with a girl group or go solo too. And lastly, Yena is with Yuehua Entertainment, so perhaps she will join Everglow? Who knows! Either way, whatever happens, we wish these girls luck on their future endeavours!

    Red Velvet also received a few nominations, as 2020 just seemed to be cursed for them. The poor girls endured a LOT, but thankfully their appearance at SMLIVE on the 1st of January saw them return as a 5 piece, and hopefully that is a positive sign of things to come. But with their mistreatment under SM and their 7 year contract coming to an end this year, there is a real possibility we might see the girls go separate ways.
    CLC are sadly in a horrible position right now. They've just lost Elkie, who is trying to get her Cube contract terminated for mistreatment and lack of payment. And Elkie stated in her letter to the company that they were told in early 2020 that CLC would no longer be actively supported by the label. So that means Cube is just hoping to keep the girls until 2022 doing nothing until their contracts expire...
    GOT7 have made headlines recently as it was confirmed all 7 members didn't sign with JYP Entertainment, even prompting their CEO, JYP, to unfollow 4 of them from Instagram. Apparently the label refused to sign some of the individual members, and the group decided they wouldn't re-sign with JYP unless all 7 agreed. So off they go, hopefully we see more from them in the future.
    DIA received a handful of votes and for good reason. Their label are one of the worst around and the group can't survive another line up change. Their 7 year anniversary it 2022, and I can't imagine any of the girls choosing to continue with the label, so fingers crossed they find success after DIA. Also we're still waiting for that January comeback @MBK.
  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Meanwhile Nugu Kweens BerryGood just announced another comeback after returning just 2 months ago.

    Debuted way back in 2014, a full album under their belt (CLC what's good), practically sells next to nothing AND YET... they keep on keeping. That's talent!
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  14. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I deeply resent the suggestions that Red Velvet are disbanding especially because SM never disbands anyone! They just go on indefinite hiatus kii

    On a serious note not even SM is stupid to the point of losing their biggest digital seller before their newest girl group has even had a #1. The first renewals are also always to the advantage of the artist and even f(x) (!!!!!) survived the first contract renewals (only to die three years later but), and Red Velvet is still getting the same dedicated treatment from the company at the 7th anniversary mark that SNSD did, so I think Red Velvet are at a chance of living until their 10th anniversary at least.
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  15. I’m late to this party, but:

    - I obviously voted for Wonho because I’m a wonhoe.
    - I voted Blackpink for artist most at odds because this is their peak and yet, they were barely seen in any of the shows this award season. That was so disappointing.

    Oh, this is news to me, is this confirmed? Perched!

    Yeah, this was really sad to see online, but I also see a lot giving them a chance. I don’t get them because TXT worship the boys.

    I’m really anxious for these 3 because the maknae line has... unpredictable taste in music, and I fear the draggings.
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    I’d add that she seems to have such a light personality, and that just adds to the appeal. I’d personally not be so approachable if I were that drop dead gorgeous dddd

    Also very flexible in terms of looks. She can serve girl next door one moment, then sexy woman then ethereal goddess in the next. A lot of people who have met her says she’s breathtaking in person.​
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  17. It sucks to see them win this category but yeah, we been knew.
    These are great guesses, and I didn't know about Chaeyeon already being aimed for another group. I still wonder if it isn't at all possible to make them semi-permanent, a bit like I.O.I tried to do (I think? please correct me) but this time with actual success and longevity dd. Maybe one comeback a year and then each to their individual activities sounds like a good promotional plan. It seems like all the girls will have some visibility outside of the group in a way or another and I can see the group profiting from that in the future. I really, really hope they can stay together somehow ":("
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  18. aux


    Can't wait to see Umji's iconic lewk in "MAGO" get snubbed in the Best Outfits category.

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  19. I refuse to IZ*ONE’s disbandment just when i started to appreciate their music this year. I feel sad
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  20. Me figuring out how to rig my faves into the next category.

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