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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. Somehow the gif is even better without the sound, dddd. I think maybe it's sped up a bit? Anyway, "Naughty" is definitely the winner here, but "WANNABE" is just so powerful. Also, "Stay Tonight" is great, but it worked a lot better in the music video rather than in the actual choreography video.
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  2. Just slept for 11 straight hours when I have two results to do before the next batch is revealed
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  3. I hate you. I can’t even imagine what 7 hours sleep feels like. Let alone 11.
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  4. [​IMG]

    We love a tied double win, don't we, unnies?

    Cry For Me at the MAMA 2020s was absolutely legendary when it was revealed, since it was the first time TWICE had not only performed it, but it was the first time the song had been revealed at all. The complete stuntery of premiering a new song out of the blue like that when there was undoubtedly so many potential follow-up comebacks laying dormant on the album. If you're not a ONCE by now, well y'all must be going hungry!!

    As for the performance itself, the outfits and choreography are EXCELLENT and cohesive! And it's very slick in the technical aspects- the CGI sets look pretty decent, and they don't become too distracting from the performance itself- I think it helps they don't linger on environments too long. The only thing keeping it from being completely flawless is that Jeongyeon is missing from the performance, but maybe some antis won!

    As for Barbie all I can say is... whew. That's two trophies for us barbz [​IMG][​IMG]

    A little background on this song if you are unfamiliar: so Yeeun (of CLC) appeared in one of the many music competition/reality shows "Good Girl", and in the third episode she was pitted against another similar show's ("Show Me the Money") contestant 'Mommy Son' (a persona played by allegedly-popular K-rapper Mad Clown... they really let any man with a gimmick make it big in any culture or country of the world, don't they?) ANYWAY Spoiler Alert Yeeun fucking decimated him because the song is just that fucking good, and she became the only cast member of Good Girl to appear on an actual proper music show to promote the song properly as part of a special stage: MCOUNTDOWN.

    Ok, so where were we?

    The performance is very fun, it has some fun set pieces like the wrapped present she pops out of at the start since she's like.. a toy Barbie? y'know?

    It has the perfect mix of live vocals and studio/lipsync vocals, (when the "..And gooodbyYyAIIII~~" part comes on and it's all autotuned.. with her waving "Cya, B*tch!" her MIND) and the choreo is simple but it still remains fun.

    However, what makes the song for me is the outfits, whew I get my life to it every time. We see Yeeun dressed literally like a classic Barbie™: blonde hair, pink lipstick, and being head-to-toe dressed in hot pink. But that's not all!! After she starts the slowed second verse, she emerges after a wardrobe change!! (again, the stunts in this one-off performance) in her lil fashionista chic Barbie serve: a short-sleeved knitted Gucci sweater with the two cherries woven on it being right where her boobs are fffff. Paired with her new red burberry skirt and the heels..? It's non-negotiably iconique and stanworthy, unnies.

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  5. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    If I thought anyone else would've voted for any of these, they are the ones I would've voted for:

    Stray Kids - Victory Song at the MAMA, taking a two years old song and spinning it into a massive performance just to help Mnet announce Kingdom?? dddd perfection.

    This performance of God's Menu at the Gayo Daejeon, complete with kitchen appliances.

    BoA's entire stage at the MAMA, where she proved she's The standard for female idols and literally no one else compares.

    And Taemin's stage at the Gayo Daechukje complete with a new intro while having his hands tied, choreography changes and a Hell-Heaven transition.
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  6. Telling me no one else voted for this?

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  7. This is so funny because there's something so....Westernized about this, from the song sounding like a PCD demo, to the lack of coordination/synchronization/rehearsing. You could show me the 144p version and tell me this is Fifth Harmony, and I would believe you.


    It's a bop, tho!
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  8. No excuse for how terrible but also memorable this performance is. This is why @Island should vote in the SOTY charts and put this in because neither me or Jesus could make it work unfortunately. Great song, great 4 minutes of wtf is going on.
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  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I mean I would've voted this
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  10. Also a 10.
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  11. [​IMG]
    2. YG
    3. SM
    4. Jellyfish Ent.
    5. Star Empire Ent.

    This was a close race, but JYP did come out on top. To be honest.. I don't think JYP was *the* worst this year; but only if you're a fan of TWICE and ITZY, where we got some pretty good quality releases. Stray Kids and Day6 got to release some music but I guess they haven't been heard from since like August??? And 2PM if y'all remember them is still in military limbo since 2015 fff.

    Obviously, however, was Got7's recent disbandment, with rumours first circulating towards the end of December, then being confirmed just a few days ago. JYP Flops!!! I mean, I still don't forgive them for letting the Wonder Girls disband but whatever.

    As for YG... well mainstay BLACKPINK had a very successful and commercial year for 2020, but it is absolutely absurd how long it fucking took YG to let them get some new music going this long into their career with their mammoth of a following. But yeah we finally got an album, a documentary, and like 3 comebacks so whew. We also got Lee Suhyun's Alien, and Somi got a lil bop in too, so YG finally treated some women right!
    As for the rest of the company.. yeah YG is still trash and loves his ratty men signed to him, doesn't he?

    SM also gets some votes and yeah nn, Red Velvet.. correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe they got to do anything as a full group? Like we got Irene & Seulgi's lil group debut but that's about it. But it looks like Wendy has recovered and Irene's scandal has been swept under the rug for now, so yup! I think otherwise they did their other acts fine enough though? In terms of releases I guess, nn.

    Jellyfish Ent. get rightfully nominated and also fuck them. Literally leaving gugudan in a freezer for like two years, squandering all their talent and time and hit potential and not telling fans anything except to announce their disbandment on New Year's Eve 2020... evil.

    Star Empire Ent. rounds off our list and despite kind of consisting solely of nugus in their roster they absolutely deserve it nn. Where the hell is our ARIAZ girl group comeback you evil beasts???? What happened to Imfact, they got like one song?? And *checks wikipedia notes* ZE:A?

    The most correct vote was from @Love Deluxe voting for "The hard drive holding Sunmi's album hostage" and I agree... where the hell is it, Sunmi?​
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  12. With that set done, the next reveals we have for you in no particular order are...

    Best K-Indie Artist
    Best Co-ed Group
    Best Nugu
    Most Improved Artist
    Song That Deserved A PAK (Perfect All Kill)
    Most Underrated Song
    Best Collab Between A K-Pop & Non–K-Pop Artist
    Best Ethnic Hip
    Trend That Needs To End in 2021

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  13. This was a trick question. The comfiest dungeon is actually Big Hit's, since they can afford the best amenities with all that BTS money

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  14. How about Least Comfy Dungeon? My vote: TS Entertainment. Remember Sonamoo? Remember TRCNG? Just kidding, but remember how their Wiki page is like 70% lawsuits?
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  15. Does BigHit even have a dungeon? BTS and TXT work non-stop.
  16. Oh, I didn’t know what Dungeon meant dddd I would’ve voted YG.

    BLACKPINK not even filming acceptance speeches for their award shows, much less performing in them is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen for an artist in the middle of a big era so early in their careers. Though on the other hand, I guess it doesn’t qualify as comfy because I’d feel anxious working there after all their scandals. I also googled and I don’t really like how the building looks either dddd
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  17. aux


    2. Dubstep
    3. Bootleg BLACKPINK groups
    4. Tropical bops
    5. BigHit

    This is one of the few reveals I've done where the winner wasn't clear with drop choruses taking a minor lead about halfway through voting. To be totally honest, I don't have that many issues with drop choruses as long as they're done right... However, I definitely prefer a proper chorus with a post-chorus momenT too. Off the top of my head, I can think of "More & More" by TWICE, "Monster" by Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI, "Back Door" by Stray Kids, "Black Mamba" by aespa, "DUN DUN" by EVERGLOW and "How You Like That" by BLACKPINK are some of this year's biggest offenders.

    I thought we left dubstep in 2012 alongside Skrillex et al? I feel like the only company who is still actively creating dubstep is SM. Next up is BLACKPINK copycats... ah yes, the impact of their global success has clearly made other companies take note and say "I want what they have," by following similar girl crush concepts and styling to those of BLACKPINK. I... don't see the big problem about tropical bops. I guess you girls don't like something fun, something for the summertime, something for the girls to - y'know - get ready and party to. Sad! As for BigHit, well, I can't complain because they did a wonderful job with GFRIEND in 2020.

    Since this category was all over the place, I thought I would highlight some of the funniest answers we received. It appears @Salami and I agree on something, "Stray Kids having more comebacks than TWICE" is indeed a trend that needs to end. @junglefish had us cracking up while we were tallying the votes with their vote for "hiring Bekuh Boom". @Love Deluxe asks for "pre-release single campaigns that come 3+ months before an actual album" to end in 2021. Speaking of BLACKPINK, @Aries came through with the tea asking for the end of "8 track releases being marketed as full albums."​
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  18. I'm screaming at BigHit being in the top 5. The girls really want B*S to disappear.
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  19. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Heathens they had the same number of comebacks in 2020 (two Korean, two Japanese)!
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  20. Kind of odd that dubstep came second. Is it even that common a trend in K-Pop nowadays?
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