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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]

    (The only one I can think of. But I forgive I & S.)
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  2. More & More’s middle-eight too, meaning it checks off 3/5 trends that must die asdhgkf, kind of iconic.
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  3. I thought people would vote for trap influenced second verses, which are more prevalent and a bitsy formulaic at this point, instead.
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  4. Labels being forced to think of another way to use their rappers

  5. Guess the forrem likes trap more than dubstep even so that they voted for the latter when it was largely absent from the scene for years.
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  6. My illiterate ass voting for "Red Velvet" on Comfiest Dungeon... And that knowing where those poor girls live. Can you imagine being Bae Irene and having to put up with laundry and roommates?
  7. Convoluted lore that has zero to do with the music is what I voted for.
  8. Not a fan of LOONA, huh?
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  9. LOONA is not the only group who is guilty of this but I won’t name them dd.
  10. Poor dæspair.
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  11. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Footage of you when SM inevitably shoves a reference to Kwangya in Red Velvet's comeback


    Also I'll argue that aespa is the last group that the convoluted lore has nothing to do with the music because one of the main complains about Black Mamba was that the lyrics were about the lore so..................
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  12. aux


    2. Dream of You - Chungha & R3HAB
    3. Ice Cream - BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez
    4. Physical - Dua Lipa & Hwasa
    5. Rocket Ride (feat. Mougleta) - Oh My Girl & Keanu Silva

    A mess. This was a category which seemed like a good idea at first, but as votes began pouring in, it became clear it was a mistake to have it. Ladies, literally everyone voted for "Sour Candy" with the threshold for the top five to be abysmal so any detractor from "Sour Candy" that got more than one vote had a chance here. Anyways, long story short "Sour Candy" swept as predicted by everyone. It's a great song - certainly the best appearance BLACKPINK has made in a song by a Western artist. This is also their second best song they have released this year. BLACKPINK should have released a solo version because Lady Gaga is the worst part of the song.

    "Dream of You" is Chungha's debut in the US... kinda. She had just been signed to Warner Records / 88rising and this song was the first officially released under this partnership. The song knocks, we been knew. BLACKPINK make another appearance with "Ice Cream" which... yeah, we've already spoken about the divisiveness of the song before. I will mention that the whispering chanteuse, Selena Gomez, actually sounds alive on here, so props to her for that. "Physical" is a great song stained greatly by Hwasa's stench. I haven't heard the Oh My Girl song, but I'm sure it's a collaboration with a non-K-Pop artist.​
  13. I think I left this category blank because there wasn’t a single good collab that came out of this year except maybe that Chungha song.
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  14. And none for Bet You Wanna nn
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  15. Only correct winner x
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  16. aux


    2. YUKIKA
    3. HA:TFELT
    4. YESEO

    The Queen of Perfect All Kills and eating Lay's in her album covers claims the throne as K-PopJustice's favourite indie artist. Baek Yerin was originally under JYP and released a couple of EPs and singles, but broke out of her contract and established her own record label called Blue Vinyl. From here, she released her first full length album titled Every letter I sent you. which housed the single "Square (2017)" which became a hit - which is difficult to get, not everybody has that to their credit. She then went into hiding for another year and returned once again this December with an excellent album that subverted expectations. She took the singer/songwriter elements of her first album but applied them to airy electronic music. It was a perfect follow-up, one that satisfied fans like myself. Honestly, she's one of the most refreshing voices in K-Pop.

    Speaking of refreshing and excellence, Yukika misses the #1 spot by a couple of votes! The city pop songstress released her immaculate debut album SOUL LADY this year to much acclaim from the PopJustice baguettes, so it's no surprise to see her here. At #3 it's HA:TFELT, ex-Wonder Girl legend, who also released a full length last year. 1719 is quite possibly one of the heaviest K-Pop albums I have ever listened to and you can tell how much she poured her heart into it. Yeseo is someone I wasn't aware of until this poll, but I'm obsessed with her mini album from this year after listening to it a couple hours ago.​
  17. Oh, it didn't even occur to me Yukika was a K-Indie artist, or I totally would have voted for her.
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  18. Bop!

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  19. aux


    I'm trying to come up with a witty post to get us to the next page so one of my fellow co-hosts can make their reveal but my mind is blank.

  20. Stream the KSOTY 2020 winner

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