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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. Can I retroactively change my vote for Most Annoying Fanbase?
  2. Wait, I voted for OOHYO too. Why aren't they at #5 @hosts?

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  3. Cause @tea didn't vote.

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  4. Why didn't you vote @tea?

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  5. aux


    They voted last night, actually. This was their ballot.

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  6. [​IMG]
    2. Crossroads - GFRIEND
    3. Poison - Dahye
    4. So What - LOONA
    5. Black Swan - BTS

    Whew! This category was very eclectic, pretty much everyone voted for a different song, but Alien did come out with the majority.

    And it's very much deserved I think, the song was released in October and clocked in at #6 in October's KPJC - a VERY stacked month with Loona, Twice, and Blackpink all releasing new albums - to be fair. But thankfully a good sistren supersaved it for the KSOTY rate because the song is fucking good! It was covered in Best Co-ed Group, but Lee Suhyun is one half of AKMU, and this was her solo debut; she definitely has the chops to go down the ballad route but instead she opted for this little stylish, colorful bop, so good for her for showing her big pop girl capabilities. Kween!

    Another tasteful raw vegan pxssy KPJ hit[citation needed] is Crossroads by GFRIEND. This song follows more of their classic, pre-Apple sound: being a very well-produced, emotional bop. Some of the criticism for this song was that it sounds too similar to their other songs and while it's kinda true... umm the song still slaps! Whew the MV is so good too.. I literally get connected to their lives they depict for like the five minutes, yeah.. where are their Oscars?

    In third place is Poison by former BESTie's member Dahye, and well:


    Poison is a very fun vibrant lil latine-flavoured Ethnic Hip bop, but it's actually a cover of Uhm Jung Hwa's classic "Poison" from her fourth album "Invitiation" released all the way back in July 1998! So make sure you check out the original, unnies, this song was a smasher back in the day! Anyway, the cover does a very good job of following the original, and Dahye's voice and tones perfectly match this type of song, and she sounds great!!

    In fourth place is the controversial So What by LOONA, which saw them go full-force for a girl krush concept. Personally, I'm a gigantic fan of this song along with all their other music so.. orbitches we won't be seeing any more of those dated lashings!


    As for fifth place... you un-coordinated unnies fffff. It got literally two votes and its remaining competition each got one vote so it scammed its way into a placement. Before I listened to the song (for the first time ever) I was trying to come up with a way to promote Blackswan(/Rania's) "Goodbye" until I realized both of the votes said BTS directly. You win this time, @An Insider & @Glitterizer! Anyway, I've listened to it in a private tab with a VPN so it wont fuck up my youtube with BTS recommendations for the next 6 months, so antis still stay winning!

    Umm well about Black Swan... I wouldn't say it's terrible when I compare it to Life Goes Along fff. I'd say this song sounds kind of on par with other similar rap/trap-flavoured boy group songs... but it also doesn't really have like a "Wow!" moment either that those types of songs usually go for? It's all very........subdued? I don't want to admit it but it's actually not terrible, unnies. If you enjoyed their Fake Love song it's maybe similar to this.

    Since everyone's choice probably means something to them, here is a playlist of them all - after the top 5, it's listed in order of ballot submissions. Have a look!

  7. @An Insider @BTS

    I know this is Stereotypical Army Behavior™, but a lot of the appeal of Black Swan for me is in the lyrics. It's about creative burnout and falling out of love with your art, something I experienced harshly in 2020 ffff
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  8. Oh, so that explains On, Dynamite & Life Goes On.

  9. Not us scamming a placement in a positive category here the way Armys scam the Billboard charts. Ahh, my f*cking faves!

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  10. Also, scream at the playlist basically being all the SuperByeol songs.

    Suga trying to make KPJ stan him
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  11. Hmm I think y'all misspelled "Mamba" and "aespa" here.
  12. aux


  13. Anyway, I didn’t know So What would be considered underrated here, but it’s nice to see as it’s a bop. For GFriend, I would’ve picked Love Spell, but Crossroads is a great song, too.

    I knew I was going to vote BTS for this category and I was going to vote either My Time or Black Swan. Jungkook’s My Time performance at the online concert got me into the whole rabbit hole. Great song, too! But I saw unnie @Glitterizer post about Black Swan in the thread so I decided teamwork may make the dream work... so here we are! We will choose to enjoy this short lived moment, dahlings!

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  14. I’m new to LOONA but I loved every song they have in the KSOTY rate except So What dd

    The thing with Crossroads is that it got completely overshadowed by Labyrinth, despite being the title track, so it really was a prime candidate for this category.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member what world is Dynamite UNDERrated?! I'm truly baffled by so many of the choices here.
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  16. Dd it was probably a troll vote.
  17. I’m actually not here to gush about BTS for once ddd I just wanted to say that Alien is a colossal bop so deserved.

    But who am I kidding justice for Black Swan.
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  18. aux


    Not that anyone asked but my vote went for "Crossroads" which is still my favourite comeback by GFRIEND this year. An evergreen bop.

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  19. Another win for ALT ghays

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  20. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    @Kuhleezi promoting Dynamite for the umpteenth time?
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