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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. Just quoting this post because this was actually a fantastic music video (well... I mean... It’s a relative, right???) that I imagine a lot of folks missed...
    I encourage you to watch it...

  2. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Bee tea peach firecracker hm now that was a classic
  4. 4 emojis representing group having 4 members? Filmed in Georgia? Beyoncé inspired? Tea representing classiness and the cracker implying its a banger?

    Hm... WAIT!!!!

    But this is from 4 years ago and the category is most overrated not best song ever released.

  5. GFriend for most improved when they’ve been killing it since they debuted? Weirdos... Why do y’all hate kpop girl group concepts that aren’t catered to western tastes? Not everything needs to be “Little Mix but make it Korean”.
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  6. Nooo there’s no need for that...
    Drag them...
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  7. I too hate Dynamite by non-K-Pop group BTP.
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  9. April - LALALILALA
    Any track from Walpurgis Night
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  10. aux


    2. The friendships we made along the way during this cursed year.
    3. #KSOTY19 hosted by @Slice of Life
    4. Assorted KPSC memories
    5. Achievements in @Slice of Life's Charts

    Not to toot my own horn too much, but it was a clean sweep for my iconic K-Pop Slasher reboot. It had been a couple years since the K-Pop sub-forum had a Slasher outing, so it was damn time we had our own. Some highlighted moments in here were @thommyh voting for their win and @eliminathan voting for The Slashies, where everyone began revealing their tragic moments. I'll be honest, I had a blast hosting the game looking back at it, but lord, it was a fucking mess when it was happening. We'll get to that fuckery in the next post when I reveal your favourite moments of K-Pop Slasher.

    This was probably the cutest vote we got, a lot of you mentioned how this cursed year brought us all together. This was certainly the case for me, I found a lot of solace in K-Pop and the friendships I made along the year on here. I made some of the closest friends I've ever made this year and I owe a lot of that to the forum. The people who I've befriended know who they are and it's really been a pleasure. I'm glad to hear that it appears to have been the same for others as I know this year kicked us all in the ass in different ways. @Slice of Life once told me this place was like a little family, with our flaws and constant fighting, we're still in here together - this was definitely the way it was this year.

    A lot of people brought up #KSOTY19, our yearly tradition to celebrate K-Pop released the year past. #KSOTY19 was certainly a riot with a lot of iconic moments a bunch of meltdowns and hilarious fights. People also brought up their achievements on KPSC, with @codecat's getting a mention and @BEST FICTION tooting their own horn by saying they broke the record for most entries. The last one were achievements in the K-Pop Charts, with me voting for Robyn charting, @junglefish voting for GFRIEND taking their #1stWin and @OspreyQueen voting for "Lay Back" charting before the world went to chaos.​
  11. Ahh the way we were able to get rid of the idols while arousing little to no suspicion for the entire duration of the game


    When I realize I'll have to come up with a new strategy for the next edition

  12. aux


    2. @aux's meltdown(s)


    The votes were practically split in half between "@Vixen getting eliminated" and "@Vixen's test backfiring", so we had to give her the crown. For those who didn't participate, @Vixen was a Slasher and her brilliant plan was to message multiple people, administering a test in which players had to say how many words were in the message they had received from me. It was a way to prove their innocence. Lo and behold, the test began being administered by others too, following the Vixenprint. What wasn't account for with this test is that the host might have fucked up with the messages, which meant some people had different messages... Oops. This all gloriously backfired in a double elimination which saw @Vixen get eliminated alongside @GeiPanda. Fatality.



    As for my meltdown, hehe...






    That happened.


    Can't wait to have another meltdown again this year.

  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Every time I think about @Vixen unnie's Academy Award-winning performance on the K-Pop Slasher, I kinda lose it and have to scream a little fffffff
  14. Omg my favourite moment in the Slasher PMs was when when we were all talking about who to sacrifice when it got to that point and we all agreed on @GeiPanda for some reason and then GeiPanda replied five pages later being all like "wtf i don't agree to this" ddd
  15. I really need to get started reading dozens of pages of redacted tomfoolishness huh


    By the way, shout out to @Newbie Four's pretty much every post. How can I submit codes on a British pop music server to the Pulitzer cause they serve it to us every single time.
  16. It’s not the one I voted for, but in retrospect my favorite moment was @eliminathan realizing I was a slasher after thinking I was his good idol judy since the start of the game. Sorry sis ♡ you know I had to.
  17. aux


    In case anyone wants some entertainment while waiting for my co-hosts next reveals, why not rediscover the K-Pop Slasher I: Melody of Death thread and relive the memories.

  18. What's funnier about this is that I was actually the one who initiated the whole "Maybe we should throw @GeiPanda under the bus to save face. If we're amongst the first few peoples to call him out, they won't suspect us too too much in the earlier days, and we can always change it at the end if someone brings some decent argument against somebody else" thing - to which the other Slashers agreed.......only for Gei to finally come in and talk for the first time in a dozen of pages (ddd no shade but it's true!!) with the following:
    And if you guys don't believe in karma™, a few hours after that the thread shifted completely from targetting @Monkey0 and @GeiPanda to @ysev (I believe?) to finally your dearest.

    The fact that I wasn't even that suspicious to begin with, people were just jealous that I'm pretty, smart, talented and everything they're not!1!1!!

  19. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I still can't believe I was voted out like that

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