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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. I still don't know how that game works and I'm not sure I have the strength to participate in the new installment, dddd.
    I also remembered I won the first Hunger Games via Luna and I am still to host the next one...
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  2. None of that stopped me from consistently casting wrong votes across the course of the event.

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  3. Aw, speaking of friends, also appreciation post for @Slice of Life being really accommodating and inviting me to join the rates as I was still new to the sub-forum! I see you and appreciate all your efforts, unnie

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  4. And sorry for the double post, but of course, special mention to my forum Armys (and who I consider some of my forum besties) @superloves and @Glitterizer it’s been so fun stanning the sub-forum’s pariah with you both!! Thank you for helping me get into the rabbit hole and I love our discussions, both the insightful and embarrassing fawning over the boys. Here’s to more messes we’ll get this year

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  5. [​IMG]
    3. Why Not? - LOONA
    4. Feel Good (Secret Code) - fromis_9
    5. COOL - Weki Meki


    Good job InSomniacs! The lil K-rock/metal KPJ faves Dreamcatcher snatch first place with their comeback Scream, the title track of their debut studio album "Dystopia: The Tree Of Language" from last year's February.

    Scream is good! It's definitely excellently produced, and has all the elements to make it feel like a *big* comeback moment that just pops sonically and visually. It's a great equal opposite to the more synthpoppy & dreamy 80s sound a lot of the major groups opted for this year. My favourite part is that lil refrain part of the song where Sua & Siyeon sings. Ah.. underrated vocalists methinks.

    In second place is APRIL's LALALILALA, which follows them doing the very popular synthpop sound from 2020. Ah.. it's gorgeous, unnies! This is definitely one of the best comebacks of the year, and yet it still feels underrated dddd. There isn't too much to say.. the song slaps, it's well-produced, the girls sound great. And it's definitely on par or better than a similar soundscape song like Dumhdurum but y'all ain't ready for that conversation..

    LOONA's Why Not? comes third, and wow, what a moment. The chorus is very brain-melting (in a good way) which would block it from being the true best comeback of the year unfortunately :(. But yeah everything about this song is a complete serve and it's definitely one of their best songs for the sheer ambition of it alone [​IMG]

    Feel Good (Secret Code) is another excellently-produced song that dips into the dance-y/dreamy/synthpop sound, but it still has that sense of cuteness that a lot of fromis_9's songs manage to have. I'm very excited to see f9 go down this path more!!! My Little Society is one of my fave minis of the year, and Weather is like one of my most played songs of the year dd.

    And in fifth place is Weki Meki's COOL which is a fucking serve. The production and beat of this is like... absolutely god tier. It's the perfect fusion of classic dancepop girl crush and that synthpop sound from 2020.

    Now.... is it controversial if I admit that I actually like the English version 100 FACTS more? It just.. hits way differently nn. Even the "ay-ay-ay-ay" pops off more for me. It's just so like..ultimate bhaddie girly-movie-fight-scene-in-a-giant-nightclub-music teas. I'lI never forget speeding down the empty motorway at 3am in my friend's car with this BLASTING with the bass turned all the way fuck up right after xum's ddalala came on... y'all should try that out!

    All in all, all of these songs were definitely top tier releases overall AND top tier songs from their respective groups as well, so we really got spoiled this year, didn't we?​
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  6. nn the 100 FACTS chorus keeps randomly popping into my head despite me only actually having listened to that version of the song like once or twice. That's impact.
  7. I’m gonna pretend LALALILALA won
  8. Say it in size 7 font sis!


    Scandal @ 'Scandalous' not taking it!!!

    (But honestly that top 5 is all tea, wbk nothing was gonna beat Twice/GFriend/Sunmi)

    EDIT: Oop @ me quoting a deleted post, not my inability to embed a gif causing yet another scandal
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  9. nn I just deleted it to avoid starting any mess, but you're right actually


    (Dreamcatcher and LOONA, two of the most popular groups in the sub-forum, even being there is a bit ehh, but anyway)


    I voted for Scandalous too, deserved top 5 at the very least.
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  10. [​IMG]
    2. Pantomime - WJSN
    3. Ghosting - TXT
    4. Dolphin - Oh My Girl

    Ah... when it's right, it's right.

    Just edging out the victory is Tweaks ~ Heavy cloud but no rain, taken from their fourth EP "The Keys", released in April.

    This song is exquisite, methinks. It has a very soothing, airy and dreamy synthpop production mixed in with a like... little mini nightclub beat. But what makes it special is that it's never pushed beyond that, it stays and feels very subdued and held back - there's no elaborate crazy beat worked in, which most definitely would have happened if this was reworked to be a main comeback nn - just (7) women sounding great over a nice beat, which is what we all want at the end of the day, isn't it? It's also one of those songs that carries a kind of sad & optimistic tone but they don't make it depressing ddd - they make it quite uplifting, actually. They spilled a bit on this one.

    A very worthy runner-up which only just lost out is Pantomime by the similarly-named (but no connection at all ddd) WJSN, taken from their eighth(!!) EP "Neverland", released in June.

    This is another one of my favourites!! The production on this is so interesting, isn't it? It's feels so on-trend but it's also not? Like it's upside-down in a way ddd? The melodies in this are just so fucking good and unexpected, the instrumentation is great too - I loooove the little like nn fourth-wall break horror movie type of teas of the beat pausing and warping during the pre-chorus and then it goes into a drop. In a different (official) rendition, there is a live, slower acoustic version of this which is quite a different take on it - their harmonies sound great!

    In third place is Ghosting by TXT, taken from their third EP "minisode1 : Blue Hour", from October.

    This is another intriguing B-side; it has a very late-teen movie OST kind of quality to it - in a good way ddd - with an 80s pop-rock production. It's very broody, but also very cozy at the same time?? Its chorus is very.. silently dancing while looking out of the passenger seat car window while it's raining, teas. I like it!! hmm.. I think I might be getting my txt stan card laminated.

    And in fourth place is the one I actually voted for ddd, Dolphin by Oh My Girl, from their 7th mini-album "Nonstop", released in April as well!

    Ah... this song is just so relaxing and fun in the end result, and it's so so satisfying that this song became a smash hit for them. Part of the song's charm is it that it has a very melancholic quality to it...a real sense of yearning or sumn.. that just completely draws you into it. I hear it in their vocals.


  11. What mosly made Tweaks ~ Heavy cloud but no rain my pick, as well as one of my favorite songs of the year, is how much it reminds me of the dreamier half of Dress To Kill by After School... which is pretty much a formative release for me. It could easily be inserted anywhere in that flawless Shh - Yes No Yes - Heaven - in the moonlight section.

    I guess what I'm saying is: GWSN, please continue in this direction!

    edit: Turns out Andreas Öberg was behind Tweaks, Yes No Yes, and in the moonlight. Ahh, I love connections!
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  12. Talent is what he is.
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  13. 3 iconics facts about 'Tweaks ~'. [​IMG]
    1. Composed and produced by the same people who did Kim Lip's Eclipse. There's definitely a similar dreamy and lush vibe to both songs. Both fantastic in their own rights. 'Tweaks~' has something a little bit dreamier than 'Eclipse', very reminiscent of the rain actually.
    2. The line distribution is abolutely ridiculous, I love it dddd. An absolute mess.
    3. Similarly to the previous point, they recently released some sort of musical clips for 'Tweaks~' as a Christmas gift for the fans, including "individual" ones even for the members who barely have 4 seconds of singing time. So, there you go, watch Miya trying to entertain the camera for nearly 4 minutes straight although she's only lipsynching to 4 seconds of those kiii.
  14. Also a big lovely shoutout to oppa @Cotton Park for voting for fromis_9's Weather
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  15. My votes for not-popular comeback and album track not making the top 5 at all...

    @aux @thommyh @BEST FICTION I demand Best B-Side/Comeback That Isn't Popular Enough To Win The Best B-Side/Comeback That Isn't Popular Enough to Win The Best B-Side/Comeback categories for next year.
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  16. The messages that covered the rectangular screen
    and forth, we were so good
    ing is strange, already been a week
    A checkmark greets me, just one

    blankly look at the lonely floating window
    the right side, only my words scrolling alone
    getting more and more anxious
    day, all day, all day, all day

    of a sudden you disappeared, disappeared
    Like a faint ghost, disappeared
    sometimes ask into the void
    am I to you?

    be honest, I know already
    answer" that is your answer
    can't get used to this
    fact that I am alone

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  17. Wait Twinks won?! Ahhhh the taste!!!!! Don't need umbrella!!!!


    O.T. Wow, Ghosting, you say? Deserved!! Another case of talent and twink going hand in hand, I fear.

  19. "Sad but true!"
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  20. Why did nobody supersaiyan that GWSN track tho

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