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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. "Sad but true!"

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  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
    3. Nonstop - Oh My Girl
    4. Boca/Scream - Dreamcatcher
    5. Black Mamba - aespa

    I don't wanna talk about this song! Fuck y'all! So basically Dynamite was by far the biggest song on 2020 in Korea and also one of the biggest hits... worldwide, sadly. Is it amazing that a Korean group has made such a big impact in the States that they can spend multiple weeks at #1? Absolutely. Is this the song that should've done it? NOT AT ALL. BTS deserves all their success, cause even if their latest music isn't my cup of tea, I can't deny that they work their fucking asses off and have been for years. But god damn, 11 weeks ate #1 on the Gaon Charts, the most of any song ever. 610 hours at #1 on all music charts, for 610 perfect all kills, the second most being Zico's Any Song with 330 perfect all kills. The world record for Most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours. A Grammy nod for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. 30 music show wins, the most of any song ever... Just absolutely INSANE numbers... For her? I could not believe...

    I gotta admit, this one was just me being shady. I voted for La Di Da despite liking it just cause I didn't want Nonstop to be #2. And I'd do it again, you cunts! The forum does kinda obsess over this song a bit tew much, when it is good but just not amazing. That's my OPINION!!!

    I refuse to acknowledge anyone calling Nonstop overrated... I firmly believe it deserved even more than what it received in Korea! Yes it was the biggest girl group release in 2020, but it needs more! MORE ACCOLADES! MORE SUCCESS!

    Scream & Boca both received the same number of votes, so I've lumped them together here. I mean, I disagree entirely, but poor Boca specifically. I don't think anyone has really even mentioned her much for her to get scalped like this!

    Black Mamba is another odd choice. I think only like... @soratami & @eccentricsimply actually openly admit to stanning this. But pop off a bit anyway!

    Other votes included Cool by Weki Meki, Apple by Gfriend, So What by LOONA, So Bad by STAYC, Dumhdurum by Apink, Wannabe by ITZY and Voice by LOONA. I'll let you guys fight over who you think voted for what dd​
  4. Yaaas list all of D*namite's not entirely deserved accolades!


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  5. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Not this @Slice of Life erasure!

    But honestly if people think these songs are overrated

    I'll take this as a win for Black Mamba!

    And before y'all @ me I didn't vote in this category!
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  6. And cause I need to go to sleep...

    2. Not Shy - ITZY
    3. How You Like That - BLACKPINK

    Black Mamba had a clear win here. The video was hyped to a bit too much due to it being a big SM girl group debut, and sadly it fell a bit flat. The girls all look gorgeous, but some dodgy editing and clear favouritism really bring the overall quality of the video down. The fact that they have Karina in the center of the second chorus, just to do the cut away to her which adds literally nothing to the video... Like, let Winter have her center chorus, come on! And their æ literally add NOTHING to the video. In fact only æ-Winter & æ-Karina even make appearances in the video, and they look very choppily done, not nearly on the K/DA level. They still have heaps of potential to grow and they definitely will. Imagine writing Red Velvet off solely on Happiness, or f(x) on La Cha Ta... I hope the girls really bring it next time! And it's currently the quickest debut video to reach 100 million views, so clearly they're doing something right!

    Not Shy randomly got quite a few votes. It's not a remarkable video to me, in fact I don't think I've really watched it very many times at all. But conceptually it has some sort of vague storyline, which none of their other videos too, and for that I'm willing to give it a few points. But you guys thought it was overrated, so feel free to elaborate if you voted for it!

    As with all BLACKPINK releases, How You Like That broke records when it dropped. But is it not just a rehash of DDDD & Kill This Love? The answer depends on who you ask. Styling is gorgeous, the sets are great, but it's kinda nothingy overall, right? Well y'all thought so anyway!​

  7. The way this poll keeps shattering the illusion of the KPJ sub-forum actually having good taste.
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  8. Boca is bad
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  9. Me complaining to the dentist about my braces
  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  11. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I... don't really get saying Black Mamba is a bad video. Like, I get some of y'all hate Black Mamba and some of y'all hate aespa's existence, but if anything the visuals are really well done.

    But oh well, their impact is undeniable so

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  12. @junglefish's taste like his original gif url

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  13. None of those videos are bad at all, and I haven't seem them be too praised either?
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  14. Yeah, I guess music videos being overrated isn't really that much of a thing, because they usually only get a lot of praise if they're actually really good. Maybe it would make more sense to have a worst/most disappointing music video category instead.

    The most disappointing video of the year for me would definitely be How You Like That. I was expecting something amazing after the visual spectacle that was the Kill This Love video, but all we got was a cheap and uninspired copy.
  15. You gave 9 points to Monster back in July
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  16. And ready to give them again in February!

    I'm a little monster
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  17. This is absurd! Monster is at least a 9.5
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  18. I already said my piece on Dynamite earlier (issa bop, makes me happy, etc.), but to be honest, I think BTS were just able to accumulate enough power up to this point that any passable bright pop song in English would’ve smashed globally.

    That’s why I hope Big Hit doesn’t take this as a sign that the writers or producers were geniuses or anything for creating their biggest hit... that they would seek to employ him again. They would probably have been able to (and hopefully, will still be able to) smash just the same with English versions of much better songs like DNA or Boy With Luv.
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  19. Itzy coming second for their worst comeback yet?

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  20. I've never seen such incorrect and untruthful allegations in just three lines
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