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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. I voted for this because it was just them in a car for 75% of the time and all the choreo we got if we did get any was just them looking tired ffff. And I wasn't getting my full Wild West™ fantasy either
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  2. Dd I randomly voted for this cause I hated that it was half arsed concept, we need the drama, we need MURDER!

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  3. Reveal something, you heathens.

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  4. aux


    It's still a work in progress, because we wanna make sure that we're very respectful to the creative process. We're not robotic, we can't just put things together.


    Jokes aside, all hosts are currently a lil' busy outside of the forum. I'm currently trying to finish two three thousand word essays so y'all won't be hearing from me until tomorrow.


    Anticipate our comeback, we promise to comeback with a more mature image.


    In the meantime, populate the thread with hot takes.

  5. Having a life?
  6. Lee Jung Hyun p*ved the way

  7. Did someone say hot?

    Sorry, I just got carried away.
  8. Good In Bed by Dua Lipa is a great song.

  9. If you're gonna post hateful takes at least make them K-Pawp related, beast.
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  10. I guess someone’s bad in bed

  11. goddess of all asia according to the most reliable in the world aka ME

    1st gen soloists rate coming soon this year
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  12. aux


    2. "Feel Special" getting a three (3) from @Vixen


    Hello. This is @aux. It’s been snowing lots and the weather is getting cold. Is everyone doing well? It’s late but I’m nervous coming to greet you guys via a post like this. Firstly, I wanted to apologize for causing many people such a huge pain and for worrying everyone due my lacking ways. When I was 20, in 2020, I started my trainee life and up to now, I stood before everyone as K-PopJustice’s @aux. This is my life’s everything. As I came to an age that is both young and mature while living in the small society that is called the entertainment industry, I wanted to see LOONA do better than anyone at my work, and I have always thought that achieving that is what is the most important to me. As I thought personally that I've been growing LOONA's fanbase organically, I did not realise that the way I communicated this or expressed it could become a problem and I thought that everyone's way of rigging charts was just different respectively.

    In response to the past incident, I have been at the receiving end of much worry and reprimand, both by the public and of course, people around me. Due to this, I had the time to silently reflect on myself. Also, although I am undeserving, there were the members, fans and staff that took care of me by my side and I came to the realisation that it was due to the care of these people that I was able to promote without much issue all this while.

    Just as much as we are unable to turn back time, I am also making efforts so as not to go back to my past self. I have realized the gravity of words and actions and will become a more mature person. In the future, I will not only try to show good sides of me as K-PopJustice’s maknae and as a singer, but I will also work hard so as not to disappoint everyone as the human, Auxiliary Cord.

    As this is something that happened due to my lacking ways, I hope that there will not be any more people that receive criticism due to it. It is late but, happy new year.

  14. [​IMG]
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  15. I don't know what payola y'all are talking about, but that rewritten Irene letter is *chef's kiss*
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  16. aux


    As for this... Fuck you @Vixen!!! Next time I see you working the night shift at the gas station, it's on sight.

  17. When @Vixen sees she just won the gold and silver medals for mess of the year, in addition to winning the Best Slasher moment for her scandalous performance

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  18. The 10 pointers being that (rigged) fan-voting thingy on IDOLCHAMP or whatever, the 9 points being sales, the 8 pointers the MV views and the 7 pointers the Digitals...yup yup!!!

    The talentry that you guys demonstrate every time with these edits... Never change, guys.

    And as for you @aux-rene ...

  19. Lest we forget.
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  20. aux


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