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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]

    You motherfucking whore! You put your motherfucking hands on me?!

    Guys, did you see that bitch fucking spit in my motherfucking face?!?!

    Bitch @aux, i'll take you out!!


    ( @Vixen, backstage in the confessional): [...] because I'm giving sloppy toppy to the gas station manager and you're out there giving 5s to classics like 'No' from @CLC, you're gonna spit in my fucking face?! Uh huh


    ( @Vixen on @aux's saliva): her breath smelled like straight up SHIT. It smelled like a toilet full of nasty ass SHIT, okay?
  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    @Vixen capping off her reputation era with two wins in the K-PopJustice Forum Poll....... truly the Big Pop Girl of our subforum. Congrats unnie........
  3. Caught the puta 15 minutes later, noooooo tsktjdjdjd
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  4. [​IMG]
    2. @Squashua
    3. @eliminathan
    4. @eatyourself
    5. @ThighHighs

    Well... This was unexpected! I guess the girls are all a bit tired of the peace the forum has offered and want someone to come and spice it up a bit. Roux was one of very first LOONA stans and also a bit antagonizing. I must admit, his activity took place mainly when I was on my sabbatical with K-Pop in 2014-2016, so I missed most of his wrath. But with my comeback, I noticed a lot of friction in the once friendly sub-forum. A lot of passive aggressive posts about users, some random hot takes and a meltdown leading to a permanent ban... It was a rollercoaster. Funnily enough, 17th of January 2017 is when those threads were created in the screenshot... And guess what triggered it?

    Roux did make his re-debut as LOOΠΔ but I believe was promptly banned when he was uncovered. Honestly, I believe he was a BTS anti, so maybe he should return? Seems like he will fit in perfectly with the more combative style of the forum now. So what do you think, girlies? Don't say no!

    Squashua, the creator of KPSC and our original SOTY host, received the second most votes. Our good sis hasn't logged in since August 31, 2018, as he is currently in a country that doesn't allow access to this forum doing some great things! But he does still participate in Slicey's Monthly Charts and keeps up to date with K-Pop, so hopefully he will make a comeback eventually. My twin brother eliminathan also made a placement. He's not really gone, he's just lazy, and with GOT7 & possibly CLC disbanding in 2021, who knows when he will have any news to celebrate with us! But look forward to his version of KPSC that he is still working on. He's very respectful to the creative process. eatyourself makes an appearance too, as they had sort of taken a step back from the forum towards the end of 2020. But they've been posting and kikiing with us the entire time in this thread, so let me take credit for this miracle! ThighHighs isn't exactly gone, but they haven't made their 2021 comeback yet. And only 20 posts since August 2020? Where are you, we miss you.

    Other users who were mentioned were @OspreyQueen, who voted for herself, queen. @Love Deluxe who participated in this vote and is very much still around, @Glitterizer who is more active than ever, @hakkangin who hasn't been active since August 28, 2012, @send photo who is never coming back gretchen champagne.gif & @Seger... who is closer than you might think.​
  5. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Nawt @hakkangin FFFFFFFFFFF

    He created (?) the K-Pop (General Discussion) thread so he literally #pavedtheway. And I have been sending him PMs since last year ffffff. These PMs contain results of KPJC and KSOTY fffffffff. Don't come back pls.
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  7. do I need to make a comeback if I’m still a fresh bright eyed rookie in my KPJ debut era ddddddd
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  8. I don't feel like studying so what's the tea on this ññ
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  9. I think hakkangin just doesn't post and send photo left the forum and deleted all his posts, ruining most threads in the process, which is why we had to open a new Random Thoughts x
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. wait that's why the forum broke???????
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  12. The first time, yes. Other times I'm not so sure. I believe the K-Pop thread went through it when Seger deleted all his posts for no good reason as well.
  13. Initially voted for @ThighHighs but then I removed my vote after seeing him liking gugudan slander posts.... thoughts and prayers sis hoping the dungeon is confy and has hot water x

  14. Now I need this?

    AN 11!
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  15. Aww I'm honored to make the top 5! My activity around here has plummeted since October but as @BEST FICTION stated on the post, I'm already doing my round of pre-comeback promo (magazine covers, TV show appearances, stirring chaos with my stylist to gain traction) and preparing my comeback to be released soon™. Be ready for intricate choreo, whistle-note adlibs and demonic concept, but with a groove.

  16. RBB <3
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  17. Does anyone else think roux is actually back already? I have a couple of suspicions.
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  18. Hopefully.
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  19. You're so messy nn

    Vote: @Dangerous Maknae
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