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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. Just say @aux. Similar usernames, both Orbits, and the timing makes sense

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  4. aux


  5. That Irene letter I HATE you @aux for the cackle I just let out.
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  6. So nobody is going to enlighten me on the whole "payola" thing, huh? Okay, I see how it is.
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  7. It starts on this page of the October chart thread dd Enjoy!
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  8. I remember when all of that was happening and I was fairly new to the K-Pop sub forum and was like what the fuck did I just get myself involved in ddddd
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  9. Thanks! It happened right on my birthday, so naturally I missed it, dddd.
  10. aux


    Right flops, here's our next set of reveals!

    Best Post
    Best Male Soloist
    Best Female Soloist
    Best Debut
    Worst Debut

    Any guesses of what swept each of these categories?


  11. [​IMG]
    As for worst debut. Well.
  12. [​IMG]
    2. Chungha
    3. Yerin Baek
    4. BoA

    Not bad for a girl with no album. Sunmi had a quiet year in 2020, but somehow still placed above her competition. The enduring impact of this legend is too much. She started the year with an OST called Gotta Go, which broke the mould for what a soundtrack song could sound like. No more boring ass ballads, we got bops, and the other girls followed with Chungha & Hyolyn also giving us some great OSTs this year. She followed it up with her first comeback since August 2019's LALALAY, with the KPJC's June #1 pporappippam. The song showed off a completely different style for Sunmi, becoming her first single to actually talk about love, a concept Sunmi had purposely avoided her entire solo career. She went on to release a JYP collaboration, When We Disco, which proved to be a huge smash in Korea, becoming the 2nd best selling single released in August. She dropped a special video for her track Borderline later in the year, as it had been almost 20 months she had performed it at the WARNING Tour in January 2019. The song is completely in English and talks about her experience with Borderline Personality Disorder, which Sunmi was diagnosed with 5 years prior. Sunmi has teased some of the tracks that will appear on her next project, and it looks like things are in motion to begin very soon. Now everyone pray it's a full album so she can win this title again next year!

    Chungha also had a pretty incredible year given she was also meant to release a damn album. Stay Tonight, Play & Dream of You were released as pre-release singles for her first full length album, which is now coming February 2021. Sadly her plans were halted when she contracted COVID-19 in December, but thankfully she is back on track, even dropping another pre-release single earlier today for the full release next month!

    Yerin Baek started the year off right at the top with the December 2019 release of Every letter I sent you which spawned the Korean #1 single Square (2017). After much anticipation she released the follow up tellusboutyourself last month which doubled her previous album's first week sales... But hasn't sold much since then. Both singles, Hate You & 0415 also missed the Top 50 on the charts, but they were well received by the forum so werk, mawma! Looking forward to December 10, 2021 for another album!

    BoA celebrated her 20th anniversary in the business this year with the release of her 10th album, Better. It outsold her past three albums Kiss My Lips, Woman & Starry Night. The single didn't set the charts alight, but the album far exceeded expectations. And we know from BoA, the album was all quality. Sadly a silly misunderstanding led to a bit of a scandal in December, but I have no doubt BoA will bounce back from it.
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  13. You know what I see there?


    (Where’s TAEYEON though?)
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  14. Wait i never knew sunmi had borderline personality disorder. That makes me stan her even more.
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  15. Yeah, I didn't either. I just got that same diagnosis last summer, so... this is pretty special ♡
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  16. aux


    2. Kai
    3. Baekhyun
    4. Wonho
    5. WOODZ

    For all the shit I throw at men for doing the bare minimum and getting praise (which is true), I feel like the boys kinda brought it this year.

    Taemin swept and it is absolutely not surprising considering he kinda terrorised 2020 with a lot of content. The SHINee and SuperM member released "2 Kids", a pre-release single from his two part album Never Gonna Dance Again. Not even two weeks later, Taemin released "100", another pre-release track, this time for SuperM's first studio album Super One. In the first week of September, SuperM dropped another pre-release track ("Tiger Inside") and seven days later, Taemin made his solo comeback with "Criminal" and the first part of Never Gonna Dance Again. Later that month, pretty much straight from finishing promotional activities for "Criminal", SuperM made their comeback with the album Super One alongside the title track "One (Monster & Infinity)". The second part of Never Gonna Dance Again was unleashed with "Idea" in early November. According to Stan Twitter™, with this consistent stream of content, Taemin becomes the youngest K-Pop singer to release a new album or single for 13 years straight. The most impressive part is that he's still going with SHINee's long awaited comeback in February.

    Another male from SuperM makes the list with Kai who along made their anticipated solo debut with their self-titled mini album and the excellent title track "Mmmh". The entire mini is a fantastic slice of R&B. Speaking of EXO and SuperM members, Baekhyun makes the list at number three. It is no surprise seeing him on here, considering Delight, his second mini album, is the best selling album by a soloist in Korea in 2020. It is also the first album by a soloist to sell over one million copies in 19 years. It is a fantastic release, so the success is more than deserved. Wonho also makes another appearance, the MONSTA X alumni made his solo debut with "Losing You" which is boring as fuck and later had his comeback with "Open Mind" which honestly slaps. I don't really know who WOODZ is, but I just listened to "Bump Bump" :)​
  17. Whew! And the talent continues. I don’t know who WOODZ is but let me check him out. The others? CHEFS KISS. The way the SuperM boys dominate. The way Wonho owns my whole ass. The way Queen Taemin deserves the world. The way I stan Kai even though he lowkey can’t sing. I love them all. And I hate m*n.
  18. WOODZ has lowkey been around forever, but with like 35 different stage names agdjkhfkdls. Most notably he did well in Produce X 101, placing fifth and landing a spot in X1 before it plummeted off a cliff. 'Bump Bump' is nice, but I prefer the rest of its album, as well as 'Love Me Harder':

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  19. I have yet to dive into Taemin's album I'm drowning in rates, but Criminal is 100% amazing. He is giving big pop girl.

    Nooooo not the Avril Lavigne track! I stan it but fff

    He's an ex-member of UNIQ and X1, songwriter / producer and honorary brazilian.

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  20. Some more WOODZ recommendations:

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