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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. Nñn even with my smear campaign, I still gave it quite a good score on the rate.
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  2. Not us fighting over aespa this morning only to unite again through our dislike of ATEEZ

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  3. I know I’m a few pages late but speaking of Brazilian scandals and memes, I was obsessed with the Flordelis drama that went down mid last year.
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  4. I hope all the Brazilian unnies are supporting *** and Ice Cream (feat. Selena Gomez) hater João Luiz on Big Brother!!!!

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  5. nn not my 10 on the charts who should i sue!!!!!

  6. I saw this thread has moved 6 pages and thought some big categories have been revealed, but instead it turned out to be the funeral of @Salami's long hair rights avatar.

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  7. [​IMG]
    2. ATEEZ
    3. NCT

    How many times am I gonna have to write about BTS? Y'all really hate me. What more can be said that I haven't already covered in Artist that needs to En*ist and Most Overrated Song? BTS probably had their biggest year ever with two US Hot 100 #1 singles and the most weeks at #1 for any song in Korea ever. So why is their music so bad? I know the ARMYs were defending Life Goes On earlier, but that song is actually rancid. I can accept praise for Dynamite, cause even though it's not my cup of tea, there are some redeeming qualities in it. It was a well executed concept and they performed it amazingly. But Life Goes On? I have no time or respect for that shit. For a group that has fans constantly trying to convince us they are the best vocalists in the industry, they certainly have a hard time showing that to us. It's a damn shame too cause I know these men are talented, yes, every last one of them. You have to be to last this long and be this big. But Life Goes On does them NO favours. I need the vocal production team fired from BigShit.

    Surprised to see ATEEZ here, merely cause I didn't think anyone cared about them. But here they are, and I'm a bit shocked. I would not call myself a fan at all, especially with anything they released pre-2020. But I gotta say, last year did them some good. Their two main comebacks Inception & Answer were both pretty good as far as ATEEZ songs go. But I will say their performance announcing Kingdom at MAMA was so lackluster, especially compared to the lengths that The Boyz & Stray Kids went. They'll really have to up their game to compete with the others, especially if SF9 really do get added to the line-up.

    NCT also received a few votes. This year for them was spotty. It definitely wasn't as good as 2019 which had the releases of Superhuman & Highway to Heaven by 127, the debut of WayV with releases like Love Talk, Moonwalk and Dream's bop Boom. 2020 saw the release of Kick It & Punch for 127, which... are ok. I like Punch, at least. Dream also released Rollin, which was a step down from Boom but still kinda cute. WayV released Turn Back Time & Bad Alive, which felt more in line with previous NCT releases rather than their own previous releases. The group also combined all 23 members for the release of Resonance, with singles like Make A Wish, From Home, 90s Love & Work It, which are varying degrees of ok. So yeah, wasn't the best showing for NCT this year, but they do always manage to deliver at least one smash a year, so here's to 2021!

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  9. Also I saw an ARMY on Twitter yesterday try and say that J-Hope was a better visual than... our Favourite Visual winner, Jisoo. Like not even V, Jin or Jungkook. J-HOPE! ARMYs work harder than Antis to drag their own faves.

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  10. For the record I didn't vote BTS for any of the "worst" categories because that would've been boring. ATEEZ got my vote because they get a lot of hype by stans on twitter and for... what exactly? They look and sound like any other boy group so I really don't understand it, it's quite frankly bizarre, especially when there are some bgs who don't get even a quarter of the praise but are far more talented.

    Any Atinys on here can explain it to me, I genuinely would love to understand what makes the group appealing to them.
  11. I didn't vote in any of the "worst" categories, because this world needs less negative energy. Especially these days.
  12. If anything I kind of feel like the opposite it happening? Like they used to get a lot of praise in their debut year and yes obviously their fans still hype them up but they’re actually kind of become one of kpop Twitter’s punching bags as time has gone on.

    In terms of what makes them appealing? This comes from someone that doesn’t even like overly dark heavy boy groups but I just thought their Say My Name/HALA HALA era was really impressive for a rookie group but that’s just my opinion. Taste is subjective and all that.
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  13. Hello! First of all "some bgs who don't get even a quarter of the praise but are far more talented" I take issue with, I'd argue ATEEZ is pretty much on-par on the vocal/rapping/dance/whatever else front, and based on your other statements (incl. the video link earlier), it seems the concern lies more with their sound than their ability to execute. Which is fine! Just wanted to clarify.

    The biggest thing that draws me to ATEEZ is the ambition of the project - back-to-back, their first five albums/minis (literally everything from 2018 until last January) play like a rock opera, with numerous musical callbacks to their previous releases. Meaning repeated instrumental motifs, melody lines, lyrical passages etc. It's an approach that rewards investing in them as a group beyond their current promotional cycle - a lot of other groups (bgs especially) try to do this with lore, which I agree is played out, but ATEEZ might be the only group I can think of that properly weaves it into the musical DNA. I love their new releases because it's always exciting to hear bits of their past work recontextualized.

    This uniformity in sound is appealing in a climate where groups are often rewarded for jumping on trends and sounding like anyone other than themselves. Obviously anyone's response to a group's sound will be individual and subjective, but if you like one ATEEZ release, you'll probably like them all. They've worked exclusively with EDENARY, the production/songwriting team behind DREAMCATCHER, which has meant they have similarly anthemic choruses and interesting use of instrumental textures. Again, I can understand their sound not being for everyone, but I think the suggestion that they "look and sound like any other group" runs contrary to the very thing that makes them so beloved.

    Anyways it's 3am and I work in a few hours but couldn't miss this opportunity to set the record straight! Let me know where I can send an invoice for any productivity lost. x


    EDIT: Almost forgot - they have a pirate concept and a bunch of their tracks sound like sea shanties, which is just very cool.
  14. Anyways... let’s get to the next page x

  15. [​IMG]
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  16. aux


    *Patti LaBelle voice* Next page, honey! Next page!

  17. [​IMG]
  18. I am listening to Ateez

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  19. jdjfjjfjf not the gif I made for Stupid Love!!!
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