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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. And I was about to reply “Stupid Love <3” dd

  2. [​IMG]
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  3. He



    edit: these last few pages had me screaming! Hwasa getting geography and language lessons; the Brazilian big 3; the 411 on Tulla; Cuca; boygroup draggings... I feel fed.

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  4. aux


    2. (G)I-DLE
    3. aespa
    4. Rocket Punch

    Lord, this category was a thrill to follow. MAGAMOO and (G)-IDLE were pretty much neck and neck the entire race and with just one vote more than (G)-IDLE, MINSTRELMOO takes the dishonourable award for Worst Female Artist.

    MAMAMOO are a weird group. Ignoring all their problematic behaviour, they're clearly capable of making relatively good music, but their ability to lose all goodwill I have for them by releasing trash straight after is admirable. This is all exemplified by their last comeback. First, they released a commercial film song titled "Wanna Be Myself" which flat out knocks and the entire sub-forum was stanning. They then released a pre-release single, "Dingga" whose title sounds dangerously close to that word, it's almost as if they were doing it on purpose. Oh yeah and the song is middling at best. To finally, making their comeback with "AYA", which is easily one of the worst releases of the year. I don't even know where to start to describe how stale the song is.

    (G)I-DLE, who continue to have the dumbest name in the industry, kickstarted their year by dropping the mini-album I trust alongside the title track "Oh my god". I didn't bother listening to the mini-album because the title track is abysmal. Soyeon and friends then unleashed the digital single "I'M THE TREND" which... exists and later followed it up with "DUMDi DUMDi" which is just okay. Thank fuck they just made another comeback which is proves that they still have it.

    aespa only has one song which has already been spoken about several times in this poll, so I won't bother giving them more attention. As I said earlier, I think "Black Mamba" is just okay - much like "Happiness" and "LA chA TA". I'm waiting for their first comeback to cement my feelings on these girlies. Rocket Punch and BLACKPINK being here is a fucking mess.​
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  5. I always forget about Aya. They do deserve to be there really because that song is a joke.

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  7. I couldn’t think of another one and I think I actually got them mixed up with Weeekly as I was listening to the rate at the time.
  8. Me when KPJ hunties write paragraphs upon paragraphs about boygroups who aren't SHINee:

  9. [​IMG]
  10. I know I’m not going to convert anyone, so I’ll just say this:

    Mamamoo has little goodwill here so I understand why they got the votes. This sub forum HAS shown that they will give them their flowers when they actually release something that slaps, I.e Wanna Be Myself. As a fan, Aya has grown on me, but I absolutely recognize it’s one of their weaker releases ever, and was worse than all the B-Sides on their latest mini. Sometimes their talent far exceeds their material. But Dingga is a bop and doesn’t sound anything close to “that word” and trying to shoehorn some sort of semi problematic accusation to that song title is reaching, your honor.
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  12. Also, I haven’t listened to anything by (G)I-DLE (how the fuck do you even pronounce their name? I’ve been saying “G”-Idol) except their release this year, which bops. Should I not bother with their earlier stuff?
  13. Ignore everything they released in 2019, the rest is good.
  14. Not me but maybe I should have!
  15. Their debut mini album + HANN is still the best thing they’ve done nothing they’ve released since has lived up to it. The K/DA collabs are good though.
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  16. This post made Chungha's music look str8.

  17. Some of y’all need to get hit in the face with Rocket Punch methinks.
  18. In my mind I always call them "girdle" but I think the idea is in English it would just be "Idol" but their full name in Korean is Yeoja Aideul.
  19. Yes, that's how it's pronounced, their Korean name translates literally to "Girl Idol", just like GFriend's Korean name is literally "Girlfriend".
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