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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. Unlike some people here, I actually support talented women, so I couldn't vote for any of the groups that made the top 5... I just voted for XUM instead, they were robbed tbh
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  2. Mamamoo are insanely talented. They can command a stage like no other group, they exhude personality and confidence, they can all sing marvelously, maybe the best group for an international crossover since they're also involved in the production which is an important aspect in the West that leaves BLACKPINK's world domination two steps below the goal. Solar is one of my favorite idols ever and I'd let her peg me anytime she likes.
    But their musical output... good grief. Their last mini had the track Travel which I loved but the rest I already don't remember. The day they drop the "i'm exotic" concept maybe we'll hear better music.
  3. Now I don't want to speak out of turn....but I absolutely will!
    Rocket Punch got voted for this when the bop that is Bouncy exists?!?

    And I'm not even gonna acknowledge Blackpink being there
    ...Even though I just kinda did
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  4. Wow, I'm late on catching up with this thread, but at least I didn't have to endure the pages of BTS dragging dddd I will say I appreciate @BEST FICTION 's praise of their showmanship for Dynamite because its campaign (note I said campaign, not song) has got to be one of my favorite from a pop act ever. The effort the group and their entire team put into bringing a different concept for almost every one of the song's 10000000 performances really shook me.

    On Black Mamba, I actually went from liking to loving it to being meh about it. It's a fun song, but it wears out pretty quickly. For MAMAMOO, I'm not that familiar with their problematic past, but I actually found Dingga to be cute and AYA, along with its visuals, to be a weird follow up single to that. It made me go ??? on what the group's identity was.
  5. He


    TXT's SooBin, we're happy you joined the forum!
  6. Meaning my post was tew gay?
  7. dd this is dismissive. Folks cared enough to land a group I like in the worst of the year, which, fair. @nikkysan asked the appeal (and I appreciated the question!), so I answered in detail. This wasn’t some unprompted diatribe about my faves and amounted to 0.00000000001% of the total volume written about, like, any other group on this forum.

    I’m perfectly fine with folks disliking my faves, but please don’t be dismissive of my contribution to a relevant convo just because you’re not interested!
  8. I think @Aries response was just a bit of a kii? Like, it was more of a joke about their disinterest in boy groups in general, not a disinterest in your contributions to the conversation, ya know? Your post got a good bit of likes, so clearly enough people found your take interesting enough (to at least read, even if they still don't like ATEEZ).
  9. I understand that it was a kii to scoop up some likes because bgs lol, but my post (and perhaps superloves?) was the only ones in the past 10+ pages that fit the description, so it comes across as pointed. I'm not assuming any ill will on @Aries part, but it's still unpleasant to see my contributions as a community member dismissed as a joke!
  10. I'm gonna be real with you... I have no idea what this means but hopefully it's nice!
  11. Oh it’s time to post this again?

    If that’s nice or not depends entirely on your opinion of Miss Bebe fffff
  12. [​IMG]
    2. TXT
    3. WayV
    4. GOT7

    Now this wasn't one I was expecting, but SuperM edged out TXT just barely. SuperM definitely proved themselves to be forum faves this year after 2019's Jopping didn't set the forum alight. The group consists of Taemin from Shinee, Kai & Baekhyun from EXO, Taeyong & Mark from NCT 127 and Lucas & Ten from WayV. Their 2020 album, Super One, hit #2 in the US and #1 in Korea, selling over half a million copies in Korea alone. It also spawned the singles 100, Tiger Inside and One (Monster & Infinity), which all kind of slap more than they have any right to. The girls on the forum also seemed to really enjoy the full length album, which is why they managed to win this! Also y'all probably just are thirsty for Lucas, I assume.

    TXT came close to winning and have also really made a name for themselves in South Korea. Their two comebacks spawned #1 & #2 mini albums and they also achieved their highest peak with Can't You See Me... at #66. They netted 2 wins for Can't You See Me & 1 for Blue Hour. They've also established themselves in Japan with two Top 3 singles in 2020 and their first Japanese album was released this week.

    WayV released their first album in China in 2020 and I guess it resonated with many of you. It spawned two singles, Bad Alive & Turn Back Time, which both performed well in China, I assume. I can't see any Chinese charts listed on Wikipedia, so let's pretend. Also Xiaojun kinda snapped and really came into his own with those vocals.

    Sadly GOT7 ended 2020 on a sour note, but their two comebacks were pretty well received, albeit both had quite a quiet reception on the forum. But the Ahgases came out to support their men, so hopefully we will see them on this soon and they haven't disbanded!

    The Boyz, Seventeen, NU'EST, KNK & DAY6 all received 2 votes, so they were all 5th place... And they all deserve it.​
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  13. Deserved. If it was just their singles that bopped (which they DO) then it would be one thing, but the album is actually lowkey incredible from start to finish. So many great B-Sides.
  14. Kings tbh. For the most part.
    I didn’t expect a boy group album to be in my top 5 most listened albums of 2020, but they really did that and more.
  15. Yas, I'm happy with second place for my boys.


    I still think it's kind of a miracle that this subforrem stans them a bit, all things considered dddd
    But I guess when it's right, it's right!
  16. That video fffff good for him!
    As for me

    I think she's fun!
  17. It’s so strange that Bebe Rexha has stans. I don’t even dislike her or anything, she’s just such a random person to stan.
  18. I love your contributions — you have something to add to a conversation and I like how you're passionate (in a like.....Kumbaya peaceful but still chaotic zany face emoji kinda way) about music and groups so you know...keep on doing you! And yes!!! I appreciate them much more than some of these doofuses here who just visit this subforum to post a flop gif or a Twitter embed hehe

  19. That's why it's so funny aksjhdks

    But honestly, when others male idols are into... *checks notes* Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, etc, I will treat a boy stanning a pop girl to the point of knowing unreleased songs as the pinnacle of taste.
  20. Guilty ass charged

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