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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. I lied, Robyn's actually great, ok next page please!

    Edit: Goddammit
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  2. aux


    2. I Trust - (G)I-DLE
    3. Map of the Soul: 7 - BTS
    4. Goodbye RANIA - BLACKSWAN
    5. BE - BTS

    THE ALBUM narrowly won by one point, snatching another dishonourable win for (G)I-DLE. I... don't really know what to say, since I actually think THE ALBUM is exactly what I expected from BLACKPINK. It's a solid collection of eight tracks, most of which follow The BLACKPINK Formula™. I can see why some people would be disappointed, considering BLINKS have been waiting half a decade for their debut album, the hype was enormous only to get what was essentially another project by BLACKPINK just with double the amount of songs. There's the bombastic single, the sentimental ballad to close the album, the EDM b-side for the LGBT (except this time it's the title track)... You get the point. Anyways, give it up for THE ALBUM you guys!

    I honestly didn't listen to the (G)I-DLE mini because "Oh my god" was abysmal and actually put me off from the group completely - that was until recently. I'll take y'alls word for it being trash, considering it would have won had it not been for one vote edging out the competition.

    I also did not listen to Map of the Soul: 7 for obvious reasons, primarily the fact that it is *checks notes* twenty (20) songs long. The only songs I remember from this album are "Black Swan" which is just a worse version of "Fake Love", the title track "ON" which should've been left on the cutting floor and "Boy With Luv". The only song from those I can withstand is "Boy With Luv" because it features charity vocals from #1alsey.

    Did anyone actually listen to Goodbye RANIA? Genuine question. The album has sold 600+ copies in total and it came out in October last year.

    I hate y'all for making me write about BTS again. I didn't listen to this, but I did listen to the frogs croak on "Life Goes On" once and I never want to hear that shit ever again.​
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  3. What a mess.
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  4. Y'all mad at success.

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  5. I hate myself so I listened to both BTS albums and honestly? Their placements on this list are unearned.

    They should've been #1 and 2.

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  6. You guys are really... weird.
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  7. aux


    Congratulations! You will find out your prize #soon.

    I'm feeling generous, so you're also getting a prize!

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  8. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

  9. is how!
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  10. Both placing in the Top 5 was inevitable, but at least be... correct in your hate?

    Just by the sheer length of it, MOTS is bound to have at least a handful of good songs anyone who has some time for BTS can pick from. BE on the other hand was bland and short. And it's the one that contains both the hated singles dd
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  11. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Y'all were supposed to vote for BE which is the ACTUAL worse album between the two, it's that simple. With Map of Soul: 7 being that long y'all could even have the excuse that you couldn't be bothered to even listen to it.

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  12. aux


    Can I just say it's impossible for an album that houses "Lovesick Girls to be bad, the math doesn't add up.

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  13. dd I voted MOTS:7 because there were way more songs I disliked on it. Long albums are... usually a bad thing in my books fff. I mean, I didn't really take anything from BE either, but I was so gooped by how many tracks I disliked on MOTS that it had to be my pick!
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  14. You can rate the alleged worst album of the year here..

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  15. That’s how you promote your rate! Now you haters better send your scores to @Serg. right NOW. You owe it to ha!!!
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  16. This latest category reveal... what a mess am I right, blinks?

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  17. Never mind I just learned @Serg. doesn't like LALALILALA!! Do NOT send her your scores!!! I repeat DO NOT SEND HER YOUR SCORES!
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  19. MOTS is actually alright. Never listened to Be.

    But The Album being worst? I don’t think so. Are you all forgetting that one Twice put out earlier in the year?
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  20. You really can't go one page without expressing an incorrect take huh?
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