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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. To me the final result was unsatisfying only because of the length. Like, I get short albums are pretty standard in K-Pop, but to be the biggest girl group in the world for pretty much 4 years running and give us like 22 minutes of material. No ma’am.
  2. Yeah that was the disappointment. But none of it is filler. Or bad. Except the Cardi B song.
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  3. [​IMG]
    2. Voice - LOONA
    3. Labyrinth - GFRIEND
    4. Naughty - Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi
    5. Diver - YooA

    #UpNoMore1stWin. My favourite B-Side of the year won, which is a moment most pleasing to me. Up No More was the song Twice performed on music shows prior to the title track I Can't Stop Me. This is the first time that Twice have promoted a sub track in 2 years, their last being Say Yes with What Is Love promotions. They made a point to tell Onces that preparing two performances for music shows is extremely time consuming and difficult, but they decided to pull through for their 5th anniversary for the fans. And I'm so thankful cause this is one of my favourite Twice songs of all time, and in a world where we can't see them tour often and perform their b-sides, I'm glad they at least gave me something to stan. Although this was bittersweet, since Jeongyeon has the most lines on this track but was unable to perform with them this comeback. However Mina did a great job completely devouring her parts and we love her for that. Get into it!

    Voice was a formidable opponent, only losing out by one point, and similarly to Up No More, was promoted as the sub title track from [12:00] with Why Not. LOONA really gave the OG Orbits everything they wanted with this track. If you weren't feeling their quirky, bratpop vibes from So What & Why Not, then this is the song you need to listen to. They also re-recorded it in English as Star, which is now a US Pop Radio Top 40 hit, and also snatched the title for Best English Single on the Forum Poll. They also go hard as hell in the choreography in the last 20 seconds and it's amazing.

    Another sub title track that ate up it's title track. Labyrinth quickly became a turning point for many of the GFRIEND antis, as it showed a completely new style for them, while Crossroads following their similar celestial anime theme song styling. The song also hit #2 on our own KPJC, ahead of Crossroads which missed the Top 5. The girls even performed the song instead of Crossroads in their last week of promotions due to how popular it had become. It also placed 9th on MTV's Best K-Pop B-Sides of 2020!

    Naughty was technically the follow-up title track to Irene & Seulgi's Monster, but it was originally released as a B-Side, hence it's inclusion here. I'm sure more people would've voted for this if they knew they could. It's definitely a huge step up from Monster, and was originally included as a CD-Only Bonus Track before being distributed more widely as a digital single with a music video and a promotion cycle on the music shows. It also won the award for Best Choreography in our own Forum Poll!

    Now the odd one out, Diver was only briefly promoted in a 30 second clip from YooA. Even though she performed Abracadabra (which also slaps severely), this song was kinda paid dust by her. Now if she had released this & promoted Abracadabra as well? Who knows if the world could handle that. Might be a little too powerful.

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  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    KPJ Onces exacting revenge after Up No More failed to qualify for KSOTY, we love to see it
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  5. And as a special prize for winning the Best B-Side of 2020, it has been automatically granted entry in KSOTY. If you've already voted, it's ok! It will automatically receive a 10 from you.

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  6. Am I wrong in feeling like a B-Side ... isn’t really a promoted single with a music video? (If I’m wrong, please tell me as I love to learn.) Like, I thought a B-Side was like a legit album track.
  7. With the way Korean albums work, if it isn't the title track, then it's a b-side. So a music video doesn't necessarily mean it's a single. So because Naughty & Star had videos released a month after the fact, we decided early on to accept votes for both as neither is the title track from their respective mini album.
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  8. Thanks for the clarity! Between this, comebacks, Idols, mini albums vs EPs etc, I’m really having to rework my vocabulary ddd.
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  9. [​IMG]

    I listened to the BLACKSWAN album when I was new here and the production is more dated than anything BLACKPINK gets accused of. G-Idle’s 2020 album is a collection of beat drops disguised as music (even though I kinda bop). Y’all know I have a bias for BTS, but Map of the Soul: 7’s middle portion is actually pretty good with My Time being a highlight.

    THE ALBUM’s problem is it’s too short, but that’s in the context of its expectations. There aren’t any bad songs here (Ice Cream being the only polarizing, ahead of its time track) and the girls’ delivery compensate for the weaker tracks. Lovesick Girls alone should offset any perceived weakness, yes, and I’d say Crazy Over You and Pretty Savage are pretty strong for B-Sides. But I can see that

    ... applied in this situation!

    The battle for worst here should’ve been between I trust, Goodbye RAINA and BE (even though, stan glasses on, some tracks here have really grown on me).
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  10. THIS GIF! The scream I let out.

    Also, "Up No More" as the best b-side? I don't see it. Compared to the other songs in the category, I actually never saw people even talking about it, dddd.
  11. 5 > 4 = 3 > 2 > 1

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  12. Are we still doing crunchy hot takes bebs? Here's mine: Lovesick Girls is good but it's not even in Blackpink's Top 5 "singles" and strongly benefited from following two absolute turds oop

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  13. Lovesick Girls is easily the least worst best thing they’ve done since AIIYL but

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  14. aux


    2. Eyes wide open - TWICE
    3. 回:Walpurgis Night - GFRIEND
    4. Dystopia: The Tree of Language - Dreamcatcher
    5. [12:00] - LOONA

    There you have it folks! According to K-PopJustice, Mx. Yerin Baek released the best K-Pop album of 2020. I'm bracing myself for impact, since I expect there to be meltdowns over the results; regardless, I think this is a phenomenal album and very worthy of winning the top spot.

    tellusboutyourself takes everything that made Every letter I sent you., her debut album, special and retools it to fit a much heavier, darker, dance-oriented soundscape. Yerin's debut album is essentially a singer/songwriter album put through a kaleidoscope of influences. With her sophomore album, released exactly a year later from Every letter I sent you., she fused her songwriting and love for alternative music with synth-pop, house music and dream pop. It's a perfectly strong collection of fourteen tracks, all different in their own right while maintaining the same sonic through-line. This is one of the major step-ups from the previous album, as Every letter I sent you. had moments in its track list where tracks would bleed into one another. It's honestly exactly what I wanted from her sophomore album. My favourite tracks on tellusboutyourself are "Lovegame" and "Ms. Delicate", two songs which perfectly summate the evolution of Yerin's songwriting, English literacy and newfound sonic palette.

    Barely missing the top spot by a slim two votes, it is TWICE's second full length album Eyes wide open. While TWICE have consistently been releasing material since their debut, they had only released one full length album - twicetagram - back in 2017. Three years later, they finally released another full length album and whew, it exceeded every expectation I had which is why I voted for it as my favourite release of the year. The album essentially runs like a greatest hits - smash, smash, smash, smash, smash... The title track is one of the best releases of the year, but where Eyes wide open really shines is in the sheer strength of its b-sides. The closing run of Eyes wide open is quite possibly one of the best runs ever in a K-Pop album - the trifecta of "Depend On You", "Say Something" and "Behind The Mask" is immaculate.

    Another worthy winner is delivered by GFRIEND who truly kept their finger on the pulse the entire year. 回:Walpurgis Night is an excellent album, definitely up there as one of my favourites of the year. Much alike the other albums on top of GFRIEND's, I can't name a single song I dislike on here. Everything is produced perfectly, housing incredible b-sides like the underrated "Three of Cups" which may well be my favourite b-side from GFRIEND this year. The sub-unit tracks are also a great surprise. Had it not been for a couple voters voting for GFRIEND's other releases from this year and they would have made the top two.

    Next on our list is Dreamcatcher's debut full length album, Dystopia: The Tree of Language. This is another faultless release from Dreamcatcher who continue to have one of the most consistent discographies in K-Pop. They found their perfect lane and while they do experiment with different sounds, they maintain themselves within rock. As an ex-emo f*g, this album satisfies my small desire for rock music while still serving drama and camp for us LGBT. My favourite b-side from this release is definitely "In The Frozen".

    Closing in our top five, it's LOONA's [12:00] which I've already written extensively for PopJustice's Advent Calendar about a month ago, so I'm just going to follow Greta Thunberg's advice and recycle the last paragraph on here. LOONA’s [12:00] is a delicious slice of K-Pop, one which showcases a group on its rise to stardom. After a few rocky head starts, it seems like LOONA are finally in orbit, heading slowly towards world domination. LOONA’s defining feature – beyond their convoluted debut project – has been the richness and variety of their catalogue and this album expands it further. After a confusing year for LOONA, the group has successfully created a springboard towards the future, and I cannot wait to see where they go next.

    Honourable mentions go to BLACKPINK's THE ALBUM which despite winning "Worst Album" still managed to get enough votes to reach the top six. Another album which barely missed it was IZ*ONE's One Reeler / Act IV, which houses my favourite title track from them and the phenomenal "Sequence".​
  15. We just don’t like the same things. And that’s OK.
  16. You know what I see? TASTE.Yerin’s album is literal perfection from top to bottom.

    You know what I see at number 3? More taste! A killer collection. The girls did that.
  17. Hmmm ok. Congratulations!!!
    Guess who’s an anti now?
  18. Truly 2020's five best albums so nice work everybody!

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  19. I just love celebrating Yerin. I get chills every time I listen to I Am Not Your Ocean Anymore.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Okay but # should have been here over 12:00. Just saying.
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